Todd & Blair [1995, Part 2]

Blair: (about Dorian) She was anxious to get rid of us.
Todd: Well, maybe she had Joey Buchanan waiting for her in her bed upstairs.
Blair: No. She would've said so.
Todd: Or maybe she just found out she's getting audited.

Blair: You are not half the cynic that you claim to be. I happen to know that you care about people, too.
Todd: Oh, yeah, three people at least -- me, myself, and I.
Blair: Yeah, right, and two other people: Sarah and CJ Roberts. They may be the best friends that you've got. Maybe the only.
Todd: I guess...if you don't count you. That's why I don't want you to get hurt by Dorian or anybody else.
Blair: Look, if -- if you were worried about Cord --
Todd: No, I was, but then you wised up and dumped him before he dumped you. You keep that work up. Never give anybody an opening, Blair. You'll live longer.
Blair: Like you?
Todd: You could do worse.

Blair: Did you mean what you said before, that -- that you could count me as your friend?
Todd: Whatever that means. Why?
Blair: Well, I guess that I could count you as a friend, too. I mean, of all the people in this lousy town, there's only one person I even like. Yeah, YOU! The one and only.

Blair: Well, the least that you could do, Todd, is let me give you a goodbye present.
Todd: (suggestively) What, like the present you gave me for Christmas?
Blair: In your dreams.

[Kevin sees Blair with Todd]
Kevin: Well, what's up, Blair?
Blair: Hey, Kevin.
Kevin: Cord leaves you out of his sight for a minute and you take up with whatever comes along, huh?
Todd: Gee, Kev, it's good to see you, too.

Todd: (about Kevin) What, you think he's getting to me? Just because he stood up for his cousin, Powell Lord III, who's certifiable, and all he shows ME is the back of his hand!
Blair: Well, it is so nice to know that you're not bitter.

Blair: Aren't you just a little bit curious? You are human.
Todd: Who says I'm human?
Blair: (getting up in his face) Me.

[Todd listens to the messages that Cord left on Blair's answering machine]
Cord's Voice: "Blair, it's Cord. Would you pick up, please? Where are you? I really need to talk to you."
Todd: Yeah, well maybe she doesn't want to talk to you, Cord.
Cord's Voice: "It's me again. I'm not going to give up, Blair. You're going to have to talk to me sooner or later."
Todd: Later.
Cord's Voice: "Blair, I want to apologize. I would like to work this out. I know we can. I'm going to keep trying."
Todd: Give it a rest, will ya'?

Blair: You know, I think it's time for your present. Your "going away, but not" present. So...come here. Unfold those lovely arms of yours, because you're going to need both hands.
Todd: I need both hands for this?
Blair: Uh-huh!
Todd: I like this already.

[Blair's gift to Todd is a silver ring]
Blair: I designed it. I made it just for you. It's -- it's how I think of you. That's what I do -- I fit the piece with the person. It's sharp around the edges. It's bold. It's a one-of-a-kind.

[A drunken Blair is trying to seduce Todd]
Todd: Blair, listen to me -- I want to tell you something.
Blair: Come on, just -- what, you afraid that I'm going to use you? Come on --
Todd: Look, Blair, you want to use me? You can use me anytime. I'll always let you use me, no problem.
Blair: Good!
Todd: But first, I want you to think, okay? Now, I know you don't want to --
Blair: About what??
Todd: No, listen to me. You've got to think about this, 'cause this isn't what you want. Really.
Blair: Who says?
Todd: I say. And you'd say it too, Blair, if you gave yourself half a chance. And that's what I want you to take this time. I want you to take that half a chance.

Todd: I think that you care more about Cord than you're willing to let yourself admit.
Blair: God, Todd, what difference does it make, really, if I care? You're always telling me that I'm wasting my time with him. So how come you changed your mind?
Todd: (bluntly) I haven't. I still think Cord's going to drop you the first chance that he gets.

Todd: Look, Blair, if you sleep with me, you are going to regret it. Just like you did last time, remember? All of a sudden you didn't want to see me, you didn't want to talk to me. And -- and I don't need that right now, okay? I got enough of that in my life -- I don't need that from you. I need for us to be friends. And I think that is what we both need right now. Hey, look, I'm not saying that I'm not tempted. Come on, who wouldn't be? But I don't want to be something that you're going to be sorry about.

