Trevor on Roger Howarth (Todd)

"I like Roger. I've seen him on a handful of occasions. The last time I saw him as at an audition [when] we were up for the same role. We sat and talked in the lobby for, like, 25 minutes. He has kids and I have one, and we talked a little bit about his life on One Life to Live, his family and what he's doing now. We had a nice conversation. He's always been very complimentary of me. The first time he met me, he said, 'You're really doing a great job.' And I think he appreciated that I didn't try to pick up where he left off." (SOD 10/20/09)

"Roger is a really great guy. I met him years ago when I started, and I thought he was a terrific guy then. He's a nice person with a big heart." (SID 10/3/11)

"I like Roger, I really like Roger. He is a sweetheart of a guy to talk to and have around. He is very open and a little bit like Florencia [Lozano, Tea] ... willing to turn things on their head. Roger is a very talented guy." (Michael Fairman Interview 10/27/11)

Trevor on Roger's 2011 Return to OLTL

"I'm not familiar with his work so I can't tell you what he's like to work with, but I think it's great for the show. There are all these rumors [about cancellation], so I think it will at least give it a ratings boost. I truly have no idea [what the show is planning], but I can't imagine anything other than he's the real Todd, because that would mean if he's not the real Todd, then there never was a Todd and he was an imposter from the beginning! That's the only way you can do it. Logically, speaking." ( 4/11/11)

(on his 2011 departure from OLTL) "My leaving has nothing to do with Roger. If anything, I would suspect that Roger was returning based on what I was going to do." (SID E-mail Update 9/19/11)

(on Roger's return) "I thought it was terrific. I thought it was going to be a boost for the show, because he had a huge fan base." (SID 10/3/11)

(on playing out the two Todds story) "I thought, 'Oh cool' and I was really excited about it and one of the reasons is I like taking the risks. ... And I have been asked the question a lot of, 'Did I feel possessive of Todd?' Not even a little bit. And, I even thought I might when I heard Roger Howarth was coming back. I was thinking, 'I am sure he will play Todd.' But I thought it was great!" (Michael Fairman Interview 10/27/11)

Trevor on the Differences Between His and Roger's Portrayals of Todd

(on whether or not he'd be nervous replacing Roger as Todd) "This might sound arrogant, but no, I wouldn't. I mean, you don't stop playing Hamlet because Laurence Olivier did it." (SID 8/19/03)

"I understand that the man who [formerly] played the part [Roger Howarth] had trouble touching people. Todd didn't touch them. He wasn't even very warm to his own daughter. He played the same way in every scene with every person, just kind of grumpy. I thought, 'Well, that's not very interesting. Since I'm playing this and pretending to be somebody else I can discover what those things are like again.' So I said, 'I'll use this guise of Walker to discover life and be able to touch people again and be warm with my daughter.' Whether that sustains itself we'll see." (SOW 1/27/04)

(on criticism over his not playing Todd the same way Roger did) "It's like saying that if you play Hamlet, every actor who plays it has to play each line with the same inflection, the same intention. I don't care what the other guy did. That's his time. Those are the characteristics that Todd had simply because he was the only one who played it. As far as I'm concerned, it's just a name and words on a page. What I do after that is up to me. I'm playing it now. I know that sounds very arrogant and over-confident, but it would be no fun to try to mimic somebody." (SOW 1/27/04)

(responding to criticism of his earlier comments about Roger) "I want to set the record straight. I'm sure that Roger is a fine actor -- but I wouldn't know; I'm not familiar enough with his work. Everything that I know about what he did is from the few minutes of tape that I saw and from what other actors, directors and producers have told me about the choices he made regarding the character." (SID 4/27/04)

(on being compared to Roger) "But even if I had replaced him the next day it would've been the same thing. It's kind of like saying that no one could ever play Stanley Kowalski because Marlon Brando played him. It doesn't matter what actor played it [before]. Just because the role has been played once by some person, then it can never be played again? That's ridiculous." (SOD 2/15/05)

(on how OLTL wanted him to approach the role of Todd) "They wanted me to take on Roger's [Howarth, ex-Todd] behavior. But that would have been terrible. ... Nothing against Roger, but you wouldn't want to take on anyone's behavior. ... I just said -- under the radar -- 'No,' much to their consternation!" (SID 8/29/06)

(on whether he watched any of Roger's scenes as Todd) "They wanted me to watch about 15 episodes because the producers expected me to play Todd like Roger. This was before I started shooting. I watched two episodes but I never tried to mimic Roger's style. As an actor, that's ridiculous. I needed to get a sense of who Todd was first, and that has to happen organically. I don't care if Marlon Brando played the role before me. An actor shoots himself in the foot when you try to play a part like another actor. It's awful -- and very limiting and very uncreative." (TV Guide Canada 1/7/09)


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