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Kassie on the Overall T&B Dynamic

(on the possibility of Roger returning to OLTL in 1996) "If Roger returned, maybe we'd see some more color and we'd get back to the old Todd and Blair. I enjoyed the work that I had with Roger. We had a very powerful connection." (SOD 7/2/96)

"I think Blair wanted to feel for Sam, but like everybody else in her life, he never really trusted her. That's why it always worked with Todd, because those two know each other." (SID 1/26/99)

"Blair's strength was in the days when she was with Todd. They were partners in crime, and she was her own woman. I want to see something like that happen again." (SID 4/4/00)

"Blair was so much more clear when she wasn't with Max, like when she was with Todd." (SID 8/22/00)

(on a Blair/Max breakup) "[It] may give the chance for Todd and Blair to get back together. They could team up to get back at Asa. I don't control the story, but I think it would be an extremely missed opportunity if they didn't [reunite] because there's a lot of story to tell. I know that you can never go home, but I know that when we do work together, it works." (SID 8/22/00)

"Todd and Blair accept each other for who they are. Blair never wanted to change Todd; she understood him. Todd understands Blair." (TV Guide Online 2000)

(on whether or not Todd and Blair are soulmates) "Yes. Their connection is so deeply rooted. Less is more with them. They don't even need dialouge to speak. What they don't say speaks volumes." (SOD 12/4/01)

"There's never any safety with these characters. Their relationship is so volatile." (SOD 11/19/02)

"There's something there between Blair and Sam. She's grown to care for him. But she'll never stop loving Todd." (SID 11/26/02)

"What's interesting is that through loving Todd, [Blair's] learned to love herself. That's something that she's never done before!" (SID 1/7/03)

"[Blair's] an optimist. Even when Todd's empty, she sees him as half-full." (SOD 1/21/03)

"[Todd's] sweet and wonderful to [Blair] in his sweet Todd way, and she knows it. He wins her over every time." (SOD 1/28/03)

"If you turn the pages of Blair's life in ten years, you could really get a good idea of where the show has come and gone, coming from the Blair and Todd of old to the Blair and Walker/Todd of new, it's really good." (TV Guide Online 2003)

Kassie on Specific T&B Storylines and Scenes

(on Blair moving on after Todd was presumed dead in Ireland) "He didn't call, he didn't write and he didn't send flowers. What's a woman to do? She didn't want to forget Todd, she just wanted to let him go." (SOD 8/27/96)

(about Todd) "There is no telling what will happen when that man is jealous. Todd is not the average man. Blair said to Todd -- in the limousine when she was about to have her little pseudo affair with David -- 'Are you jealous?' And he said, 'You don't want to see me when I'm jealous. There's no telling what I would do.'" (SOD 8/27/96)

(on the Todd/Blair/Patrick/Marty quadrangle) "Everybody wants Blair with Todd and Marty with Patrick. But if they got everything they wanted, how boring would the show be?" (SOD 4/15/97)

(on what Blair should do to Todd when she finds out he lied about Jack being dead) "I think she should punch him in the face, and then go from there." (TVGO 10/12/01)

(on Blair's relationship with Todd after the dead baby lie) "She'll never stop loving Todd. It just goes too deep. Even though what he did to her was unforgivable, she understands why he did it." (SID 10/1/02)

(on the plot-point that had Todd leaving Tea on the island for Blair) "The Tea/Todd fans are very serious, but they weren't as serious and large as I think Gary expected them to be." (SOD 11/19/02)

(on T&B accusing each other of being jealous in early 2003) "They're protecting themselves from being hurt, and instead of admitting they love each other, they argue over who is jealous of whom ... It's really good romantic comedy in a dark Todd and Blair way. Fun in the Manning house. They fight about it until they kiss." (SOD 1/21/03)

(on why Blair is drawn to Todd even when she's with Sam) "Sam is who she knows is right, and she wants to make it work no matter what, but Todd is what she knows. She looks at him and sees her past and her family. She just can't help it -- she loves him." (SOD 1/21/03)

(talking about T&B's many weddings) "Let's be clear about one thing: It's all about the dress, and [OLTL Costume Designer] Susan Gammie really knows how to make the event -- or nonevent -- something special. My favorite dress was the Todd and Blair wedding after the birth of Jack [in 2001]. I really loved that gown. Too bad Todd had to ruin it again by lying about Jack!" (SOD 9/26/06)

(on her favorite T&B wedding) "The gold balloon wedding [the second in 1995] was the most romantic because Todd and Blair were really in love and starting their lives together. She was pregnant with Starr and could not have been happier. Although the gold balloons kept popping and scaring Roger [Howarth, ex-Todd] and me." (SOD 9/26/06)

(on her least favorite T&B wedding) "The beach wedding [the first in 1995] when Blair was trying to scam Todd before he found out he was Victor Lord's son. No pretty dress." (SOD 9/26/06)

(on gaining confidence while playing Blair) "I think the most interesting dynamic is what happened with Todd and Blair. He was sexually challenged after the rape, and she struggled to connect with him sexually when he still pushed her away. I think you saw that struggle, and whenever Todd did something to really hurt Blair, she would put on a red dress and use sex with another man to punish him. That's the only thing she knew how to do. Whether that's healthy or not, I don't know." (Marlena De Lacroix Blog, 5/11/09)

(on the infamous Blair/Marty haircut scene) "That was my idea. Because I always felt that Todd never truly loved Blair. He only loved Blair because she kind of looked like Marty. That was always my inner secret as an actor." (Marlena De Lacroix Blog, 5/11/09)

Kassie on T&B as Parents

(on how Blair looks at Todd after their post-Ireland break-up) "[Todd's] a reminder of the things that Blair has lost, the bad choices she has made. But he's also a reminder of her connection to Starr." (SID 1/26/99)

(on whether or not Todd and Blair could ever be normal parents to Starr) "The whole point is to be the best parents to Starr, but the more they force the issue of family, the worse it all becomes!" (SOD 9/4/01)

"They're not the all-American, loving, white-picket-fence kind of family, but what they feel is real and they don't hold anything back." (SOD 12/4/01)

(on Blair's desire to be a family with Todd and the kids after Todd lied to her about Jack) "It's extremely important because it's something that she never had. Blair searched for it her whole life. Finally, there was something that completed her, and that's why [Todd's actions] were so devastating. She believes that if she has family, then she's whole." (SID 11/26/02)

"Ultimately, I don't think Blair would keep her children from their father, just because she's been there with her mother. She spent a long time not knowing who her mother was, and we've never dealt with who her father was, so it's a very interesting aspect of this story." (SID 11/26/02)

"No matter what happens, Blair and Todd will always have a connection. They have two children together and will always be in each other's lives." (SID 1/20/04 Online)

"If you follow the history of Blair and Todd, he's always tried to take those children away. When it comes down to a fight, they fight ugly." (SID 3/28/06)


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