Blair: I'm so afraid Cord is going to come back to town and I'm going to let him in again and we're going to make up again and then he's going to leave me again, again, again, again, again.
Todd: Don't let him, Blair.
Blair: Yeah. It's easy to say. But you're right, though. I -- I don't -- I don't want to screw this up, too. You and me.

Todd: Listen to me, Blair. When it comes to friendships, especially with women, I don't know the first thing about 'em. I mean, I used to know what I want, what I liked, what I needed. At least, I thought I did. But now, you know, it's like, uh, everything's different. And I'm learning how to walk, you know? I've gotta learn everything, everything's new. God, you think you're scared?
Blair: Are you scared of me?
Todd: (thinks a moment) I like you.
Blair: I like you, too.
Todd: Yeah, I know. That's why, you know -- that time. I'd never had sex with somebody that I liked. You know, like a friend.
Blair: Yeah.
Todd: And now, you know, I don't know anything -- I don't know how to think, how to feel, what to do. It's all just really weird. Relationships are weird.
Blair: Relationships -- oh, man, relationships! So, Todd, is that -- is that what we have here, is a relationship?
Todd: Look, I like having you around. I know that. And I'm happy that you want to look into this thing with David Vickers and Sam Vance and Dorian Lord and whatever the hell that's about. I mean, that's some kind of a relationship, right?
Blair: Maybe.

[Blair asks Todd to spend the night with her]
Blair: Hey, Todd? Don't go. Just stay here.
Todd: Blair --
Blair: No, Todd, just -- just as a friend. For company, that's all. I -- I just don't want to be alone tonight, all right? Please stay.

[After Todd has agreed to spend the night at Blair's]
Todd: I have no idea what you want me to do.
Blair: You're doing it. Will you hold me?
[Todd holds her in his arms]
Blair: Like that. Just like that.

[Blair stirs in the middle of the night]
Todd: It's all right. I'm right here.

Blair: I've never really had a friend like you.
Todd: Yeah, well, me either.

Blair: (about Sam Vance) Todd, what if she won't tell you anything?
Todd: Well, then she's going to find out why some people think I got a really bad temper.

[Someone knocks on Blair's penthouse door, and Todd wants to sneak out]
Todd: You got a back door to this place?
Blair: Will you just calm down? This is my apartment, not a convent.

Todd: What, are you trying to figure out how to spend Dorian's 200 grand?
Blair: Yes, and I found out that it doesn't go too far when you're starting up a new business.
Todd: Yeah, well, if I find gold in Key West, I'll share it with you.

Blair: You know, maybe your birth parents want to find you --
Todd: Blair, I don't care who my birth parents are, okay?? Now, just think about this for a second -- whoever they are, they gave me to Peter Manning, remember?

Blair: I'm not going to let you go.
Todd: What's your problem, Blair? What, misery loves company?

[Blair reads the promissory letter she wants Todd to sign]
Blair: "I, Todd Manning, promise to visit Blair Daimler at least three times a year."
Todd: For whatever that's worth.
Blair: You have to sign it.
Todd: What, are you going to haul me into court if I don't show?
Blair: You promised.
Todd: Yeah, I promised. You know, I don't mind. You're probably the only person in this town I'm going to miss at all. (he signs) Well, here you go. Or do you want to call your doorman in here to witness this?
Blair: This'll do.

[Blair reminds Todd to take his key from Peter Manning]
Todd: What would I want with that?
Blair: Who knows, Todd...this may be the key to better times for you.

[After Todd has left]
Blair: I'm going to miss him.

Blair: I'm gonna friend. The only friend I had. I'm going to miss you, Todd.

[Blair's big realization]
Blair: Todd Manning. Irene Manning. Todd, you always said your father told you to find out who you are. Victor and Irene's son. The Lord heir! Could it be possible?

[Blair tries to call Todd to tell him he's the heir, but he doesn't answer the phone, so she leaves a message on his answering machine]
Blair: Hey, uh, Todd, it's me, Blair. Look, I need to -- to talk to you before you leave, okay? It's pretty important. And I'm going to see my mother, and I'll be back in a few hours, so don't leave without calling me, all right? I promise you, you won't be sorry!

