Todd & Blair [1995, Part 4]

[Todd gives Blair a present]
Blair: Is this the deed to the Omega Building?
Todd: Yeah.
Blair: Don't just say "yeah"! Did -- did you buy the building?
Todd: Yeah. I started thinking about Old Man Asa and how much he hated you, so I decided to buy the building. I mean, that way he can't screw you out of the lease once your business starts to get off the ground.
Blair: Todd! You bought the whole building?
Todd: It was less than 2 mil.
Blair: I can't believe that you did this for me.
Todd: It's just good business. I'm gonna move the paper there. Plus, that way, once Melador starts to go you've got room to expand.
Blair: Todd. Todd, look at me a minute. Thank you. And not just for this building, but for having the confidence in me that I would succeed. It was so sweet of you to -- to not want -- well, to protect me from Asa.
Todd: It's no big deal. You're my wife, right?
Blair: Yes. I'm your wife.
[They kiss]

Blair: Todd, I saw the latest circulation figures on that sheet that you had. The Intruder has been losing it for the past two years. I mean, it's over.
Todd: Maybe. Maybe not.
Blair: Trust me, Todd, I know. It's a loser.
Todd: Okay, well, I was a loser once. Look at me now.

Todd: Want to know why circulation is down for The Intruder? Look at this stuff: "Elvis Is Seen At A Mall" "An Alien Ate My Toy Poodle"! Oh, here's my favorite: "OJ Is Really Jack Kennedy In Disguise"! Who's gonna read this trash?
Blair: Todd, I'm telling you, a lot of people do. Look, I ran The Intruder for awhile. Badly, on purpose. But it has a very, very specific readership, believe me.
Todd: Who, the brain dead? Even they have to be tired of this garbage.

Todd: Journalism isn't about truth, justice and the American way. It's about power.
Blair: Well, Victor Lord knew that.
Todd: That's right. See, when you run a paper, you got clout. People listen to you. You get respect. I remember once when I was playing football... I intercepted this pass and this reporter wrote about it. He called me "The Phantom Of The Endzone." Then all of a sudden -- bam! -- I'm somebody. You take a -- a picture, and you put some words under it, and all of a sudden everybody pays attention. Then, when I was on trial for rape, The Banner convinced everybody that I was scum. That's power.
Blair: So what are you saying?
Todd: I'm just thinking, it might be kind of fun to run a newspaper.

Tina: I don't even know why you and Blair are hanging around Llanview at all.
Todd: Well, why leave Llanview? It's such a warm, friendly town.

Todd: Hey, I just want what's coming to me. And I'm gonna get it, now that I've got The Intruder and Blair has Melador.
Tina: Oh, that's great -- a tabloid rag and a nonexistent cosmetic company. We'll see how far that gets you.

Dorian: I got to tell you, I really admire the speed with which you got your name printed on these checks.
Blair: Don't start, all right? For your information, it was Todd's idea to make it a joint checking account.
Dorian: Mm-hmm. Just like it was his idea for the two of you to get married?
Blair: Yes.
Dorian: Oh, Blair. I worry about you sometimes, I really do.
Blair: Well, don't. In fact, your niece here is doing just fine.
Dorian: So I see.

Dorian: Dear, you may be feeling very cozy now that Todd's millions are in a joint bank account. But the guy is very troubled, and he has a very troubled past. Now, my guess is that he is crazy in love with his beautiful new wife. But I also guess that you don't love him very much at all.
Blair: I -- what's your point?
Dorian: Be careful. Things can turn ugly real fast. And remember that old saying -- a woman who marries for money pays for it the rest of her life.
Blair: I think you have my marriage confused with yours. See, I'm the one who's happy -- with a baby on the way.
Dorian: Blair -- you're pregnant??
Blair: Mm-hmm!
Dorian: Really? Oh, I see.
Blair: You see what?
Dorian: That's how you got Todd to marry you.
Blair: We decided it was the best thing for the baby.

Blair: Todd is a good man!
Dorian: Oh, please! Reality check -- we are talking about a convicted rapist here!
Blair: Oh, excuse me, well, at least my husband didn't pretend to be someone else, stealing someone else's $28 million!

