Todd & Blair [1995, Part 3]

Cassie: (about Kelly) She's living here with Andrew and me.
Blair: Out of the convent school and into the rectory. Well, Todd, I think we're going to have to show this girl some real life.

Cassie: Todd, welcome to the family.
Todd: Thanks.
Cassie: (in Blair's ear) I hope this is what you want.
Blair: It is. Believe me, it is.

Todd: I'll see you back at your place when I'm done with the flim-flam man.
Blair: Todd, hey -- call it "our place." It's our place, okay?
Todd: Yeah, sure, whatever.

[Addie worries that Todd is like Blair's first husband, Asa]
Blair: Todd is nothing like Asa, okay? I like Todd. In fact, let me tell you, Mama -- Todd is my best friend. I tell you something else -- you know what does worry me, though? I think he's getting a little iffy about being married.
Addie: He doesn't love you?
Blair: Well, I think Todd feels about me the way that I feel about him.

[Blair explains to Cord why she slept with Todd last Christmas]
Blair: We weren't getting along, if you'll remember, back then. In fact, we weren't getting along very well at all. And I was feeling -- I was alone. I went out for a drink. I was feeling too much. Todd was there, and he was feeling the same way, and we just helped each other through. I invited him home -- and we made love. I'm glad Todd was there, Cord. The way that I was feeling -- look, what happened that night, it just happened. It wasn't planned. And you and I, we were always very, very careful, that's -- with Todd, we didn't use any protection, and that's how I know who the father of the baby is.

Asa: (to Cord, about T&B) That's a marriage made in hell.

[Blair kisses Todd]
Todd: What was that kiss?
Blair: Todd, you are my husband. I'm carrying your child. We're family now. I just did what I felt, what I feel. I mean, is that okay with you?
Todd: Hey, look, I know all about doing things and feeling things and you don't know why. It's just 'cause you want to, 'cause you're angry.
Blair: Lonely. I don't want to feel lonely anymore. And I don't have to. We're married.
Todd: Yeah, I know, I understand.
Blair: And now you're here. Todd, we're both here.
Todd: Yeah. We're all here.
Blair: Todd. I just want to be happy.
Todd: Come on. I just like looking.
Blair: Todd --
Todd: No, no, don't talk, all right? Just be happy.

[Todd's insecurities come roaring back after he sleeps with Blair]
Todd: A half hour ago, we were having sex, and now you're looking for any excuse you can find to get out of here.
Blair: That's not true.
Todd: Come on, Blair. You're the one person I could always count on to be honest with me. Just tell me -- what'd I do wrong?
Blair: What have you got to be sorry for? I can't even believe that you're saying anything like that.
Todd: Look, Blair, let's face it -- I mean, given my history...getting into bed with somebody that I care about and trying to make them happy...? I'm worried about making the right moves and all that stuff. I don't know...
Blair: Todd, stop apologizing. Actually, when it comes to making love, you're a wonderful lover.

Blair: We don't have any problems, Todd.
Todd: Yeah, well, you're either lying or you're blind.
Blair: What do you mean?
Todd: We got a big problem. His name's Cord Roberts.
Blair: Cord doesn't have anything to do with this!
Todd: Come on, Blair, this is me you're talking to. Now, we've always been straight with one another, and I'm telling you -- you got Cord on the brain.

Blair: Cord was never there when I needed him. But you were, Todd. And even when I told you about the baby, you were there. You came through with that. I mean, you could have said, "Too bad, Blair. Have a nice life." Todd, you stayed by me, and I'll always be grateful to you for that.
Todd: Okay, so you're going to build a marriage on gratitude? Lots of luck.

Blair: Todd... We're best friends. I care about you. And I know that we are going to grow closer. I'm sure of that.
Todd: Very touching. You're wasting your breath.
Blair: What do you mean?
Todd: All right, come on. Let's just say -- maybe we're okay together in the sack. But aside from that, this is nothing but a marriage of convenience. That's all it's ever going to be.