"Viki"/Jean: You know, I'm sorry, I can't help noticing that chain you wear around your neck.
Todd: (embarrassed) Some chick gave it to me.

[Blair realizes that Todd might be the answer to her money problems]
Blair: I know I can get Todd to give me the money, and I know exactly -- exactly how I'm going to get him to do it!
Addie: How?
Blair: Simple. I'll marry him.
Addie: (horrified) What??
Blair: Yeah! I'll marry Todd and that way everything that is mine is his, right?

Addie: You don't want to hurt your friend Todd, do you?
Blair: Mama, of course I don't want to hurt him.
Addie: But he would feel bad if you tricked him into marrying you. Just so -- just so you could get his money.
Blair: Okay, look, he is my friend, and maybe he's the only friend that I've got. I could tell him about the money...
Addie: I bet he'd like that!
Blair: Yeah, but would he like it enough to give me a big chunk of his inheritance? I don't think so.
Addie: You said he was nice.
Blair: Yeah, but he's also unpredictable, and he's moody. Look, Mama, I can't take a chance, all right? I need the money so I can take care of my business and to take care of you.

Addie: You don't love this Todd, do you?
Blair: Okay, so I'm not in love with Todd. But I am fond of him.

Addie: Will Todd make you happy?
Blair: Mama, I've given up on happiness. Todd can make me safe. It doesn't matter if I love Cord or not. I will be safe with Todd.
Addie: Marrying Asa made you rich, and you hated yourself.
Blair: That's because I hated Asa. But, Mama, I like -- I like Todd. And, well, he's tough on the outside, but on the inside, he's okay. In fact, Mama, we're actually a little alike that way, I guess.

[Todd leaves his goodbye message on Blair's answering machine]
Todd: Hey, Blair, it's me, it's Todd. And, um, that thing that you were dying to tell me about, I guess it's going to have to wait. Like, forever. I'm outta here. We've had some laughs, you know? I -- guess I'm always going to remember that. But I can't stand this town or anybody in it. Except maybe you. Anyway, I'm never going to find out what David Vickers was up to hiring that private investigator, 'cause he split -- left town. I'm giving up this wild goose chase and getting on with my life. I'm flying out of here today, and I'm not looking back. Anyway, take care of yourself. Thanks.

[Todd is surprised to see Blair in Key West]
Blair: I was kind of hurt when you didn't call or anything before you left.
Todd: (glumly) I told you I was going.
Blair: Yeah, but a face-to-face goodbye, Todd, would have been nice.
Todd: Is that why you followed me down here? Oh, what, you need that five bucks I borrowed that bad?

Blair: I came all the way down here -- because there's something I gotta tell you.
Todd: You know, it's real up-to-date down here, we got telephones and everything.
Blair: Well, I know that, Todd... I just wanted to tell you in person, that's all.
Todd: ...Why does that make me nervous?

Blair: You know that early Christmas present?
Todd: Oh, gee, no, I forgot, Blair. What kind of question is that??
Blair: Well come on, Todd, this isn't easy for me to talk about, you know?
Todd: Look, Blair, I'm not good at this, either -- this talking about things stuff. I -- yeah, I remember. It was a nice present.
Blair: No, it was not a nice present. It was -- it was a dumb, reckless present.
Todd: (taken aback) Okay...
Blair: Look, I don't mean it that way! It's just -- Todd, we just weren't careful, that's all. About anything. We -- we weren't thinking ahead and -- we didn't use any protection.
Todd: If you're saying you got some kind of a disease, I'll tell you right now, you didn't get it from me!
Blair: No, Todd, I'm not saying that, and would you stop jumping to conclusions here?
Todd: There's only one other conclusion to jump to, Blair.
Blair: I'm pregnant.

Todd: (to Blair) I thought it was a gift. I guess Santa's got a real sick sense of humor when it comes to after Christmas.

Blair: Look, no matter what we've done to the rest of the world, we've always been honest with each other. I mean, you're the one person -- actually, the only person I've ever met in my whole life that I felt that I didn't have to hide anything from. This is me. You know me. And you accept me. And that means more to me than you'll ever know.
Todd: Not necessarily.