Dorian: (to Blair) Look, we both married the men that we did for the reasons that we did. And we will just have to suffer the consequences.

Dorian: (to Todd and Blair) Well, let me have a look at the newlywed couple. Yes, yes, you look quite handsome together. Well, what can I say -- welcome to the family, Todd.
Todd: Get this straight, Dorian: I'm not a part of your family. No way, no how.
Dorian: Todd, you may not want to be part of my family, but the way I look at it, we are related by marriage. Twice, come to think of it! So, I intend to make the best of it. Congratulations on your marriage, on the baby that's on the way.... My goodness, it really seems like a lot of nice things are happening to you lately!

[Dorian says she wants Todd and Blair to move out of her penthouse]
Blair: I just gave you back $200,000 that -- that you invested. And Todd is picking up Mother's hospital bills after you were traipsing off to Europe and completely forgot, and now that your nose is just a little bit bent out of shape, you're accusing us of freeloading??
Dorian: If the shoe fits.

[Todd shows Blair the new penthouse he wants to buy]
Blair: Oh my God, Todd! This place is fabulous! I love it! I love it!
Todd: Man, it's really foggy.
Blair: Oh, it doesn't matter. I bet you the view at night -- this place would knock your eyes out!
Todd: I hate fog.

Blair: Todd, do you really want to buy this place?
Todd: Yeah, that's why we're here. If you want it, we'll take it.
Blair: "If" I want it? I want this place so bad I can taste it!

Todd: I'll tell the real estate babe to get a move on and go tell Dorian to take a flying leap.
Blair: God, can you believe Dorian today? She was so crabby. And did you see all those psychology books she had sitting out on her desk?
Todd: Well, maybe she's going crazy and she wants to save a few bucks on doctors' bills.
Blair: That's very funny, but she's too mean to go crazy.

Todd: (showing Blair the view from the penthouse window) Look at this. The Omega Building, right? Our building. See? The one with the Greek letter on it. I'm going to change that to an "M." For the Manning Building. Yeah, I like that. We can sit here in the morning, have breakfast, watch all the little people go to work in our building. That is, if this fog ever lifts. God, I hate fog.

Todd: Blair? What is it? What's wrong? I thought you liked this apartment?
Blair: It's very dramatic.
Todd: Yeah, well, that's us. Nothing tame or boring for Mr. and Mrs. Manning. Oh, and kid. Let's leave the two-car garages and the picket fences to everybody else. We've got style.

Todd: So what if Alex owns the place. Who cares?
Blair: Who cares?? I care! No matter how much we redecorate or fumigate, it still reeks of Asa!
Todd: Look, it's just a place!
Blair: Todd --
Todd: Look around here, okay? It's empty. There's no ghosts. It's not like you and Asa lived here. It's not like Asa lived here at all! Come on, Blair. We can sit out here on the terrace, sip mimosas, and look at our office building.

Blair: You made it possible to get Melador up and running.
Todd: Yeah, look, you got a dream, I want to give it to you.
Blair: Is this Todd Manning talking? The surly dude that I used to share a park bench with?
Todd: Come a long way, haven't we?
Blair: We can't escape our past, though.
Todd: Says who? Come on, look if a loser like me can turn out to be a multimillionaire with this whole town at his feet, anything's possible, right?

Blair: Okay, I guess I am being a little silly...
Todd: That's the hormones. Makes you emotional.

[Blair agrees to move into the new penthouse]
Blair: All right, Todd, let's buy it, okay? If it's what you want, then it must be the right thing.
Todd: That's great! Thanks.
[Todd grabs Blair and hugs her, then awkwardly pulls away]
Todd: Hey, I'm -- uh, I'm sorry.
Blair: Todd! The baby and me love to be hugged. And we love seeing you so exicted. I mean, between this place and you digging into The Intruder, I've never seen you so happy!
Todd: Yeah. I am happy, aren't I?

