Todd & Blair [1994, Part 1]

[Todd and Blair meet at Rodi's and start talking, until she realizes who he is...]
Todd: What are you looking at now?
Blair: Your scar. Oh, God. Oh, man, you're Todd Manning. I read about you.
Todd: Oh, yeah? You always believe what you read? Must be nice living in a world of newspapers -- all your people in black and white.

Todd: Get out of here and take your attitude with you. Who the hell are you, anyway? You just got through telling me you were trying to steal some moron away from his wife. Only wait -- let me get this straight -- he wised up. He realized he didn't want you around, either. Why don't you get on? Get out of here. (scoffs) Big surprise, huh? Susie Homewrecker ends up alone.
Blair: Better off alone than with someone like you!!
Todd: (looking at Blair coldly) You want to stay here and argue?

Blair: You -- you stay away from me. (shaking her finger at Todd) Stay away from me. That's all I want. I don't know you. I don't know you!
Todd: Well, then, what are you getting so excited about? (imitates Blair, shaking his finger in the air) "I don't know you." Well, I don't know you either!

Todd: You looking for some married jerk who's home you want to wreck?
Blair: And what are you looking for, huh?
Todd: What you got?

[The bartender is trying to kick Todd out of Rodi's for the night]
Todd: You know what, from now on I'm taking my business to The Palace hotel.
Blair: They won't let you in.
Todd: Why not? They let you in.

Todd: What's the matter Blair? You still mooning over that married guy that went back to his wife? Don't you know? There's nothing more boring than unrequited love.
Blair: Oh yeah? Then you ought to know.

Todd: Let me tell you something abut this pardon, all right? It makes all the bleeding hearts feel good, but it doesn't change anything. Nobody changes. You're born bad, you stay bad.
Blair: Come on, Todd. It doesn't have to be that way. You know that.
Todd: It is that way. People talk about change all the time but nobody believes it. They give you a name...they call you evil, they call you bad -- whatever -- and then you've got to live with it no matter what. No matter how lonely you get, nobody believes you can change -- even the people that you care about and the people that you know care about you. They still tell you "Get lost, stay out of my life."

Blair: Believe me, Todd, I know exactly how you feel.
Todd: No way, babe, you can't even begin to know how I feel. Nobody can.

Todd: I'm just trying to help. Sorry I bothered you.
Blair: Look, what do you expect, Todd? You come creeping up on someone in a the middle of the night.
Todd: I wasn't creeping. You're hanging out on a park bench at midnight, crying. Oh, but God forbid I come along -- Todd the rapist. (glaring at her) I may just do it to you right here on the park bench. Run. Go on, get out of here, before my animal instincts take over.

Blair: Of all the people I've run into tonight, you're the only person who's shown a little bit of concern.
Todd: Does that mean I can sit down?
Blair: Yeah. But I do have a can of mace in my purse just in case I'm wrong.
Todd: Yeah, well, I'll keep that in mind.

Todd: The woman I love, she broke up with her safe choice and she still doesn't want anything to do with me. I had the ring out -- everything, the whole deal. Totally turned me down.
Blair: Well you win -- Most Pathetic Newcomer.
Todd: I'd like to thank all the little people.

Blair: There's a cloud right over us. I mean, look, you can't even -- you can't even see the moon anymore.
Todd: You think that cloud's over everybody or just us?
Blair: For that, the loser of the Most Pathetic Contest is going to buy the winner a soda over here at the deli. Want to go?
Todd: Yeah. I guess that's why they call you Miss Congeniality, huh?

Todd: (to Blair) I'm desperate? Look who's talking. At least I'm not hanging out with Todd Manning.

Blair: I don't know what to say, but for some reason, I feel comfortable with you. Maybe because you're more rotten than I am.
Todd: Oh, yeah, that's me. I'm rotten. You look in the dictionary under "rotten," there's a little picture of me.

Blair: You know Asa Buchanan? Well, I was married to him, see? And I pretended to be pregnant -- then I faked a miscarriage, he had a heart attack, and I withheld his medication. I stood there while he crawled and begged at my feet.
Todd: That's bad. I like that. That's real bad.
Blair: Thank you.
Todd: Yeah, you keep it up, you're going to wind up in the Rotten Hall of Fame with me.
Blair: And where's that?
Todd: Right here, on a park bench, after midnight, alone.