Blair: Oh, I just rolled the dice on 27.8 million dollars! Oh, God, I hope it works!

Blair: (to Addie) If everything works as I have planned it, I could be Mrs. Todd Manning very soon.

Blair: (about Todd) I have learned the hard way that when it comes to men, you have to use just a little finesse.
Addie: I know what finesse is.
Blair: I know you do.
Addie: Did you tell him about the money? All those millions of dollars he's going to inherit? Did you finesse that, too?

Addie: So you're marrying Todd for the money.
Blair: Yes. But Todd is my friend, and I am his friend. He said that. He says that I'm his only friend.
Addie: I know why you want to marry him. But if you want to be just friends, will he want to marry you?

Blair: See, the point is, if Todd thinks that I am going to marry another man and pass off his child as Cord's child, well, that is the one thing that may be able to get him to marry me. Todd was given away by his own birth parents. And I feel certain that he won't be able to walk away from his own child. That's what I'm counting on, anyway. Do you -- do you understand that?
Addie: Not really.

Blair: So no more fantasies, all right? About Cord, Max, or Prince Charming. Because Todd -- Todd Manning, he is real. And so is his money. And when I marry him, I will have the security that I need, Mama.
Addie: What about love, Blair?
Blair: Mama, love -- love is the biggest fairy tale of all. Love does not buy security.

Todd: What's the matter, Blair? You look about as happy to see me as my parole officer used to be.

Todd: (about Cord) Look, come on, Blair. This guy chases his airhead ex-wife all the way to Spain, and you're still thinking that you want to marry him? You're not thinking about this.

Blair: Todd, the only thing that I am worried about here is to ensure a decent life for my child.
Todd: Yeah, right, so you tell the guy who's not the father that he is and, what, the rest of the future is supposed to come out like Snow White?

Blair: Look, Cassie, you've got great friends, you've got a great family that would be there for you, they would -- they would lay down their lives for you! I don't have anything!
Cassie: Yes, you do, Blair! You've got a great deal more than you realize!
Blair: Well, I can't afford to believe that right now. And with Dorian gone, I guess -- I guess we both have lost a lot.
Cassie: Yeah, yeah, I guess. Blair, I hope that Todd isn't part of this future you're planning. Whatever you think of him -- whatever the kind of relationship you two have -- he's dangerous. If you really want to avoid a horrible future, stay away from Todd.

[At Rodi's]
Blair: Hey. I was hoping that I'd find you here.
Todd: Where else would I be?

Blair: Well, if it were my choice, I would want you to stay right here in Llanview and help raise our child. But I know that that's not what you want.
Todd: What is it that you think I want?

Todd: Look, this baby's a lot to take in.
Blair: For me, too.
Todd: You know, Cord's not such a bad guy. It doesn't seem right making him think that it's his kid.
Blair: Well, I'm not ready to raise up this child alone. I've done everything else in my life like that. Not this time. A baby needs two parents. I believe that. It's what I need, and it's what I want. The question here, Todd, is what do you want?
Todd: Look, it's tough enough just taking care of myself. Someone else -- having to be there? I don't think I could do that.

Blair: The only thing that I feel that I have the right to ask you, I would ask any friend. Just don't give me away to Cord when I tell him that it's his child. Would you do -- would you do that for me, Todd, please? Please?
Todd: I don't want you to marry him.
Blair: What?
Todd: I don't want you to marry Cord. That's my kid.
Blair: It's our kid.
Todd: Whatever. Look, maybe we oughta get married. People do that, right? Friends having a baby?
Blair: Yeah, well -- you want to marry me? I mean, you're sure? You really want to marry me?
Todd: Yeah, I mean if you...? Yeah, okay. Would you marry me? Well, you can answer me anytime. I'm not busy.
Blair: Yes.
Todd: Yes?
Blair: Yes, I'll marry you!
Todd: Okay. Good.

Blair: Todd, thank you. Thank you so much for -- for being a friend. And for allowing me to -- to have this baby.
Todd: All right. I mean, you know, you're not that bad. And I guess having a kid around won't be that bad either.