Blair: We'll just work through this -- we'll deal with it together. For better or worse, remember?
Todd: How could I forget?

Blair: Todd, look, I just want this marriage to work. I really do.
Todd: Quit believing in miracles. We both knew what we were getting into when we said "I do." Now we just gotta live with it.

Blair: Todd is slipping away. I can't let that happen. I've got to find a way to hold on to him. If only it were true -- if only I were pregnant!

[Blair explains to Cassie why she chose Todd over Cord]
Blair: Cord was never -- he was never there for me when I needed him. He was off saving Tina from some disaster, or he was telling me his kids had to come first, were more important -- or he was sledding with his kids. Did he ever put me first? He said that I was first, but I didn't come first -- not once, not once did I come first, Cassie. Well, I can't live like that, all right? Just once I would like to be first in someone's life. I would like, just once, to come first.

Cassie: This thing with Todd -- don't you know that it's dangerous?
Blair: Todd is not dangerous.
Cassie: Blair come on! I'm the one who sat next to Marty Saybrooke after her rape -- I did! Todd is a very dangerous man!
Blair: You don't even know him like I know him, Cassie!
Cassie: (outraged) Blair!
Blair: Okay, okay, so the guy's got a few problems. I won't deny that. I'm telling you Cassie, he has been a good friend to me, and he cares -- he cares about this baby.

[A drunken Todd calls Blair after he learns that he's the Lord heir]
Blair: Hello?
Todd: Hey, honey. I'm home.
Blair: Todd?
Todd: Yeah, it's me. Unless you got another husband somewhere else.

[Todd's drunken phone call to Blair continues...]
Todd: You know, I'm like that -- what's her name, that chick in that story?
Blair: What??
Todd: You know, she -- she, uh, she swallows that drink and she gets really small and then she falls down that hole and she can't get back up.... Alice! That's her name, Alice. Yeah, I'm in Wonderland now. No turning back.
Blair: Where are you, Todd? Are you -- are you at Rodi's?
Todd: I'm at the Mad Hatter's tea party, right? Today's my unbirthday. Happy Unbirthday to me.
Blair: Todd, look, honey, let me help you celebrate your unbirthday. I mean, misery loves company, right? I mean, what's the good of being pathetic if you don't have anybody pathetic to share it with, right?
Todd: Good old Blair. Pathetic. You'd like this place. It's just like where we got married, except there ain't no beach.
Blair: Key West! Are you at a bar called Key West?
Todd: I told you, I'm not at a bar! I'm at the Mad Hatter's tea party! Don't you listen?

Blair: Todd, you're my husband. I can't leave you alone.
Todd: Forget about it. You're better off without, the kid, everybody. I really made a mistake, making that kid. There's some screwed up genes in my family. So why don't you go find this key a good father, a real father. Why don't you -- work things out with Cord? Forget you ever met me.

[Tina tells Blair that Todd knows he's the Lord heir]
Blair: Wait, wait, wait a minute -- are you saying that you and Todd have the same biological -- that Todd is -- is Victor Lord's son?
Tina: And they accuse me of playing dumb.

Blair: I had no idea that Todd was in line to inherit anything, much less -- what was that number? 26? 27?
Tina: 27.8, as if you don't have it memorized down to the penny. Why else would you marry the guy? Do you expect me to believe it was all for love?
Blair: Love in every sense of the word -- the love, Tina, that we share. See, marriage was a necessity because we're going to have a baby.

Blair: Todd is very happy about this pregnancy. Because, see, he never knew who his real biological parents were. So he's taking a very special responsibility.
Tina: I bet. And you counted on that. You saw his weakness and you just -- right into it.
Blair: Tina, I'm the only person in this town who's ever been nice to Todd -- completely honest with him. Oh, and now you -- you're suddenly his sister, and do you think that he is going to treasure your advice? Get real!

