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Kassie on Working With Roger From 1994-2003

(on the possibility of Roger returning to OLTL in 1996) "He was a very, very valuble player on this show, and I think he would help boost ratings back up to where I think we deserve to be. If Roger returned, maybe we'd see some more color and we'd get back to the old Todd and Blair. I enjoyed the work that I had with Roger. We had a very powerful connection." (SOD 7/2/96)

(on her favorite co-star) "I enjoy working with Roger and Robin Strasser. " (AOL Chat Transcript 12/2/98)

(on whether she'd want a T&B reunion if Roger returned to the show) "I never stopped welcoming a storyline with Roger. We both were verbal about the missed opportunities with Todd and Blair. There's only so much an actor can do. It's up to someone else to make it happen. We wanted Todd and Blair but they wanted a different direction." (AOL Chat Transcript 12/2/98)

(on Blair breaking up with Max and getting together with Todd) "I'll miss working with Jimmy (DePaiva, Max) because it's so easy and efficient. Roger is efficient too, and I have a history working with him as well. I enjoy working with both of them." (TV Guide Online, 2000)

"Some of my best scenes with Roger is when Blair and Todd don't speak. I think we say it best when we say nothing at all." (TV Guide Online, 2000)

"Roger is an extremely talented and profesional actor. We always did the best that we possibly could. His interpretation of Todd strengthened the story." (SID 1/20/04)

"I think Roger and I had a great chemistry. We had great opportunities to tell story- sometimes even without words we could get the point across. I miss Roger and he's a great actor." (SoapNet Chat 10/28/04)

(on her favorite T&B wedding) "The gold balloon wedding [the second in 1995] was the most romantic because Todd and Blair were really in love and starting their lives together. She was pregnant with Starr and could not have been happier. Although the gold balloons kept popping and scaring Roger [Howarth, ex-Todd] and me." (SOD 9/26/06)

"With Todd and Blair, it blows me away, even when Roger [Howarth, ex-Todd; ATWT's Paul] was playing it, because that's how it all started. I don't think that was planned. Roger is a little younger than me, but all of a sudden they saw chemistry." (SOD 5/15/07)

(on whether she keeps in touch with Roger) "I saw him at Phil's memorial, but we only said hello in passing. We talked for a while at last year's Emmys. I miss Roger. I think it would be great to have him back on the canvas. ... Roger's a fantastic actor. I would love to work with him again in some capacity." (TV Guide Canada 2/16/09)

(on Roger's decision to leave out of fear that OLTL was going to eventually pair Marty and Todd) "Roger was right, too -- they ended up writing a romance between Marty and Todd. He was against that from the start. Having said that, I do think as an actor in a never-ending story, you have to surrender control because in the end you really don't own your character's fate. It's in the process of letting go as an actor when you become free as an artist." (TV Guide Canada 2/16/09)

(on the story in which Blair faked a pregnancy to get Todd to marry her) "It was fun working opposite Roger at that time because his character was always in Blair's face. We were beginning to feel out the dynamic of the characters. Both of them were so broken and dark, but they had this understandable draw to each other." (SOD 4/5/11)

Kassie on Working With Roger After His 2011 Return To OLTL

(Kassie's official statement on Roger return) "I'm thrilled Roger Howarth will be back on the canvas. Between Ted King (Tomas), Trevor St. John, and Roger...three amazingly talented actors, the possibilities are endless. Kudos to OLTL!" (Facebook message quoted in SOW 4/26/11)

(on the "two Todds" story) "There will be endless possibilities for the story. I think it's really good. ... Where the heck has Todd been? That's what Blair's curious to know! I don't know how that will all be revealed, but it has great potential. With Ted King [Tomas] and Trevor [St. John, Todd] and Roger on the canvas, I think it will be great. I'm really excited. Blair's evolved and hopefully, so has Todd. It's been a long time, so they'll be two different people, truly." (SOD 5/3/11)

(on Roger's 2011 return) "I'm really excited. I don't know how that will all be revealed, but it has great potential. Who knows what story they're gonna tell!" (SOD 5/10/11)

"I couldn't be having more fun -- between Ted King, Roger Howarth and Trevor St. John, what's a girl to do!" (Michael Fairman Interview 6/19/11)

"Roger is...it's kind of strange, actually, having him back, 'cause so much time has gone by. But it's wonderful and I think Todd and Blair hopefully will be back in action, you know, as the fans really wanted to see." (Michael Fairman Interview 6/19/11)

(on which man Blair should end up at the end of OLTL) "I think it's going to be with Roger's Todd, I think that's what they should write." (Las Vegas Review-Journal 6/20/11)

"I could not be more thrilled to have Roger back on the canvas. He is fantastic, and it makes endless amounts of possibilities for story. ... Roger/Todd and Kassie/Blair had great chemistry in the past, and I do believe that was a really tragic, great love story. I think the fans want to see Kassie and Roger. We always had a really special thing on camera, and I think [the writers] would be crazy not to utilize that." (SID 7/25/11)