Blair: I'll make you happy! I'll -- I'll try.
Todd: Yeah, good luck.

Blair: You can always count on me. Always. Really. I mean that. Look, Todd, I know that -- I know that you don't love me. You don't love me anymore than -- well, than I love you, right?
Todd: What's your point?
Blair: I do care about you though.
Todd: Well, I guess that makes me a lucky guy.

Blair: We can go back down to Florida and get married down there! What do you say? Let's do it!
Todd: What, Key West?
Blair: Yeah!
Todd: What, on the spur of the moment? Yeah, I guess that could be a kick. Sure, why not?

Blair: Look, Todd, it's just a last chance, if you want to -- if you want to back out.
Todd: No. Let's do it.
Blair: You sure?
Todd: Yeah. Look, this whole town, they all say that we deserve each other, right? What? You're not sure about this either, are you?
Blair: No.
Todd: Well, then, it's a perfect match.

Blair: Is it -- is it morning yet?
Todd: Used to be.

[Todd gives Blair a wedding/engagement ring]
Todd: That was my mother's. I was saving it for -- well, you know. The diamond's real, if that's what you're --
Blair: I know. I know. It's a beautiful ring, Todd. Thank you.
Todd: So, I was thinking about this ceremony, you know? We can't afford a hall, and I'm not much for churches, so I was thinking maybe the justice of the peace could just -- marry us on the beach, you know, where you told me about the baby.

Todd: I want you to know that I'm -- gonna do everything I can to try and make this work. I know I can't give you -- any money or a fancy name or even a name that anybody respects. But -- we can give this kid a family.
Blair: Don't be getting sentimental on me, Todd.
Todd: I mean, we wouldn't be getting married if it weren't for the kid. But there's something between us. I mean, we're always honest.
Blair: You know, I really wish you wouldn't --
Todd: I mean, you could have lied. Told Cord that it was his kid and married him. But you didn't. You threw away the Buchanan name and the money and all that goes with that because you wanted to tell the truth. And I'll always respect you for that.

Todd: Sorry this couldn't be in a church.
Blair: Todd, the beach is beautiful.
Todd: So are you. What? Look, it's the truth. I told you I'd never lie to you.

[After the wedding]
Blair: We did it! Whoo! How do you feel?
Todd: The same. Only weirder.

Joel: You guys want to know the secret to a long, successful marriage? (to his wife) Tell 'em, babe.
Joel's Wife: Generosity!

Blair: It's our wedding night. Let's go celebrate.
Todd: You better make it burger and fries, something like that.
Blair: No way! My treat. Let's -- let's have something nice. Come on, let's go.
Todd: Blair, look, I'm tired of taking your money.
Blair: We're married. What is mine is yours and vice versa, right?
Todd: I'm afraid you get the short end of that deal.
Blair: I don't know about that. As far as husbands go, you're not half bad, Mr. Manning.

Todd: Whatever I've got, it's yours. And the kid's. I want him to have everything. Or her, whatever. I'll tell you this much. Whatever it is, this kid's going to know that he's loved and -- he's wanted.
Blair: (emotionally) I know.
Todd: I mean, this isn't like Romeo and Juliet or anything, but, I mean -- you can count on me. You can trust me, like I trust you. You're the first woman that I've ever been myself with. Hey, I -- I had to get married, I guess, so I'm glad it turned out to be you.

Todd: So you're not sorry that, um, we went through with it, huh?
Blair: Todd. Hey... What do you think?
Todd: I guess this marriage stuff could grow on a guy.
[Todd and Blair kiss]
Blair: You know what I think? I think that my husband is due for some good luck. In more ways than one.

Blair: It's my wedding night -- evening -- afternoon. I don't know, I just -- I wanted to look better.
Todd: Than what? You look fine. Come on.

Todd: A couple of days ago, if anybody asked me where I'd be in a couple of days, I never in a million years would have said "married and a kid on the way." Look who I married -- She-Wolf of Llanview.
Blair: Oh, excuse me, pardon me, but who are you, Ghandi??

Todd: Look, I know that -- that none of this turned out the way either of us planned it. But, look, I -- I wanna tell you that -- you can count on me. I'm going to do everything I can for you and the kid, and us. Everything.