[Blair finds Todd passed out drunk at a bar]
Blair: You at least oughta drown your sorrows in the good stuff. God knows you can afford it now.

Todd: How'd you find me?
Blair: Well, I'm part bloodhound.
Todd: Bloodhound, huh? That's a thoroughbred, right? Me, I'm a mongrel. Blue blood, but I'm a bastard.

[Todd has just told Blair that Victor Lord is his father]
Todd: Just take off. Leave me alone. Forget you ever met me.
Blair: Todd, how can I do that?
Todd: Go back to Cord. Tell him you made a mistake. Let him know that it's his kid you're pregnant with.
Blair: Well, I can't do that, Todd.
Todd: Do it for the kid. He deserves better than a father like me.
Blair: Todd! I'm not going to walk away from you! And I'm not going to let you walk away from me.

Blair: Now, I don't care if you are the spawn of the devil.
Todd: From what I hear, that'd be a step up.

Blair: Look, whoever your father was, you are not like him, Todd. Not anymore. Not anymore, Todd! You're strong! You have reached down deep inside yourself and tried to pull out all the bad parts, and you've worked very hard at that, Todd! And it is not your fault who your parents are, and it's not your fault that they were such cowards about acknowledging you! You know -- you know the saying. Every crisis is an opportunity. Todd, make this an advantage. Not a handicap. You just have to look deep inside the darkness for the goodness, Todd, because it's there. It's there inside you. Todd, you just have to look for it.

Todd: I'm supposed to take some hush money from big daddy just so he can make his conscience feel better? Old pervert probably didn't even lay eyes on me. Now I can forget I ever even had a father like him.
Blair: Todd, I don't really think that you can do that.
Todd: I give as good as I get.
Blair: Oh, what, now you're going to say you're an immaculate conception?

[Todd is suspicious because Blair wants him to go after his inheritance]
Todd: What the hell difference does this make to you? What, you'd be happier if you had a rich husband?
Blair: Todd, that's not what I'm saying.
Todd: Well, then, what are you saying? What, you think I'm so much of a washout that I can't make a life for myself? For you? For our kid?

Blair: So, um, what are you going to do, "Mr. Lord"?
Todd: (disgusted at the name) Please.

Todd: I'm going to take this money. Not for me. For our kid. This is the one shot that I have to give this kid something to start his life out with.
Blair: You know, Todd, I was hoping that Melador would be a good foundation for our baby, too --
Todd: I'm not talking about that. No, no, this is from me. This is the one thing that I can do for this kid. Lord knows I don't have any genes that I want to pass on. This is the least that I can do.
Blair: Todd, our baby is going to be so lucky to have you.
Todd: Whatever. Look, I just feel that this is the one shot that I have at being a decent father. And I'm not going to blow it.

Blair: You really had me scared last night.
Todd: I'm sorry. I -- I was really drunk. Sorry if I said anything.
Blair: No, no, Todd, it's just that -- you were so sad and I thought that I had lost you for good and -- you were drunk and you shut me out. I was hurt, that's all.
Todd: Look, I'm sorry if I upset you. Everything in my life is all -- everything's a lie. And in the middle of all these lies, there's you. You and this baby. You're the only thing that is keeping me from going completely nuts. With you, I always know what's going on. I always know the truth.

Todd: Blair is pregnant and I'm the father. But I'll tell you something, that kid is going to know that he is wanted and that he is loved from the first day that he's born. He is going to get everything that I didn't. You can count on that.
Nora: I knew Blair Daimler likes to live on the edge. But a baby? With you?
Todd: Things happen.
Nora: Mazel tov?
Todd: Whatever.

Cord: Tell me which is the real Blair Daimler -- the one who is honestly pregnant with Todd Manning's child? Or the one who is faking it just so she can get his money?
Blair: You want the truth, Cord? I'll tell you the truth. Let's see if you've got the guts to hear it. Am I pregnant? Am I not? Did I marry Todd for the money? Here's your truth: It's none of your damn business.