"I have never understood the power of Todd and Blair. It kind of caught us all off-guard, but for whatever reason, Roger [Howarth] and I have this crazy chemistry, and you can't help but get excited about that. I'm very thrilled that he's back." (SID 10/31/11)

"I love that Roger [Howarth, Todd] is back and I love working with Ted [King, Tomas]. I think that will keep people tuning in. It's all really good." (SOW 11/15/11)

(on how she and Roger approach their characters) "Both of us have to go to a sad, pathetic place in ourselves to play these characters who are desperate and kind of broken." (SOD/SOW OLTL Tribute Magazine January 2012)

(on her working relationship with Roger after his return to OLTL in 2011) "Roger and I had a different relationship this last time around than the first time around. We've both grown, but we do have that [on-screen] chemistry!" (SOD/SOW OLTL Tribute Magazine January 2012)

(on cleaning out her dressing room) "I did it over a few days. I didn't have a lot of stuff, but just going back to the studio was sad for me. I saw Bob [Woods] and Hillary [Smith], Erika [Slezak] and Roger [Howarth]. It's the people I will miss the most." (SOD/SOW OLTL Tribute Magazine January 2012)

"Roger and I have this thing that really works as Todd and Blair. I think it is one of the most powerful things on daytime." (SOD 7/23/12)

(on why she works so well with strong leading men, including Roger) "Um, I don't know. I think it's because I like men. I like to have fun. I also think I allow the chemistry to play out with my leading men. I'm not afraid to go toe-to-toe with them. I think it's very sexy to have intellectual combat." (Soaps Uncensored 11/20/12)

Kassie on Working With Roger on General Hospital (2012)

(on Blair's cameo on General Hospital) "I'm really thrilled to come back because it's, you know, a little piece of 'One Life to Live' that lives on. Kristin Alderson and Roger Howarth and Michael Easton and myself." (San Diego City Buzz Examiner 2/1/12)

(on filming new T&B scenes on General Hospital) "It's always great to see Roger and we always pick up where we left off." (SOD 7/9/12)

(on filming the scenes in which Todd and Blair watch Starr sing on General Hospital) "Roger [Howarth, Todd] and I were sitting there and Kristen [Alderson, Starr] said, 'Oh, my gosh, I see you guys sitting out there and it's like I'm looking at my real parents!' There is just so much great history with the Mannings." (SOD 7/23/12)

(about working with Laura Wright [Carly] on General Hospital) "She is wonderful. She's very fresh, and I think she and Roger will be great together." (SOD 7/30/12)

(on the General Hospital crew's reaction to she and Roger filming the scenes in which Todd proposes to Blair) "That crew doesn't even know me, but when we finished the scenes, so many people were like, 'Oh, my gosh, that was so beautiful.'" (SOD 7/30/12)

(on returning to film as Blair on General Hospital) "Listen, I love the work. I love working with Roger Howarth and Kristen Alderson." (Soaps Uncensored 11/20/12)

(on her reaction to Blair "visiting" General Hospital) "I see Roger and I go, 'From 2-3, that's my man!' I see Kristen and I think of her as my daughter. But I know that it's temporary and that I'm just visiting." (SOD 12/10/12)

Kassie on the Differences Between Roger and Trevor St. John ("Todd")

"Both actors brought out different sides of Todd." (SoapNet Chat 10/28/04)

"It's literally apples and oranges. They're both different Todds, but they've each made the character work." (SID 2/14/06)

"I think both of those actors are two of the best in daytime. I got lucky." (SOD 5/15/07)

(on Roger) "He has a different take on Todd than Trevor, but both actors are equally compelling and wonderful." (TV Guide Canada 2/16/09)

"They are very different in their approaches to Todd. It's hard for me to say. Trevor has definitely chosen to be more sexual than Roger chose. But Roger was out of the bag with that rape story, so he did have to carry a lot more on his back with that stuff. Trevor walked in and didn't have that. He didn't know what that felt like, so he had to manufacture that in his own heart and in his own mind. They're both extremely creative, and both comedic actors, I think, and they both can be moody and broody." (Marlena De Lacroix Blog 5/11/09)

(on Trevor St. John's ["Todd"/Victor] departure from OLTL in 2011) "I wish that he had stayed, because I think there was room for both he and Roger, but it was time for him, and I totally wish him well. I loved his choices as Todd. They were different from Roger's, but that's what made it fantastic to see the two of them on the canvas together." (SID 10/31/11)

(on her OLTL stories) "I loved the pain and suffering and happy-in-love of Todd and Blair. Keeping that fresh was a challenge. Granted, I had two different Todds, so I had a different perspective on each actor." (SOD 1/17/12)

(on which co-stars she most enjoyed working with) "I thoroughly enjoyed working with both Todds, Roger (Howarth) and Trevor (St. John)." (San Diego City Buzz Examiner 2/1/12)


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