Blair: There is a flight leaving soon and -- I have a bunch of meetings set up tomorrow. Melador business. And I need to get back for that.
Todd: That's too bad. It's so cold up there. It's nice and warm down here in Key West. I don't have a job to go back to. Why don't you stay down here? We'll be beach bums together till the baby's born.
Blair: Todd, that is a very nice thought. Not very practical. But a nice thought. Look, I got to follow through on this. This has been a dream of mine for a long time. But, hey, don't get me wrong. If this is your dream -- to stay down here in Key West and be a beach bum, fine, no problem, that's cool. In fact, maybe you should stay down here, um, until the baby's born.
Todd: No, look, if we're going to do this family thing, we should do it right. I'll follow you back up to Llanview.

Todd: I'm just trying to figure out how we're going to make ends meet until your business gets off the ground. I mean, I'm used to living poor, but I can't put you and the kid through that.
Blair: Don't worry, Todd, about the money. The money will come through somehow. I have faith.

Todd: So when do you want to tell Llanview that the two terrors have tied the knot?
Blair: That will really set them on their heels. You know, I don't care who finds out. Or how, for that matter.
Todd: Does that include Cord?

[The doorbell at the penthouse rings right after T&B return from Key West]
Blair: Who could that be?
Todd: I forgot to tell you. I arranged a surprise wedding shower for you.

Cord: I need to talk to Blair.
Todd: Okay.
Cord: I need to talk to her in private.
Todd: Yeah, well, you don't always get what you want, do you, Cord?
Cord: You know, Todd, this has got nothing to do with you, all right? I just need to talk to her alone. It's none of your business.
Todd: Oh, but you see, it is. Because if it concerns my wife, it concerns me.

Cord: This is between me and Blair!
Todd: No, this is between you and me. Now maybe, just maybe, Blair did something without thinking about you. Now I know that this is a hard concept for you to grasp, but maybe something happened in this world that didn't have anything to do with you at all, Cord.

Cord: (about Blair) The only reason she married you was to get back at me.
Todd: Oh, so when you're around, there's no other guys in the world?

Cord: You just up and marry Todd Manning just like that? Come on, that doesn't make any sense! You're going to do that? You're going to throw your life away just to --
Blair: But it's MY life! It's my life, all right?? My life! And you are not the only one in it!

Todd: So how'd it go with the white knight? You tell Cord about our baby?
Blair: It's none of his business. Nothing in my life is.
Todd: Blair, I'm not an idiot. I know you can't get Cord out of your mind. And now that Cord's here, I know you must be thinking that this is just a great big mistake, aren't you?
Blair: You're wrong, Todd. I'm -- I'm not sorry that I married you.
Todd: Yeah?
Blair: Yes. In fact, I'm very grateful that you decided to marry me and to help me raise our child. My life is just at a strange place, that's all.
Todd: You telling me.

Todd: (about Sam Vance) I told her to take a hike.
Blair: Now, wait a minute now, Todd. You might be just a little hasty here.
Todd: What? What am I going to pay her with -- free tennis lessons?

[Blair tries to convince Todd to look into the David Vickers mystery]
Todd: Come on, Blair. Look at my life so far. There isn't any money.
Blair: Yeah. Well, wouldn't it be wild if there were?

Blair: Let this Sam Vance woman help you out.
Todd: Come on, Blair. When was the last time you saw me asking anybody for help?
Blair: Oh, let me see. Maybe -- I don't believe you objected to the time that I found you bleeding to death in your motel, and I saved you there. And then there was that time that I did -- I think you asked me to sneak you out of that hospital bed.
Todd: Yeah, but I needed something those times.

Todd: I've gotta go back to the country club now and beg for my job back.
Blair: I think that's a good idea.
Todd: Yeah right. Like picking up the floor of the locker room is what you would pick in a husband. But I'm not a free-loader.
Blair: Todd, we're married now. Whatever is mine is yours and vice versa, right?
Todd: Yeah, well, thanks but no thanks. I'm gonna find a place to work.

Luna: (about Todd and Blair) They make quite a pair, don't they?
Max: They certainly deserve each other.