Todd: (to Tina) Blair was right about you. She said that you'd use your kids to get what you want if you couldn't get it by yourself.

[Tina insists to Todd that Blair is faking a pregnancy to get her hands on his money]
Tina: Open your eyes, Todd. It's Blair Daimler we're talking about.
Todd: You don't need to tell me about Blair. I married her with my eyes wide open.
Tina: Really? Funny they didn't take notice of her tummy. It's as flat as a flounder. It's her checking account that's ready to expand.
Todd: You think I'm as dumb as all that? You hate Blair. You would do anything to dump on her. Let me tell you something -- Blair has always been straight with me. Not like you. You're the one that went into business with David Vickers. Heck, you married him knowing that he was trying to steal my inheritance. What does that say about you?

Todd: Blair and I, we don't have any secrets.
Tina: Only one. And the one that counts. Don't let her make a fool out of you. Just stop and think about it for a minute, Todd. The truth is staring you right in the face.
Todd: There's one thing you don't know about me and Blair. No matter what else has happened in our lives, we've always been honest with each other.

Tina: (to T&B) Well, you two lovebirds, you deserve some time alone. Honeymoon won't last forever -- isn't that what they say?

[Nora tells Bo that T&B are expecting a baby]
Nora: (about Todd) Blair Daimler and he and baby makes three.
Bo: You've gotta be kidding. Does Cord know about this?
Nora: He will soon enough.
Bo: That's a strange combination to be raising a kid.
Nora: I know, I know. But he seems so serious about being a good father.
Bo: Well, he's gonna be a rich one, that's for sure. Not that that's going to make any difference at all.
Nora: It's so hard to think of him as anything other than a near sociopath.
Bo: Honey, for that baby's sake, I hope you're wrong.

Blair: Don't you know what it's like to be hated? How it feels when everyone in this town thinks that you're a liar? I thought that that was something that we shared, Todd. Look at me. You're going to believe someone like Tina over me? Your own wife?
Todd: We've always been honest with each other, Blair.
Blair: Absolutely, Todd! Which is why --
Todd: Tina can say what she wants. I won't believe her over you.

Blair: We've got something that money can't buy. We've got trust!
Todd: Nothing wrong with money.
Blair: No, there certainly isn't!

Blair: I'll pick up dinner on the way home. How's that?
Todd: You don't have to cook for me.
Blair: But I want to cook for my husband. You know, it's the funniest thing, Todd, I don't even know -- what's your favorite? Do you like steak or chicken? I'm a very, very good cook.
Todd: Whatever you make, I'll like. It'll be fine.

Blair: You know, Todd, it's so great that things can turn around so quickly. I know that this is going to work out. We can do this together. I know we can.
Todd: Okay.

Blair: Todd and I, we're going to get a big house, Mama! A big house! And maybe you can come visit -- maybe you could even come live with us!
Addie: I don't know. I didn't like living in Asa's big house.
Blair: Mama, no, no, no, this will be different. This time you're going to get to hold your new grandbaby. Well, when I'm pregnant, that is. Oh, Mama, I'm finally going to get to have the family that I've always dreamed about, Mama, and then I am going to be so happy -- the happiest I have ever been in my whole life!

Asa: (to Todd) Blair Daimler doesn't care diddly about you. Like she didn't care about Cord or me. Besides caring for that loco mother, the only thing in this world that woman cares about is Blair Daimler. And be certain of this -- absolutely certain -- that witch is going to take you for one expensive ride, sucker. One expensive ride.

Todd: I'm going to ask you one more time and I want you to tell me the truth. Are you pregnant?
Blair: Yes! Of course I am! You know that!
Todd: Okay. There's the test. You say you're pregnant? Prove it.

