While Blair is worrying about Cord's relationship with Tina and trying to get Melador off the ground, Todd is wrestling with the mystery surrounding his adoption. T&B have frequent run-ins around town, and it becomes increasingly obvious that there is still something between them, in spite of Blair's declarations to the contrary. But Blair's about to figure out something that will change their lives forever....

"Blair really knows how to give a Christmas gift, doesn't she?" // Todd runs into Blair/Cord at the club.
"Nice suit. Is there an occasion?" // T&B have an encounter at the Palace Hotel.
"The loser has to do whatever the winner says." // Todd gets Blair to sing "Simply Love" at Rodi's.
"I always knew you were a champ." // Todd supports Blair at the club when she's upset over Cord.
"We came here to have a good time..." // T&B's night on the town starts at the up-scale Olanov's.
"You want to move down south to the Keys with me?" // T&B's night on the town continues at Rodi's.
"Todd is my potential business partner." // T&B drop in on Dorian so Blair can ask her to back Melador.
"You are not half the cynic that you claim to be." // T&B return to Rodi's later that same night.
"You can use me anytime..." // T&B have a heart-to-heart at Blair's penthouse.
"I'm not going to let you go." // Todd says goodbye to Blair before leaving town.
"So if David Vickers is a fraud..." // Blair figures out that Todd is the true Lord heir.
"I will be safe with Todd." // Blair visits Addie and hatches her plan to snag Todd's money.
"We just weren't careful, that's all." // Blair tells Todd that she's pregnant.
"This plan is going to work. It has to!" // Blair tells Addie about her fake pregnancy.
"Now, if you're having second thoughts..." // Todd confronts Blair at the Melador building.
"Leave the past where it is." // Todd talks to Kevin about fatherhood.
"Look, maybe we oughta get married." // Todd proposes to Blair and they leave for Key West.
"There's something between us." // Todd gives Blair his mother's ring.

Meet the Mannings! Todd and Blair struggle to adjust in their new life together as husband and wife. Blair feels guilty about manipulating Todd into the marriage, but she's still keeping her eye on the prize. Todd, meanwhile, gets closer to the secret of his paternity....

"You can trust me, like I trust you." // T&B get married on the beach in Key West.
"I guess this marriage stuff could grow on a guy." // T&B's first wedding night.
"Just don't believe everything she says, okay?" // T&B fly back to Llanview and Blair calls Addie.
"If it concerns my wife, it concerns me." // T&B tell Cord that they are married.
"Whatever is mine is yours and vice versa." // T&B discuss their financial situation at Rodi's.
"So, you wanna go to bed?" // T&B's first awkward night together in the penthouse.
"Say hi to your new cousin-in-law!" // T&B tell Cassie about their marriage.
"I mean that it's not your baby. It's Todd's." // Blair runs into Cord at St. Anne's.
"I'm worried about making the right moves..." // T&B make love and argue about Cord.
"Am I the son of Victor Lord, you answer me NOW!" // Tina tells Todd that he's the Lord heir.
"Just once I would like to be first in someone's life." // Blair and Cassie argue about Todd and Cord.
"I thought we'd have a little talk about our father." // Todd confronts "Viki"/Jean Randolph.
"Yeah, I'm in Wonderland now. No turning back." // Blair gets a call from Todd and a visit from Tina.
"Every crisis is an opportunity." // Blair finds Todd drunk and depressed at a bar.
"This is the one thing that I can do for this kid." // Todd tells Blair that he wants his inheritance.
"You don't think that I hate what I did? That I'm sorry?" // Todd asks Nora to be his lawyer.
"You want the truth, Cord? I'll tell you the truth." // Cord asks Blair if she's really pregnant.
"Blair and I, we don't have any secrets." // Tina warns Todd that Blair's after his money.
"How long have you known that I was getting this money?" // Todd confronts Blair about the inheritance.
"Everything is turning out just wonderful!" // Blair tells Addie that Todd knows he's the heir.
"Now I want the truth about my wife." // Asa warns Todd about Blair.
"You say you're pregnant? Prove it." // Todd forces Blair to take a pregnancy test.

The Mannings, bolstered by the news of Todd's coming inheritance and the confirmation of Blair's pregnancy, settle more firmly into married life and prepare to rock Llanview society to its core.

"You know how much a mother's love means." // T&B talk about becoming parents.
"I know who my family is." // Todd warns Tina not to interfere in his marriage.
"We're going to have a baby!" // Blair tells Addie she's really pregnant.
*new* "I just want to understand it." // Todd questions "Viki"/Jean about his parents.
*new* "When do I collect?" // T&B meet with men from Victor Lord's estate.
*new* "You shared what you had, now I'm sharing what I have." // Todd gives Blair her own checkbook.
*new* "I'm going to share everything with you." // Blair and Addie bond over the baby.
*new* "I'm here to offer you a business deal." // Todd buys the Omega Building from Asa.


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