Max: I gotta admit, Blair, you're really scraping the bottom of the barrel when it comes to bunk-mates these days, aren't you?
Blair: Well, for your information, Todd is my husband.
Max: What?
Blair: That's right, Max. I am Mrs. Todd Manning.

Max: Dumping Cord for Todd Manning? A penniless ex-con who's busy scraping together enough money picking up towels at the local club? Blair, I am so disappointed in you. Why, you're losing your touch as the queen of the gold-diggers!
[Blair slaps Max]
Max: You know, I never thought I would say this, Blair, but I actually feel sorry for Todd Manning.

"Viki"/Jean: It appears that you really have changed, Todd. I guess marriage will do that to a person.
Todd: What are you talking about?
"Viki"/Jean: he wedding ring you're wearing. It's a dead giveaway. Do you mind if I ask you who the new bride is?
Todd: Blair. Blair Daimler.
"Viki"/Jean: ou married Blair Daimler?
Todd: Yeah.
"Viki"/Jean: y, what a surprise. Must have been a small wedding -- I didn't hear about it.
Todd: Yeah, well, I forgot to put an announcement in The Banner. Look, why do you care? Why this sudden interest in my life?
"Viki"/Jean: ertainly don't mean to pry. I'm just surprised -- that Blair would have married again. I had some dealings with her in the past...not always pleasant ones.
Todd: Yeah, well, Blair has a lot of enemies, I hear. That's something we both have in common.
"Viki"/Jean: hat's one way of putting it, isn't it? Well, I won't take up any more of your time. Goodbye. Oh, by the way, congratulations.
Todd: For what?
"Viki"/Jean: or your marriage, of course.

Blair: You came to the airport and you told me that you and Cord had gotten back together!
Tina: Oh, wait, so now you're blaming me because you decided to marry a rapist?
Blair: (seething) How dare you talk about my husband like that?

Blair: You want me to throw you out? My pleasure!
Tina: Get your hands off of me! What, your new husband is giving you lessons in brute force?
Blair: You say one more word about Todd, so help me, you'll be sorry!

Blair: You have no idea why I married Todd.
Tina: Oh no? Fill me in, Blair. Why would you marry Todd if it wasn't to hurt Cord? Do you have a thing for rapists or something?
Blair: You just shut up, you little tramp, or I'll shut your mouth for you!

Tina: (about Todd) Your jailbird husband.
Blair: You are one to talk. You've probably spent more time behind bars than Todd has, you hypocrite.

Tina: Couldn't you have hurt Cord just as much by sleeping with Todd? Did you have to marry the guy?
Blair: Shut up, Tina.
Tina: Oh, what's the matter, Blair? You afraid Todd's going to find out that you had an ulterior motive? Because you always do.
Todd: Watch it, Tina.
Tina: Not that you two don't deserve each other.

Blair: (about Tina) I heard that she and David are married.
Todd: Really? Was that before or after she knew that he wasn't her brother?

[Blair convinces Todd to look into why David Vickers had him investigated him]
Blair: Good or bad, Todd, aren't you dying to find out what it is?
Todd: I guess it couldn't hurt. I mean, maybe there is money. That would help me make some sense out of my life. Might do something for the kid.

[T&B are awkwardly settling into married life]
Blair: Look, Todd, this is really weird for me, too. I -- I don't know what to expect.
Todd: At least you were married once before.
Blair: What, to Asa? Doesn't count. We're just going to have to -- take it one step at a time. And be patient. No pressure.
Todd: I guess that sounds like a pretty good plan.
Blair: So, you wanna go to bed?
Todd: That's your idea of no pressure?

[Todd has a nightmare in which he has to comfort his crying five year old daughter]
Dream Todd: Hey, what's the matter, honey? Why are you crying?
Dream Daughter: They said you were bad, Daddy. You did bad things.
Dream Todd: Who said that?
Dream Daughter: At school. The girls -- they told me their parents said you were a monster!
Dream Todd: That's not true. I -- I've changed, I swear.
Dream Daughter: Mommy, Mommy, make him go away! Everybody says he's bad! He's bad!
Dream Blair: You see, Todd? Now even your own child knows who you really are.

Blair: Todd -- we're gonna make this work. I know it.
Todd: I'm glad one of us does.

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