[Todd wants Blair to take the pregnancy test]
Blair: Todd, I have been honest from -- from the minute I found out that I was carrying your child! I could have told Cord I was carrying his child. But did I? No! I was honest. And this is what I get??
Todd: You're changing the subject --
Blair: No, no, Todd, the subject is us! It's our life, our family! And we could have had everything. But you just threw it away. We used to share this together. It was us against Llanview. But you -- we could have made it work, Todd!
Todd: Well, here's your chance to put it all back on track.

Todd: You're the last person in the world that I want to hurt, Blair. I -- I owe you too much. When I needed a friend, you were there for me.
Blair: So what are you doing to do, Todd?
Todd: Oh, I know what I have to do. And I know what you have to do. I want you to do this. I know that's not what you want to hear but I need for you to take this test.

Todd: Look... I can't help feeling the way I'm feeling, all right? I mean, I can't just turn this off. I have doubts.
Blair: Well, your doubts are your own problem.
Todd: No, they are our problem, okay? And we need to get past them. This is just you and me, Blair. Nobody else needs to know about this. But I need to be sure -- for me. I need for you to prove everybody else wrong for me, for this future you keep talking about, for this baby. Take the test.
Blair: Or else what?
Todd: Or I'm out of here, right now, and I'm not coming back.

[Todd and Blair wait for the results of the pregnancy test]
Blair: You wanted what you wanted so bad that you were willing to throw away everything that we had. Our marriage. Who knows what it might have grown into.
Todd: Still might.
Blair: No way, Todd. No way. Nothing between us will ever be the same again. And I hope that you are happy.

[The pregnancy test results are in...]
Todd: Blair? Turn around. Look at me. Turn around!
Blair: Well, you got your answer! Just say it! What are you waiting for?? Say it, Todd! Say it! Say it! Well, say something for God's sake!
Todd: You're pregnant.
Blair: What?
Todd: You really are. You're pregnant.
[Blair quickly covers her shock]
Blair: Well, I told you that I was!

Todd: Look, I was sweating this out, too. Look, this is all that I've got, okay? This is my life, too! You, me -- this is everything!
Blair: Is it? No, it was all that you had. Now there are millions. Buy yourself a new wife!

Todd: I screwed up! What, like you've never done that? Like you've never hurt somebody that -- that might have meant something to you? Look, this whole trust thing -- I'm not very good at it. It's all new to me. I -- I'll get better at it. I mean, if I get the shot.
Blair: "If"?
Todd: Yeah. I mean, I'm hoping that there's still a chance here. Come on, give this some time. You'll get over it.
Blair: You think that I'm just so greedy that I won't throw you out just because of the money? I don't care how much money that you've got from the inheritance.
Todd: No, I don't think this is about the money! I think that this is about you wanting this baby to have a father, which is what I want to be! If you could just give me a chance. Look, Blair, don't punish this kid just because I acted like a moron, okay? Okay?
Blair: All right. Look, we can talk this out at least. Okay.

[Todd leaves the room momentarily and Blair has a chance to cheer her good fortune]
Blair: Oh my God! I am pregnant! Oh my God! (laughing) Oh, there is a God!

[Todd wants Blair to give him another chance]
Todd: I really want to make this work, Blair.
Blair: Well, Todd, what if it happens again? Next week, next month, when somebody whispers some rumors that they've dredged up about me?
Todd: I'm -- I'm just thinking about now. I mean, you've gotta trust me, Blair.
Blair: I couldn't go through this again, Todd. Not after I've worked so hard.
Todd: You won't have to. Look, I know that all that you have right now is -- is my word. But I got a second chance once. Well, for everything. And when you get a second chance like that, you do everything that you can to make it work. You know what I wish?
Blair: What?
Todd: I wish that I had a gift for you. A present, you know? Like the present that you gave me at Christmas, remember? You'll never know what that meant to me, Blair. What it still does. And -- we got married because of that present. And then I thought maybe you took it back. You know, that present that was meant for me. Oh, man --
Blair: Todd -- It turned out to be some present, huh?
Todd: I want to make this work, you know? I mean, I'm going to make this work. If you'll just give me -- if you'll just give me a chance. What do you say?
Blair: I say yes.

