Todd & Blair [1994, Part 2]

[Blair wants Todd go to sledding with her]
Todd: Why is this so important to you?
Blair: I don't know. I just want to go, that's all -- I mean we deserve a little fun, don't we? And I do believe I did save your life, so you can't turn me down now.
Todd: My God, you're like a pit bull.

[Blair admits that she wanted to use Todd to make Cord jealous]
Todd: You honestly think that if Cord saw you and me together he'd be jealous? Think about it, Blair, what's he gonna be jealous of? My prison record? That I have no family, no friends, no money?
Blair: Hey, Todd. Come on. Don't sell yourself short here.
Todd: Why not?
Blair: Because I said so!

Todd: (to Blair) I feel like my whole life is drifting. I used to be this super-jock. One of my five basic food groups was beer...and my big worry was making sure I passed all my courses so I wouldn't lose all my eligibility. And now I'm an ex-con with no future...and no idea what to do next. I feel like I've been cut loose, like I'm one of those astronauts just floating, you know?

Blair: I used to have this fantasy when I was a little girl. I grew up in an orphanage and --
Todd: (fake yawning) I'm sorry. Points for you, huh?
Blair: Well, anyway, I didn't know who my mother or Aunt Dorian was until I was in my 20s, but I used to have this dream that this handsome man would one day come to the orphanage and give me this key -- this golden key -- and he'd say, "Blair, I'm going to unlock all the doors for you." And then the man -- he wouldn't just end up being my father, he would end up being a king, too.
Todd: And that would make you a princess.
Blair: Yes, it would. That's me.
Todd: Nice fantasy. Somehow I don't think my life's going to wind up being such a fairy tale.
Blair: Oh, come on, Todd. Hey, you never know. Maybe that's what your dad was trying to tell you -- go out and find out who you are. Who knows, you could end up being a prince.
Todd: Yeah right.
Blair: Maybe.

[Blair shows up at Todd's motel room door on Christmas Eve]
Blair: You alone?
Todd: No, I got a bunch of people here, as usual.
Blair: How'd you like to have a real party -- for two?

Blair: I want to dance.
Todd: With me?
Blair: I'm a big girl. I know what I want. And I want to dance with you -- right here, right now.

Blair: I don't feel like being alone tonight.
Todd: Me either.
Blair: I was hoping you'd say that.

[Blair asks Todd to slow down a little after he kisses her too roughly]
Todd: I'm scaring you, aren't I? Aren't I? I'm scaring you! Why can't you just admit it -- I'm scaring you!
Blair: No, Todd -- Todd, look at me. I am not afraid of you. I'll admit that I -- that I used to be. Every time I would run into you, I thought, "Well, you know, I'm lucky to get away alive."
Todd: That's funny. I mean -- I never saw that fear in you.
Blair: Why, because I acted tough? What can I say? We're alike -- steel on the outside, but on the inside --
Todd: Definitely not steel.

Blair: There are no rules except one -- there are no rules. Except no love. No love, all right? No love.
Todd: No problem.
Blair: Good.

[Todd and Blair plan to go to Blair's penthouse]
Todd: I'll drive.
Blair: You gonna be macho? You have to be in control?
Todd: I'm not in control. It's just that I'm the one that's sober.
Blair: What? I'm -- well, I could still drive us there!
Todd: Look, you don't exactly have the best record behind the wheel, Blair, so....

Todd: My father used to say that dreamers were time-wasters, and that the only people that counted in life were the do-ers.
Blair: Well, oh, your daddy sure would've hated me, then.
Todd: Yep. Join the club.

Blair: I'm so sick of being on the outside all the time. Hoping someone will reach out, take care of me, make me feel safe, you know? Respect.
Todd: I could go for a little bit of that myself.

[About to make love to Blair]
Todd: If you want me to stop, you just let me know.

[After sleeping together for the first time...]
Blair: Todd, you really don't have to rush off.
Todd: I'm not. Relax -- I just dress fast. I'm not running.

Blair: You know, Todd, maybe you should heed some of your father's advice.
Todd: What, find out who I am?
Blair: No. The part about not dreaming all the time, but doing. Why don't you go out and get a job -- I mean, make a few million. Who knows, in a year or so you might have your own penthouse.

Blair: Happy holidays.
Todd: Yeah, you too. Thanks for the Christmas present.
Blair: Todd? What are friends for?

Blair: (talking to herself) Brilliant, just brilliant, Blair! Todd Manning?? I mean, he's good-looking, he likes to have fun -- but did you have to sleep with him? You were going to be somebody! Go somewhere! The next time you get in one of your little self-destructive moods, Blair, you remember exactly how you feel right this very minute. God, if Cord -- what were you trying to prove??

