[Note: All of these quotes are from interviews conducted with Trevor St. John before it was revealed that the character he played for eight years wasn't Todd Manning, but rather was Victor Lord, Jr. So, any time you see Todd in these quotes, it's a reference to TSJ's portrayal of that character from 2003 to 2011.]

Trevor on the Character of "Todd"

(on how Todd changes after the execution) "It looks like they want Todd to be back and worse than ever, more spiteful and vengeful than ever before." (SOD 7/4/06)

(on what advice he would give Todd on love) "Do like Tiger Woods and me...go Swedish!" (SID 11/21/06)

(on Todd being both good and bad) "Yes, that IS why Todd is a successful character. He's both. Every character should be both. If every character was both, you'd never want to stop watching." ( 6/30/07)

"Todd is vindictive, childish, generous, violent. ... Todd's biggest challenge is to keep from committing homicide. He's just got a violent temper, and if you cross him, he gets about as angry as you can get, he's about ready to tear somebody's face off. It takes every bit of self-control not to. It's because he's just a little brat, a man-child. He never had to learn any lessons, he never had to learn any humility." (SoapNet Promo 2007)

(on what Todd's New Year's resolution should be) "To try to destroy as many lives as possible." (SID 12/31/07)

"Todd's kind of both good and bad. He's got his good side with his kids, and yet he is conniving and vicious and all those negative things." (Tulsa World 1/20/08)

(on Todd's new house) "Oh, it's fabulous. It's a great house. He finally has some taste. It's huge. (Set designers) Roger Mooney and John Kenny did a great job." (SOW 9/30/08)

(on whether Todd is capable of raping again) "I don't think he'd rape anyone again; it was too traumatic for him. They've tried to work it in that it has caused a lot of issues -- a lot of sex issues. He hasn't slept with anyone but Blair...since I've been on the show!" (SID 11/17/08)

Trevor on His Favorite "Todd" Scenes and Stories

(on his all-time favorite scene to play) "The big fight scene between Dan [Gauthier, Kevin] and me [at Dorian's house], where no words were spoken and no punches thrown." (SID 11/23/04)

(on Todd's confrontation with the pregnant Margaret) "It was fun to get stabbed, play with fake blood and fake scissors, and pretend to be bleeding to death and choking. This time, the writers added variety to the struggle -- rather than just having us in a bed for five months." (SOD 11/15/05)

(on the execution storyline) "It was pretty creepy. It made you contemplate your own mortality." (SOW 6/20/06)

"I was really happy with the execution story. IIt proved that even in this genre you can have a beginning, a middle and an ending to a storyline. It's much more effective than having it kind of meander. You can't tell a story unless you have a real ending. Always, the most important part to any story is the ending." (SOD 11/14/06)

(on his favorite storyline) "The Execution, without a doubt." ( 6/30/07)

(on one of his favorite storylines) "The execution was fun to play, because we hadn't done it before." (Tulsa World 1/20/08)

Trevor on His Portrayal of "Todd"

(on whether he knew he would be playing Todd when he was hired) "No. I knew shortly into it, a month or two." (SOW 1/27/04)

"I understand that the man who [formerly] played the part [Roger Howarth] had trouble touching people. Todd didn't touch them. He wasn't even very warm to his own daughter. He played the same way in every scene with every person, just kind of grumpy. I thought, 'Well, that's not very interesting. Since I'm playing this and pretending to be somebody else I can discover what those things are like again.' So I said, 'I'll use this guise of Walker to discover life and be able to touch people again and be warm with my daughter.' Whether that sustains itself we'll see." (SOW 1/27/04)

(on making the role of Todd his own) "I didn't consciously make it my own; it just happened. I acted as I felt I should in the moment and let it grow organically." (SOD 7/27/04)

(on taking over the role of Todd) "I wasn't familiar with the role, so I sort of just stepped right in. I didn't put any pressure on myself. A lot of people really seemed to revel in it, but I was sort of oblivious to the sensation of it. I just sort of did it. ... It was a great part to begin with because you instantly have relationships, as opposed to when you start a new character who has no history, so I could sink my teeth into it." (SOD 12/14/04)

(on how Todd will be different after being raped by Margaret in February 2005) "Here's what I hope happens: From Todd's point of view, I decided it kind of feels like rape, to be tied up like that and be helpless and to face so much adversity, physically and emotionally. I hope that somehow that can be dramatized after I'm rescued. It's a little bit of an emasculation [and] a violation in some way. Not a physical rape, but a real sense of loss. I hope they play that instead of just going back to normal. Something Todd has to work out and affects his behavior -- that I don't just go back to being this smart-ass; something changes." (SOD 2/15/05)

(on the aftermath of filming Todd's execution) "It took me a couple days to, I hate to say 'recover' -- it sounds a little extreme -- but to get back to normal. Either I was too drained, or I was too filled up. But I felt exhausted." (SID 8/1/06)

(on how he chose to play the role of Todd) "[Sir Lawrence] Olivier said, 'Don't think about how you'll change now that you're playing a role. Think about how the role's changing now that you're playing it.' That's how I approach this." (SID 8/29/06)

(on playing Todd as a villain) "It’s fun ... bad guys are always the most popular, I think. I think likeability is unnecessary. I think empathy is what people respond to. If you understand a person, the person can do whatever unlikable act, and you’ll still be rooting for him." (Tulsa World 1/20/08)


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