Blair: You worried about how, um, your new family's going to react?
Todd: My family's right here.

Blair: You don't want anyone else to benefit, other than your children, from the inheritance, do you? I mean, it wouldn't be fair. I mean, to your children.
Todd: I'm going to take care of you. Both of you. That's what I want to do.
Blair: Well, that is what I want to hear.

Blair: (in bed with Todd) Am I happy!

Todd: Look, I acted like a total jerk yesterday and I let a bunch of idiots make me doubt that you were pregnant. I don't have a lot of practice at this "I'm sorry" stuff --
Blair: No, Todd, look, I understand how that happened.
Todd: It happened because I was a total jerk.
Blair: No, no, it didn't. It's -- you had a lot of pressure on you, like you said. And, besides, my history doesn't exactly instill confidence in people.
Todd: Yeah, but I believed Tina over you. And you're the one person in this town -- the one person probably in my life that has always been honest with me no matter what.
Blair: But I've done some -- I've done some really bad things. I told Asa that I was pregnant before. I mean, why wouldn't I do that same thing to you?
Todd: The point is that I should've known better.

Blair: God, Todd, all I've ever done in my life is -- is act on impulse and then run, scared. I'm just -- I'm afraid.
Todd: You've never been tied to one place. To one person.
Blair: And I'm not saying that that's a bad thing. It's just this pregnancy, my God, it's a responsibility. It's huge.
Todd: Yeah, we'll handle it.

[Blair continues to freak out over her pregnancy]
Blair: I don't know how to do this!
Todd: Well, let me tell you something, okay? You feed the kid at one end, you change it at the other, you flip it over, you pat it on the back. This is a piece of cake.
Blair: You know, you're not the total louse that you think that you are.
Todd: Yeah, well, don't tell anybody, all right? I got my rep to worry about.

Blair: Look, I was raised in an orphanage. I don't know anything about this. I'm afraid.
Todd: I understand all that, but what are you so scared of?
Blair: Todd, that I won't be a good mother.
Todd: Look, maybe the raw deal you got growing up -- I think that that's going to make you understand how you can be a better parent to our kid. (he stops himself and shivers) "Our kid" -- oh, God, you hear that? Ech!
Blair: Oh, Todd, are you just saying that? Or are you trying to get me to stop crying over your nice suit?
Todd: (with faux outrage) You were crying on my suit?
Blair: Yeah.
Todd: Up there?
Blair: (giggling) Mm-hmm.
Todd: You know I've gotta go talk to this lawyer!

Todd: Look, I know you're going to be a good mother. I know that.
Blair: Why?
Todd: Because you know how much a mother's love means.

Todd: Look, Blair, you want to have this kid, right?
Blair: You know I do, Todd, even more than I even imagined.
Todd: Well, look, if we both want to have this kid, and we're both going to do everything we can to give this kid a good home, then it's not going to have anything to worry about. None of the stuff we had to deal with. It's not going to get put down or rejected. Besides, now that I'm a man of means, this kid's never going to have to worry about money.

Blair: Don't you want to find out who your biological parents are -- what they're really like?
Todd: Sure I do. And then I'm going to take their money and we're going to make our family, which is the only family that matters. Now, their name doesn't make us legitimate. Same with our kids.
Blair: Oh, man, you mean we're not going to be able to invite the Lord sisters over for tea anytime soon?
Todd: No, we won't. Look, Blair, I'm not fooling around here. We're going to make up for all of the misery that was caused to us. And our kid is going to have everything that we wanted but couldn't have. And they can get bent out of shape all they want -- Ms. Viki Perfect, Mr. Self-Righteous Cord. They're no better than you and me.
Blair: You tell 'em!

