When Todd and Blair first meet, they're two outcasts, hated by many of the "good" people of Llanview. They form a fast friendship and even begin their own contest to see if they can prove which of them is the "Most Pathetic." Blair also stands by Todd when he is accused of raping women at Llanview Hospital.

"Excuse me, is somebody sitting here?" // T&B first meet at Rodi's.
"Nobody changes. You're born bad, you stay bad." // T&B's second meeting at Rodi's.
"Well, you win -- Most Pathetic Newcomer." // Blair runs into Todd in the park.
"We are the ones who know what real loyalty is." // Blair visits Todd in jail after he's arrested.
"Even Todd can't be at two places at once!" // Blair asks Marty to be Todd's alibi.
"We are not all that different." // Cord is surprised to learn that Blair is friends with Todd.
"He was trying to kill me...." // Blair finds Todd stabbed almost to death.
"I'm not going to let you win this easily!" // Blair sits vigil as Todd gets a blood transfusion.
"I'll take a friend whenever I can get one." // Blair brings Todd a get-well card.

With the holidays approaching, Todd and Blair find even more reasons to lean on each other: Todd reels when his ex-girlfriend Rebecca departs Llanview, and is further shaken when his abusive father, Peter Manning, dies and leaves Todd nothing but a mysterious key. Blair, meanwhile, becomes increasingly insecure in her relationship with Cord.

"Who knows, you could end up being a prince." // T&B go sledding together.
"I don't feel like being alone tonight." // Blair drops by Todd's motel room on Christmas Eve.
"If you want me to stop, you just let me know." // T&B sleep together ("The Christmas Present").
"Before you run off to see Blair..." // Todd and Cord have an encounter at Rodi's.
"Blair already gave me a present." // Cord, CJ, Sarah and Blair visit Todd for Christmas.
"I don't want to see you play doormat." // Blair tells Todd they can't see each other again.
"I'm never going to be that desperate again." // Todd finds Blair crying at the Melador building.
"'94 is going out with a great big miserable bang." // Todd tells Blair that he's adopted.
"Why is this any of your business?" // Dorian warns Blair away from Todd.

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