Blair: Todd -- look I'm sorry about that girl that you care about. And, um, you're not so bad. You know?
Todd: Yeah, I am. So are you.

[Blair visits Todd in jail after he's been arrested for allegedly attacking Rebecca]
Todd: Nobody believes me.
Blair: I do! I know what it's like to be everyone's favorite bad guy. When the truth is that we are the ones who know what real loyalty is. We know what it takes to love someone even though there's no chance that they'll ever love us back. Now you tell me, what does that make us, Todd, huh?
Todd: Losers. Well, I guess I win round two of the Most Pathetic Contest.
Blair: You do. You are ahead at this stage of the game, yes.

Todd: The cops asked you about me? What'd you say?
Blair: I told them the truth, I told them that we shared a park bench last night and you never once tried to attack me.
Todd: Great. Thanks for being my character reference.

Blair: I really wish that there was something that I could do.
Todd: Maybe there is.
Blair: What?
Todd: Would you make me a cake and put a sawed-off shot gun in it?

Blair: I saw Todd at the station, Marty.
Marty: Really? You two are becoming great friends, aren't you?
Blair: We understand each other.
Marty: Oh, that doesn't surprise me.

Blair: Todd told me that he was with you at the hospital at 11:00 pm, the same exact time Rebecca Lewis was attacked.
Marty: Oh, Todd says a lot of things.
Blair: Even Todd can't be at two places at once, Marty!
Marty: That's assuming you believe him!
Blair: I do!

Cord: Look, Blair, Todd is guilty of these crimes....
Blair: Look, I had to find out for myself, Cord. Todd told me that he would never hurt Rebecca because she is the only woman he's ever loved, and I believe him, and I -- I feel sorry for him.
Cord: Blair --
Blair: Look, he has made some mistakes, I know that, and he's hurt a lot of people -- I know that too, but that doesn't mean that this time he's guilty. He might be innocent.

Cord: (about Todd) Listen, I can understand you wanting to feel so sympathetic towards him, but you really shouldn't compare yourself to him because there is no comparison.
Blair: We are not all that different.

[Blair tries to keep Todd awake after he was stabbed by the hospital rapist]
Blair: Hey's me, Blair. Hey, now don't you zone out on me now, all right? Come on, Todd.
Todd: Blair?
Blair: Yeah!
Todd: What are you doing here?
Blair: (forced laughter) Well, you know me -- always up for a good time! Oh, no, no, no, come on, I'm not going to let you win this easily!
Todd: Win?
Blair: Yeah, the Most Pathetic Award. You're going to have to earn it this time, buddy.

Blair: Hey, Todd. It's Blair. Look, buddy, I need you to stay awake now all right? You know that -- you know that I would never lie to you...besides, you would see right through me, anyway. So one monster to another -- you're going to be all right! Trust me, help is on its way.

Todd: What are you still doing at the hospital? Don't you have a home?
Blair: Yes, but I thought that I would stop by and see how you were doing before I left.
Todd: What's with you? Why do you care how I'm doing?
Blair: Well, Todd, I did call 911, got you the ambulance, got you to the hospital, and now it's my requirement to do the follow-up to make sure that you say "Thank you," and stuff like that.

Todd: Blair, what were you doing coming to my motel room anyway? You going to break down the door and jump my bones?

[Blair bought Todd a sappy "get well soon" card with a picture of a dog on it]
Blair: When I saw this little dog here, I just -- well, it was YOU, and it was US, and it was just perfect! Sorry.
Todd: I especially liked the part about my sunny face and how we're such great old friends.
Blair: Well, old, new, it doesn't matter. Look, so we might compete for the Most Pathetic Award for the rest of our lives, but I'll take a friend whenever I can get one.

Todd: Listen, I -- I meant to thank you for interrupting my murder. That was really very thoughtful of you.
Blair: My pleasure.
Todd: You better look out, Blair. Saving people's lives, you're never going to win the Most Rotten Award.
Blair: I know! I know that! You keep reminding me, all right?

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