[Todd tells Blair why he wants to name his paper The Sun]
Todd: It's kind of a joke on The Banner -- see, 'cause I'm "the son" of the late, great Victor Lord.
Blair: Yeah.
Todd: All-powerful. Unstoppable.
Blair: The sun can be -- all by himself, he can be lonely.
Todd: Yeah, but he's strong enough. He can handle it, right? (meaningfully) As long as he's got the stars and the planets kind of circling around him.
Blair: (teasingly) Oh, is that what me and the baby will be, your majesty? Just little stars that go around your little orbit?
Todd: No, hey, come on, I didn't mean it like that --
Blair: No, Todd, come on, you dream big and I admire that. (touching her hands to her belly) Just don't forget about the rest of us when you eclipse The Banner and the almighty Lords.
Todd: I won't forget about it. Ever.
[Todd and Blair kiss]

[Alex doesn't want to sell her penthouse to T&B]
Alex: This happens to be where I fell in love with Asa. He would kill me if I sold this place to you two.
Todd: Oh, I get it. Blair, you know, I didn't remember seeing Asa's name on the contract. There must have been some kind of mistake. I mean, this place isn't hers to sell!
Alex: Oh, it's mine to sell. That's not the point.
Blair: You are right, Todd! As well as I know Asa, he does pull the strings in this marriage.
Alex: That may have been the way it was when you were married to Asa, but nobody pulls my strings, honey.
Todd: Okay, Alex. Whatever you say.
Blair: (laughing, to Todd) And, you know, the tabloids call her "Llanview's most independent public woman"!

[Alex agrees to sell the penthouse to T&B while keeping the sale a secret from Asa]
Alex: Asa has his business; I have mine.
Todd: And they say a good marriage is hard to find!
Blair: Kind of gives you hope, doesn't it? Well, let's go, sweetheart. I want to talk to the decorator about changing everything.

Alex: (about Todd) Isn't it amazing how much he's like Asa?
Blair: Asa and Todd have nothing in common!
Alex: Except for you! You always go where the money is, don't you?
Blair: Look who's talking!
Alex: Oh, I never denied I love the good life. But I love a good man.
Blair: Who? Asa Buchanan?? A "good man"??
Alex: The best. And you had an opportunity to go after the old chip off the golden block, Cord Roberts himself. But instead you chose Todd the Confused Barbarian. Tell me -- was it worth it?

[Blair looks at her figure in the mirror]
Blair: It won't be long now. I'm going to hate being fat, but this'll be different. This is going to be perfect. Just perfect.

Dorian: I am married to a gorgeous young hunk with a smile that would send shivers. Whereas you -- it does put a kind of a glitch in the Cinderella story when Prince Charming is a convicted rapist.
Blair: Look, I don't need this.

Todd: (to Blair and Dorian) Geez. I think I just walked in on a couple of cat burglars.

Todd: Dorian, what are you doing here?
Blair: Oh, she just came to make sure that we leave the premises.
Todd: We're doing that.
Blair: Well, not quickly enough for her!
Dorian: No, no, no, no, I also came over here to ask Blair to help me with my daughter, Cassie.
Todd: So you came by to ask us a favor and to tell us to get out quicker?

Todd: Look, I've had enough weird experiences today for a whole issue of The Intruder.
Blair: What do you mean?
Todd: Well, I ran into big sister Viki at the airport bar.
Blair: Really? That must have been lovely. How hostile was she this time, from 1 to 10?
Todd: She wasn't hostile at all. She was downright friendly.
Blair: Viki?
Todd: Yeah, I mean, it was almost scary. I can't figure her out. I mean, Tina, I get. She's a ditz with big dreams and an empty pocket. But Viki, it's like she's completely different every single time that I see her. One minute she's -- she's cold as ice, and the next minute, she's the life of the party.

Todd: It turns out to be one screwball family I'm in.
Blair: Well, yes and no. I don't think I would call Victoria Lord Buchanan Carpenter etc. a screwball.
Todd: Yeah? After tonight, I think I'd call her the loosest screw in the bunch.