Todd: Now, about that dinner you were bragging about yesterday: I like chicken. You can roast it, leave the skin on, crispy. Mashed potatoes.
Blair: You name it!
Todd: Yeah, we gotta eat hearty. We're going to war against the Lords -- and we're not taking any prisoners.

[Todd confronts Tina]
Todd: Blair is pregnant. And you almost cost me the only family that matters to me by flinging around accusations. This family -- the family that lives in this loony bin -- doesn't mean squat to me. You all can look down on me, you cannot accept me, you can hate me, I don't care. I know who my family is. And nobody who matters to me lives in this God-forsaken house!
Tina: You don't have to shout.
Todd: Oh, I know. Because nothing I say is going to get through to you, is it? But try and absorb this, okay? If you ever interfere with my family ever again, in any way, you will have to answer to me. And trust won't like that.

Blair: I am really pregnant and I am really having Todd's baby.
Addie: But you said that --
Blair: But see, we found out last night. What I was worried about is that Todd would find out that I lied, but see -- now I don't have to! I am so happy!
Addie: But do you love Todd?
Blair: I care about Todd, Mama. But no, I don't love him.
Addie: What about the baby?
Blair: Mama, Todd -- Todd really wants to make a good home for me and our baby. And Todd and I will both love the baby. And we'll never have to worry about money.

Blair: I'm warning you Tina, you stay out of my life and you stay out of Todd's!
Tina: Is this a threat?
Blair: Yes it's a threat!

[The men from the estate have just named Todd as Victor's official heir]
Blair: Aren't you happy, Todd? You heard Mr. Collins -- it's all ours!
"Viki"/Jean: Well, you hit the jack-pot, didn't you?
Blair: You know, Viki, I don't see it that way. I see it that my husband has been recognized for who he is -- Victor Lord's son, your brother, and he is entitled to everything that comes his way. (to Todd) Isn't that right, sweetheart?

"Viki"/Jean: So, Todd, what are you going to do with all that money?
Todd: Beats me. Maybe Blair can figure out some way to spend it.

Todd: (about Peter Manning) He was such a control freak. He gave me, like, ten dollars of allowance and I had to account for every single penny. I mean, we may as well have been poor.
Blair: Todd, you have no idea what being poor is like. Trust me, I've been there.
Todd: Hey, who's been living below the poverty line this last year?

Todd: I got half a million dollars in a money market account, and nobody's gonna tell me what I can and cannot spend it on. Wow... Blair: What?
Todd: I just realized something. I'm free. For the first time in my life I'm honest-to-God free.

Todd: There's something else that I've been thinking about. Now, both of my moms -- they were looking out for me. I mean, Irene dumped me but at least she made sure that Victor set up this trust before that happened. And Bitsy...the woman who I thought was my mom, she was always trying to protect me, look out for me. She wrote me all those letters --
Blair: Yeah, the ones that Peter never let you see, huh?
Todd: Yeah, right. What I'm saying is that it's always the moms who look after their kids. And you're going to be a great mother, Blair. But our kid...he's going to have both of us looking out for him.
Blair: You bet.
Todd: And another thing -- and this is the last time that you're going to hear me say this, but -- I'm sorry that I let other people talk me into not trusting you.
Blair: Look, Todd, we got through that.
Todd: Yeah, we did. We're together and that's all that counts. And everything is going to be all right. Everything.

[Blair's on roller skates at the penthouse]
Blair: Whoo! Watch out, wait, wait, wait a minute -- I'm coming through, I'm coming through, I'm coming through, I'm coming through!
Todd: I thought I was the menace to society in this family.

Blair: I'm sure the Burkharts are going to be up any minute now complaining about the noise!
Todd: Let them knock themselves out. They want to live somewhere quiet, tell 'em to move to a mortuary. It ain't nighttime now. Hell, I'll just buy their apartment.
Blair: Todd, you know what? I love the way that you think. If someone bothers you, you just buy 'em out.

