Welcome to the Transcripts Archives of IF THAT'S LOVE. Here, you'll find numerous transcripts of memorable T&B scenes over the years. While most transcripts feature T&B in the same scene, other transcripts feature them talking with others about their relationship or other important story points. The 1994-2001 transcripts were typed up by hand while watching edit tapes and YouTube clips. Many of the graphics in this section appear courtesy of the YouTube channels of Cataz2626 and LindaLafaux.

Todd and Blair first meet at Rodi's, form the "Most Pathetic" contest, and sleep together for the first time.

T&B get married, conceive and lose their first child, conceive Starr, break up, and get re-married; Todd is presumed dead in Ireland.

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Todd returns to town and comes to Blair's aid when she shoots Max and needs help covering her tracks.

T&B reunite, conceive Jack and have the "hell no" wedding; Jack is born and Todd lies about his "death"; T&B get married again.

transcripts not yet available.