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In the early part of 2000, Todd left town with Tea, and for months no one knew where he was. Now, he turns up in a bar in Ohio, where he runs into several Llanview citizens, including Blair. Todd soon finds himself caught up on what's been going on in Llanview since his absence: Viki's breast cancer diagnosis, Asa's latest battles with the Rappaports, Nora's presumed death, and (most intriguing for Todd), the recent turmoil in Blair's once-happy marriage to Max.

"What the hell did you do to your hair?" // T&B run into each other outside a club in Ohio.
"Nobody told you that you could have a baby!" // T&B argue when Blair finds Todd visiting Starr.
"I can't be together with Blair." // Todd and Starr talk about the concept of revenge.
"We were a team once. You remember?" // Blair wakes up to find Todd sitting in bed with her.
"Fear is like a time bomb, right?" // Todd threatens to take Starr away from Blair.
"There's no way you're going to get this paper back." // Blair finds Todd at The Sun office.
"It'd be like old times. You remember old times?" // T&B team up at Serenity Springs.
"I want her to grow up the way you used to be." // Todd pressures Blair about The Sun.
"Okay, Todd, looks like it's all yours now." // Blair steals The Sun from Kelly.
"We had a deal and I did my part!" // A furious Kelly confronts T&B.

Now that Todd has The Sun, he turns his attention toward driving a wedge between Blair and Max. He does this by getting involved with Blair's company, B&B United (which, unbeknownst to Max, Blair has been using to hit at his business interests), encouraging Skye to go after Max, and enlisting Starr to spy on her mother. As Todd's tactics become more and more brazen, the sexual tension between Blair and him becomes more and more apparent....

"What do you want?" "Your wife." // Todd taunts Blair about her anti-Max virus.
"You are your mother's daughter." // Todd asks Starr to eavesdrop on Blair and Max.
"From now on, things are going our way." // Starr blackmails Nigel into taking her to Todd.
"I'm your mommy and you can tell me anything!" // Blair asks Starr what Todd's secret is.
"Everybody wants me to change. Everybody but you." // T&B have a heart-to-heart in the park.
"Tea was stupid. She should've never let you go." // Todd buys B&B United from Blair.
*new* "She's my enemy." "Which makes her mine." // Todd hires Skye and Blair is outraged.
*new* "I've seen the other side of you. The loving side." // Todd locks himself in a storage room with Blair.
*new* "I don't know why I ever trusted you." // Blair is annoyed to find Todd talking to Starr.
*new* "You gotta learn how to admit defeat, Chandler." // Todd shows Skye proof that Blair owns B&B.
*new* "Why would Todd protect me or my marriage?" // Todd sets up Skye at the diner for Blair.


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