Blair: I don't want to be in Dorian's debt anymore.
Todd: Dorian. She is so weird.
Blair: Well, she's never been very predictable.
Todd: Tell me about it. I mean, one minute she's like, "Welcome to the family, Todd," and the next minute she's throwing us out on the street.

Blair: (about Viki) She's not the saint that this town makes her out to be, huh?
Todd: Uh-uh. I never saw a saint chug a scotch like that.
Blair: Come on, Todd. Why do you even care?
Todd: I don't care.
Blair: Well, I don't care about anything other than you, my dear husband, this baby, and Melador.

[Todd suggests that Blair offer to buy Serenity Springs' Miracle Mud for Melador]
Blair: You want me to buy out Max and Luna -- and Cord?
Todd: Well, it's not like you can't afford it.
Blair: They wouldn't sell me one teaspoon of mud from Serenity Springs! That place is like some monument of Max and Luna's "love"! They certainly don't want me contaminating it.
Todd: Just make 'em an offer!
Blair: They hate me, Todd! Luna thinks that I'm the devil's daughter, and Max would just as soon shoot himself in the head as to look at me, and -- come on, as far as Cord is concerned, I --
Todd: Look, I think you're taking this way too personally. This is just business.
Blair: Right. Tell that to The Three Musketeers.
Todd: Look, everybody's got a price. Even the Goody Bunch.

[Blair's offer to buy the Miracle Mud goes badly and Luna starts yelling at her]
Blair: Can't we be professionals about this?
Luna: Why don't you and your rich husband take your fancy business deal and get out of town!
Blair: Well, St. Luna, we are here to stay! So get used to it!

[Blair is distressed after Luna faints from high blood pressure]
Blair: (to Cord) I never meant for anything like this to happen to Luna or her babies -- the twins. I mean, now that I've got a life growing inside of me, I -- I just don't know what I'd do if anything happened to my baby.

[T&B are surprised that Alex hasn't told Asa that she's sold them the penthouse]
Alex: (to Blair, about Asa) I would never do anything to hurt him.
Blair: Is that right?
Alex: Yes, it is. I would certainly never say that I was pregnant just to get --
Todd: All right, you watch your mouth, Alex. I own this place, remember? You insult my wife again, and I'll throw you out of here so fast I won't even blink.

[Alex gives T&B some advice]
Alex: You can't just flash money and -- and fit into society and gain respectability. You have to earn it. You see, I learned that. And philanthropy is a wonderful way -- a fast way -- to do that, because people admire philanthropy.
Blair: Maybe we don't want to be respectable.
Todd: Yeah. Maybe we like who are are.
Blair: Mm-hmm!
Todd: See, money can buy power. And that's the only thing we care about.
Alex: Oh, I thought you were going to have a baby. You are going to have a baby, aren't you? What happens when you want to get that child into the right school? Or when that child is just dying to go to an important birthday party, but he doesn't get invited because of you? Respectability -- respectability is the key to happiness. I'd hate to think what you'd have to tell that little tear-stained face when he doesn't get included in community things because of you.

[Blair prepares for her meeting with her Melador employees]
Blair: Well, I hired the best, but somehow I want to inspire them. I want to say, "This is where we're going, this is what we are, and this is how we are going to get there!"
Todd: (proudly) All right! You go, Blair.

Blair: (about Melador) This has been a dream of mine ever since I was a little bitty girl and I was living in the orphanage! I used to sneak off, all by myself, and I'd have these fantasies that I'd have a place all my own, where I would create these beautiful things, like clothes and jewelry and make-up.
Todd: Sounds like you had a knack for it right from the start. Drawing and stuff.
Blair: No way. Actually, it was a foster mom of mine, Selma, who took me under her wing. She worked in the garment industry, and she told me and taught me so much about form, color, beauty. She told me that I was going to be a success. That I would be -- have a wonderful career in design or fashion. And, well, Todd, it actually wasn't until I was on my own and had the chance that I blew it. Somehow, I just kept blowing it. Frankly, over the past few years, I -- I didn't think it was ever going to work out. I just kept watching the dreams die. Oh, but Todd! You have given me such a wonderful chance here! I can't believe it, and I can't thank you enough! And I promise you -- I promise you that I will not ruin it this time. Promise.
[Blair hugs Todd]
Blair: Thank you so much. Thank you.

