When did you first open this site?
March 16, 2004.

Why is it named IF THAT'S LOVE?
In the summer of 2003, when Blair was missing a presumed-dead Todd at Rodi's, she shared a dance to Laura Pausini's "If That's Love" with "Walker Laurence" (who was really Victor Lord, Jr., who believed himself to be Todd-with-plastic-surgery). I'd never heard the song before, but I thought the lyrics were really appropriate for T&B, what with the singer's belief that love should "last for life" (instead of being "just one night") and her confession that she will give her heart, soul, and faith to someone who will accept her as she is and make her feel safe.

"Walker" tried hard that summer to get Blair to fall for him, but again and again Blair denied him because she kept coming back to the fact that she was in love with Todd, the man who, in spite of all the lies, schemes, and betrayals, offered her just what was described in that song.

So, anyway, when I decided to make a website, I used the title of that song.

How often do you update the site?
It varies depending on how busy I am.

Where do the pictures in the gallery come from?
Most of them were scanned by me from soap magazines. Other pictures come from media sites like or

Can I use pictures from the gallery in banners/wallpaper/avatars/fanart?
Sure! Go crazy, use whatever you want. That's what they are there for -- for you guys to use.

Can I use pictures from the gallery on my own website?
Sure! Linking back here would also be appreciated.

Where do you get the transcripts and quotes from?
If it's from 1994 to mid-2001, then I transcribed the dialogue myself. If it's from mid-2001 to the present, the dialogue appears courtesy of the TV Megasite.

Can I use some of the transcripts and quotes for my own site?
Yes, you can use them! If you use anything from 1994 to 2001 (around the time of Jack's birth), it'd be great if you could credit this site. However, if you use anything from 2001 to 2013, don't credit us -- credit the TV Megasite.

Where do you get the articles and quotes in the Press section from?
Nearly all of the articles are typed up by me from old issues of soap opera magazines. A few were copied and pasted from online sites like,,, etc.

Can I use some of the articles in the Press section for my own site?
Sure, but make sure to give credit to the original publication and writer (if a writer is named). A link back here would also be appreciated!

Can I link to your site from my site?
Yes, of course! You don't even have to ask! You can find buttons to link back by clicking here, and please do e-mail me if you're planning to link here, so I can link back to your site as well.

Would you like to be affiliates?
Yes, particularly if your site is somehow related to "One Life to Live," the Mannings, Kassie DePaiva, Roger Howarth, Trevor St. John, Kristen Alderson, or any other soap opera couple or character or actor. Fill out this form to let me know. And if you don't have a button for me to use to link back to you, that's totally all right, I would love to make one for you. :)

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