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Kassie on Working With Trevor

"You know how difficult it is to recast one of the most popular characters on daytime? It was done in a sneaky, clever way and we pulled it off. I think Trevor is doing beautifully." (TV Guide Online 2003)

(on Trevor being named Daytime's Hottest Newcomer) "Trevor is in touch with who he is; therefore he can project what he wants to show. That's what makes him a hottie!" (SID 8/19/03)

"The addition of Dan Gauthier (Kevin) and Trevor St. John (Walker) on the set has turned my giggle box over 15 million times. It's not one or the other -- but the combination of both. They play off of each other, and it's very hard for me to get through scenes where I have to work with both of them." (SID 1/20/04)

"Trevor St. John has played a totally different side of Todd. He's a man who has gone through an entire metamorphosis to become an entirely new person. We've seen a more romantic side of Todd." (SID 1/20/04)

"Trevor had big shoes to fill. He had to come in as one of the most popular characters in daytime and one of the most powerful characters in Llanview -- and he's handled it beautifully. He's a terrific actor who knows who he is and is very comfortable in his own skin." (SID 4/27/04)

"It is a joy to work with Trevor. He is confident and talented." (SID 4/27/04)

(praising Trevor for winning the OLTL fan club's award for Outstanding Lead Actor) "My honey on-screen is a little bit of my honey off-screen." (SOD 9/14/04)

(while describing how to do a love scene) "I told Trevor [St. John, Todd], 'Just pretend I was good.' They want you to do a back shot to make you look like you're nudie-wudie, and what you have pasted on you are these big, hard-looking turbo boobs with duct tape. I'm stripping down and Trevor's supposed to be looking here [indicates her face] and if he looks down, it's like... [laughs]." (SOD 10/26/04)

(on what she likes most about working with Trevor) "That he really takes chances and he also can be extremely romantic. And he's got a pretty mouth!" (SoapNet Chat 10/28/04)

"Trevor has brought a new dimension to Todd and I love working with him. I think we have just as strong chemistry but it's just different [from chemistry shared with Roger Howarth, ex-Todd]." (SoapNet Chat 10/28/04)

"I think Trevor had one of the most difficult jobs in daytime. To come in and not only be cast as one character, and then six months later find out he's not only a new character, but he's Todd, who is very specific and very engrossed in the deep history of One Life to Live, I think he did that flawlessly. I know what that feels like, to come in to play a role who everybody else knows more about than you do. I know he was probably being bombarded by a lot of other people. I do think people need the chance to get into their own groove and find their own way with playing a role.... And when he came on, [Todd] came back practically from the grave, broken, beaten, scarred, rebuilt. He could be anybody he wanted to be because no one was there to watch Todd transform. So, it was justified. Trevor can choose to play Todd any way he wants to because there was a transformation of character. It wasn't like one day Roger [Howarth, ex-Todd; Paul, As the World Turns] walked off the set and Trevor just came on." (SOD 2/15/05)

"Trevor and I both listen to each other. This medium is so fast that sometimes you forget to listen because it's like, 'Oh, my God, what do I say next? What's my next line?' But I think Trevor and I trust each other enough to listen to each other, so the reactions are organic." (SOD 2/15/05)

(praising Trevor's performance during the Margaret storyline) "This storyline is physical. From the get-go, I swear, I thought Trevor was really hurt. [His] moans of agony were so frigging believable. ... Right from the wedding day, I think the first time [Margaret] shot [Todd], and [he] grabbed the skirt of the bed and went [wincing] 'Oh, God!' I thought, 'Oh, no, she's hurting him!'" (SOD 2/15/05)

(about Trevor) "I think his best physical attribute are his lips and his personal attribute would be his spirit." (SOD 2/15/05)

(on Todd and Blair's many weddings) "Yeah, when Trevor [St. John, Todd] took over the role and we were in our first wedding, I laughed and thought, 'It's his first time,' but I think at that point it had been my fifth as Blair." (SOD 9/26/06)

"I think Trevor's fabulous to work with and we don't have to work that hard to make it honest.... I think he does a beautiful job encompassing the character of Todd and I really feel that he's going to get an Emmy nomination based on his execution stuff this year. He is a fun, exciting actor to work with and we're friends." (SOD 2/20/07)

"And then the recast of Todd with Trevor [St. John] has been fantastic and I really enjoy working with him, too." (SOD 5/15/07)

(on whether she has saved any of her scripts as Blair) "There was one that Trevor [St. John, Todd] and I did that was so funny when we did it in dry block because we used redneck accents -- we did it really country -- and I thought it would be funny if we did it at one of the One Life to Live fan club luncheons. We'd do it the way we rehearsed it and then show the real scenes on air. We're saving it at the moment." (SOD 4/15/08)