Todd: Don't go giving me all the credit. I mean, you know, you were -- you were building Melador long before you even started hanging out with me. All I did was give you the cash.
Blair: Todd, that is important to me! And I really, really want to make Melador work.
Todd: Well, then you will.

[Blair is still upset about Luna fainting during their argument]
Todd: Listen to me, Blair. You're blaming yourself for what happened and that's not right. If Luna hadn't gotten ticked off at you, she woulda gotten ticked off at somebody else -- her laundry didn't come back clean or something. She's a total weirdo.

[Todd goes quiet after he sees Blair talking to Cord on the phone]
Blair: What's the matter?
Todd: Nothing.
Blair: Oh, yes there is. I mean, we're always honest with each other. What is it?
Todd: Cord still gets to you. I mean, you were just on the phone with him and your whole body changed.
Blair: Are you --? No, it -- no, it didn't!
Todd: Blair, we're being honest here, remember? Look, relax, it's just something that I gotta learn to deal with, that's all. I mean, I knew where I stood when we got married.

Todd: When Blair gets her business off the ground, we're going to give Serenity Springs a run for its mud, too.
Cord: Well, as long as you play fair, we'll take our chances.
Todd: Fair? Like you and the Holdens blaming Blair for Luna's little trip to the hospital?
Cord: I never blamed Blair.
Todd: Gee. That must have been a first.

Todd: (to "Viki"/Tori) You and your family have treated me like a social disease ever since you found out I was one of you. Well, guess what? I don't accept you. I've got my own family, with a kid on the way. And I don't want anything that you have to offer.

Cord: (about Melador's office) This place looks great.
Blair: Thank you, Cord. I've had a lot of help around here, especially --
Cord: From your husband? Yeah, that's what husbands are good for, right?
Blair: You know, if someone had told me six months ago that I'd be married with a baby on the way, launching Melador I -- I guess I'm not a loser after all.

[Todd visits with his little niece, Sarah]
Todd: You know that I'm married to Blair? Well, we're going to have a baby.
Sarah: Great! Boy or girl?
Todd: We don't know yet. But you're going to have a little cousin that you can play with real soon. How's that sound?
Sarah: Yay!

Todd: They're going to have to take Briggs's name off of here. As of tomorrow, Briggs works for The Sun. You know, that's going to throw off the whole balance of the masthead. They're going to have to re-design the whole thing. It's too bad it's not the old days, like when Victor Lord was here, 'cause they'd have to change the type and everything.
Blair: That's a pretty big coup, stealing the managing editor from The Banner, Todd!
Todd: You're impressed, huh?
Blair: Oh yeah! You bet!

Todd: You know, the, um, the movers have probably finished unpacking. Why don't you go -- why don't you go settle in?
Blair: Yeah.
Todd: Oh, and don't lift anything heavy. I don't want that baby born with a hernia.

[Renee tells Blair she can't attend the Gold Star Gala]
Renee: I'm sorry. The ball is by invitation only.
Blair: Well, Renee, I'm sure something can be arranged...
Renee: Are you suggesting that you'll pay more than the price of the tickets? Blair, there are some things that Manning money can't buy. You and Todd aren't invited. And you won't be.

[Blair wants to go to the Gold Star Gala]
Blair: (to Cassie) If Todd and I are going to make our mark on this town, tonight is the best time.

Blair: (to Todd) Well, well, there he is, home from work, the powerful publishing magnate himself!

Blair: We are going to the country club to the Gold Star Gala!
Todd: I've got Briggs working on a story that could break wide open. No way am I trotting off to the country club for some dance.
Blair: It's not just some dance! It's the Gold Star Gala!
Todd: (sarcastically) Oh, well that.
Blair: Todd, it's the biggest -- biggest charity event and the biggest society event in Llanview! It's where they give away an award for the person who raises the most money for a single charity, like AIDS, the hospital...
Todd: Look, I didn't raise any money, I'm not going to win any prize. Why go?
Blair: Because... (whispering excitedly) It'll be fun!