Todd: I like this business man thing. It's a lot more like football than I thought it was going to be. Difference is, football, I was born with my talent. Business, I inherited it.
Blair: Oh, yes you did! Lots of it.
Todd: Now with 28 million bucks, I can buy my own stadium. Now they play by my rules. Keep you off roller skates, the world's my oyster.

[Todd worries after Blair becomes queasy after roller skating around the penthouse]
Blair: It's just a little morning sickness. It's normal. It's wonderful.
Todd: What? You like feeling like you're... I mean, you looked a little green there.
Blair: Well, I'm going to enjoy every nauseating moment because it reminds me that I am going to have a baby.
Todd: Yeah, this kid's never going near roller skates, I'll tell you that.
Blair: You know, Todd, I've never felt like this in my whole life. There's a part of me that feels really awful and sick and all jumbled up inside. Then there's another part that feels -- I just feel so wonderful knowing, God, I'm building a baby! Todd, we're going to have a baby!
Todd: Next time you lace these things up, the kid's going to be in grade school, you got that?

[T&B discuss moving to their own place]
Todd: The thing that's important to me is, I don't want it to be stuffy or serious, you know? I kind of like something to be fun. Maybe a pinball machine or two, you know, like the old kind, where you can hear the counter kind of clicking around and you gotta lift it like a foot before it tilts. Oh, and a pool table! I always wanted a pool table.
Blair: Why don't you buy Rodi's? Then you'll have all the comforts of home!
Todd: Yeah, you're right. Why, what kind of place you want to live in?
Blair: I don't know. How about, uh, sleek, modern, minimal? What?
Todd: Oh, come on, Blair, you don't exactly shop "minimal."

Todd: You know, after signing so many checks I was starting to wish I had a shorter name.
Blair: Well, "Lord" is a shorter name --
Todd: Don't even kid about that. I mean, "Manning"'s not exactly the greatest name, but.... Maybe I should be "Todd X" -- do you think I can sign that on checks?

[Todd hands Blair a special present: a checkbook with both of their names on it]
Blair: Todd! This has my name on it, too!
Todd: Come on, what, you wanted me to write you an allowance or something? You write whatever you need. You keep this box of checks -- I'll order another one.
Blair: Are you serious?
Todd: Look, Blair, we're married. What's yours is mine and what's mine is yours. I mean, look, when I had diddly, you shared what you had. I mean, you bought more than your share of drinks.
Blair: Right, Todd, I don't believe that that is exactly the same as a checking account with half a million bucks in it!
Todd: No, it is. It's exactly the same thing. You shared what you had, now I'm sharing what I have.
Blair: Todd, I think that -- I think that is the most wonderful thing --
Todd: Yeah, well, whatever, okay? Look, not even you can spend 28 million in a day. So, what, are you feeling better?
Blair: Todd...thank you.

Blair: (about Melador) I've only got a year lease on that office, and I'm sure Asa's going to be ragging me the whole time, making my life completely miserable.
Todd: Oh, screw him. The company's going to make a mint. Let him eat his shriveled little heart out.

Addie: Are you happy, Blair?
Blair: Oh, Mama, don't I look happy?
Addie: But you don't love Todd.
Blair: Well, we're getting along, though.

Blair: (to Addie) Oh, you'll like Todd. Oh, Mama, I'm going to have the family that I always dreamed about. I mean, look at us -- here we are with a baby on the way and everything!

[Todd confronts Asa]
Todd: I don't want you bad-mouthing my wife anymore. I don't care what kind of a sick set-up you guys had when you were married -- it's different with us, totally different.
Asa: Is that right?
Todd: She's pregnant. I have the proof.
Asa: Well, the only thing to worry about: who's the daddy?
Todd: I'm the father. And I know that because Blair told me. She's been straight with me from the beginning. So, no more cracks.

[Todd has just bought the Omega building from Asa]
Todd: Today, the Omega Building. Tomorrow, Cord and his freaky family will be out of Blair's life for good.

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