(on Todd and Blair's 2008 break-up) "I'm saddened as a Todd and Blair fan that there's really no rooting factor whatsover left in that couple. I love Todd and Blair; I love working with Trevor [St. John]. But it doesn't have to be romantic." (SOD 12/30/08)

(on filming the T&B scenes after Todd has admitted to trying to steal Starr's baby) "I walked into the rehearsal hall that day and I said, 'I think we have just seen the death of Todd and Blair.' And Trevor's like, 'Oh, no. They'll have her back doing something...' and I'm thinking, 'What is the rooting factor?' And that's what you have to look at with soaps." (SOD 12/30/08)

"I enjoy working with Trevor. We haven't worked together a whole lot, even though we've been in the same scenes together." (TV Guide Canada 2/16/09)

(on a strange dream she's had recently) "Trevor [St. John] was actually in my dream! But it was in the context of us playing the parts of Todd and Blair. I don't remember specifically what it was, but I was having a dream and all of a sudden, Trevor's there, and it's like, 'What? What are you doing in my dream bein' Todd?' You know? It wasn't sexual or anything, but I think the subconscious is very strong, and I probably had some anxiety about work I had to do or lines I had to learn." (SOD 10/20/09)

"Trevor (St. John, Todd) is an amazing guy and brings a lot to our scenes and it is always a lot of fun working with him and Michael (Easton, John) what more can I say than fantastic." (SoapTownUSA Interview 1/7/10)

(on the potential for an on-screen reunion in 2010) "Oh yeah, he’s never going to go away. I love working with Trevor." (We Love Soaps 2/23/10)

"With Ted King [Tomas] and Trevor [St. John, Todd] and Roger on the canvas, I think it will be great. I'm really excited." (SOD 5/3/11)

"I couldn't be having more fun -- between Ted King, Roger Howarth and Trevor St. John, what's a girl to do!" (Michael Fairman Interview 6/19/11)

"I just have to say that Trevor is a movie star. I've told him that ever since he joined OLTL. He's so talented." (SID 4/2/12)

"I just talked to dear Trevor St. John for 20 minutes... He makes me smile!!!" (SOD 9/17/12; originally on Twitter)

"I adore Trevor! I've probably laughed harder with Trevor and Dan Gauthier [Kevin] in my 19 years on the show than with anyone else. We'd sit in the dressing room learning our lines and laugh our butts off! We were just silly. I love both those guys. I think Trevor is a movie star. He's so talented." (Soaps Uncensored 11/20/12)

(on why she works so well with strong leading men, including Trevor) "Um, I don't know. I think it's because I like men. I like to have fun. I also think I allow the chemistry to play out with my leading men. I'm not afraid to go toe-to-toe with them. I think it's very sexy to have intellectual combat." (Soaps Uncensored 11/20/12)

Kassie on the Differences Between Trevor and Roger Howarth (Todd)

"Both actors brought out different sides of Todd." (SoapNet Chat 10/28/04)

"It's literally apples and oranges. They're both different Todds, but they've each made the character work." (SID 2/14/06)

"I think both of those actors are two of the best in daytime. I got lucky." (SOD 5/15/07)

(on Roger) "He has a different take on Todd than Trevor, but both actors are equally compelling and wonderful." (TV Guide Canada 2/16/09)

"They are very different in their approaches to Todd. It's hard for me to say. Trevor has definitely chosen to be more sexual than Roger chose. But Roger was out of the bag with that rape story, so he did have to carry a lot more on his back with that stuff. Trevor walked in and didn't have that. He didn't know what that felt like, so he had to manufacture that in his own heart and in his own mind. They're both extremely creative, and both comedic actors, I think, and they both can be moody and broody." (Marlena De Lacroix Blog 5/11/09)

(on Trevor's departure in 2011) "I wish that he had stayed, because I think there was room for both he and Roger [Howarth, Todd], but it was time for him, and I totally wish him well. I loved his choices as Todd. They were different from Roger's, but that's what made it fantastic to see the two of them on the canvas together." (SID 10/31/11)

(on her OLTL stories) "I loved the pain and suffering and happy-in-love of Todd and Blair. Keeping that fresh was a challenge. Granted, I had two different Todds, so I had a different perspective on each actor." (SOD 1/17/12)

(on which co-stars she most enjoyed working with) "I thoroughly enjoyed working with both Todds, Roger (Howarth) and Trevor (St. John)." (San Diego City Buzz Examiner 2/1/12)


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