Blair: Now, if we're going to make it in this town, we have got to go to the biggest events, we gotta make ourselves known at the most important things all the time!
Todd: Forget it, okay? Tomorrow we'll kick butt. Tonight I'm tracking a story.

[Blair has bought Todd a new suit]
Blair: What do you think?
Todd: What, are we going to a funeral? Who died?
Blair: Todd!
Todd: Look, what do you want me to say? You bought me a suit. Oh, I get it. That's why you borrowed my jacket before, to find out what size I was? You never quit with this shopping stuff, do you?

Todd: You know, we've been through this before, all this society stuff. We've got us, we've got our companies, we've got money, we've got power...we got a kid on the way. We don't need to get mixed up with a bunch of hoity-toity types.
Blair: Todd, I know that's -- that's what we said, but I got to thinking about everything that Alex said to us the other day.
Todd: And what was that?
Blair: Well, that -- that we're going to have to do things so our baby can be accepted. We've got to find a way for people to accept us to make it easier for our child, you know?
Todd: Kid's not even born yet. Look, if we change our minds later, there's still time. Tell me something. What is it about this stupid party? Why does it mean so much to you?
Blair: Renee Buchanan told me right to my face today that this gala tonight was for the finest people in Llanview and that there are some things that Manning money just can't buy. She said that I was never going to get an invitation, no matter if I got down on my knees and begged for it. And I tell you what, Todd, it took everything in me not to just spit right in her face!
Todd: What are you telling me here? We didn't even get an invitation?
Blair: (shaking her head)
Todd: So you were planning on crashing this charity ball?
Blair: (slowly smiling and nodding)
Todd: Huh. Well, that does sound kinda fun.

Blair: You look great! Oh, Todd, that tuxedo -- it had your name written all over it from the minute I saw it! Gosh! Well, how do I look?
Todd: You -- uh, you're pretty. (quickly) I mean, you're always pretty. That's a nice dress.

Blair: So -- was Renee Buchanan wrong about us? That the Mannings can buy their way into anything?
Todd: You got it.
Blair: Wherever we wanna go, there we are.
Todd: That's right.
Blair: And I tell you somethin' else. We are going to be the richest, the best-looking, happiest couple there at the party! So, are you ready to go, Mr. Manning?
Todd: Sure. Let's show them how the other half lives.

[T&B check in with the doorman at the Gold Star Gala]
Todd: Manning. Or Lord, I go either way.
Blair: (giggles)
Doorman: Yeah, I'm sorry, sir, I just can't seem to find your name on the list.
Todd: Well, maybe you're looking on the wrong list. (handing him a check) Why don't you try that?
Doorman: $2,000? But the tickets are only --
Todd: $500, I know. Generosity runs in my family.
Blair: Among other things.
Doorman: Still, if your names are not on the list, I don't think I can let you in.
Todd: You know, why don't you try another name? (handing him $50) Try Ulysses S. Grant. That oughta buy you some more hairspray, huh?
Blair: (laughing) Todd, that's great!

Blair: Well, I tell you what -- while you do that, I am, uh -- I gotta go powder my nose.
Todd: How many times has that been now?
Blair: Ugh, I haven't counted. I guess it's the curse of being pregnant.

Blair: Look, gentleman, excuse me, I'm going to go powder my nose.
Todd: Thought that's where you were?
Blair: How fast do you think I am?
[Blair leaves]
Todd: She looks great, doesn't she?
Cord: Never better.

[Asa is furious when he sees Todd and Blair at the Gold Star Gala]
Asa: What the hell are you doing here??
Blair: Well, Asa, it's always a pleasure to see you, too!
Asa: I'm talking to your husband. (to Todd) I checked the invitation list. You were not on it.
Todd: Yeah, well, what are you going to do, pops? Throw us out?
Blair: You tell him, Todd!
Asa: You took the words right outta my mouth.

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