Todd: Hey, uh, Cord --
Cord: Yeah?
Todd: When you see Blair... (he smiles to himself) Tell her Merry Christmas for me.

Cord: Oh, listen, I ran into a friend of yours over at Rodi's tonight.
Blair: (laughing) Right, like I have a lot of friends here.
Cord: It was Todd Manning. He said he had a message for you.
[Blair turns to face Cord, worried about what Todd might have told him]
Cord: He said to wish you Merry Christmas.

[Todd leaves a message on Blair's answering machine]
Todd: Short beep, Blair. It's me, Todd. And, well, I just called to thank you again for yesterday -- the best Christmas present I'm going to get this year. Anyway, Merry Christmas.

Blair: I wanted to come back and say thank you for --well, for not saying anything about what happened -- well, about the Christmas present. And I just think that maybe it's best for both of us if we pretend that it never happened.
Todd: I -- I don't know what you're talking about. I'm Todd. Have we met?
Blair: Thank you. Take care of yourself, Todd, okay?
Todd: Somebody's gotta.

Todd: (to Blair) How was caroling with CJ and Sarah and uh -- what's his name?

Todd: (about Cord) It's a completely different world where he's at, it's all milk and cookies and family stuff.
Blair: So? What's wrong with that?
Todd: Nothing. Except Cord's never going to leave that world. And you're just like me, Blair. You don't fit in there. Never will.

Blair: Family is important to me, too.
Todd: Mama Daimler, huh? Pleased to meet you.
Blair: Ha ha ha. Get that smirk off your face.
Todd: When's your Cub Scout den meeting? This month? Next month?

Blair: You don't think I'm good enough, do you?
Todd: Neither one of us is good, Blair. Nevermind good enough. And if Cord really does decide to bring you into his princely mansion, do you really think you belong there?

Blair: Why do you care that I'm seeing Cord, anyway?
Todd: Look, you see all my pals hanging around here? You're like the only friend I got. I don't want to see you play doormat.
Blair: I won't.

[Todd is furious after Blair tells him they can't be seen together]
Todd: You're just like everybody else! Don't be seen with Todd Manning, huh? Hell -- oh, my God, you actually slept with the guy! Make sure nobody finds out!
Blair: Oh, Todd --
Todd: You're probably saying that I forced myself on you, right, like it had to be rape!
Blair: Would you just calm down?
Todd: Damnit, you LIKED it!
Blair: I am not saying that -- it just shouldn't have happened, that's all.

[Todd thinks Blair's about to jump out one of the Melador windows]
Todd: I know what you're thinking, all right? You're thinking if you jump, you're a shoo-in for the Most Pathetic Award. But remember, if you're dead you can't make your acceptance speech, right? No fun there.
Blair: You think I'm -- I'm stupid enough to jump?
Todd: Desperate, maybe.
Blair: I'm never going to be that "desperate" again. I learned the hard way that nothing -- nothing and no one is worth that.

Todd: (to Blair) Look, I figured from the way that you shot out of the country club that Cord finally blew you off. Now I'm not the kinda guy that's gonna say "I told you so,"'re making it hard.

[Todd caresses Blair's face]
Blair: Don't.
Todd: Look, I'm just wiping away your tears.
Blair: I'm not crying.
Todd: What, you just got wind in your eyes?

Blair: I've waited my whole life for two things: an opportunity like this, and for a man like Cord Roberts to come along, and I finally have a chance for both of them. And I'm not gonna -- I can't risk anything getting in the way of that. Todd, can't you understand that?
Todd: Sure. I just don't understand why I'm a risk.

Todd: Look, you get married to Cord tomorrow, I'll be there throwing the rice. No reason he should ever know about this.
Blair: Okay. Can we just leave it at that, and we'll part company, okay?
Todd: No. Because we have fun together. And there aren't a lot of people that I can say that about. You may be the only friend I've got.

Todd: Look, you call me if you get the itch to be bad again. I'm pretty good at being bad.
Blair: (smiling wistfully) And don't I know it. I'll keep that in mind.
Todd: You do that. Because it's like I told you, Blair. You're setting yourself up for a real big fall. You better take a good look, because it's a long, long way down.

Todd: (to Blair) And then I get hit on by you, which is not really the pathetic part, but then I get dumped by you, which even you have to admit is pretty pathetic.

Todd: You shouldn't be second on anybody's list, Blair. Not tonight, not any night.

Blair: When you go and seach for your birth parents, you are going to hit dead ends, Todd -- you're gonna hit them.
Todd: That's very encouraging, Blair.

[Dorian finds Todd at Blair's penthouse]
Dorian: Oh my. Together yet again.
Todd: (to Blair) Look what happened when you went and found your family.

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