Trevor on Working on OLTL

"I'm enjoying it quite a bit. It's such a great environment, and these people are just so generous. This is really a strange set because there aren't a lot of huge egos, even a little bit. It's a nice place to come to work; my co-workers are friendly, and the work is fun. And I get to play a really interesting character." (TV Guide Online 8/12/03)

"It's the hardest job I've ever had. I'm sure it's the hardest job I will ever have. There's no time to explore anything [beforehand], so each take is an exploration. It's a challenge because the tendency is to want to do whatever is comfortable and safe, and I just find that too boring. So, it's a challenge because you're really riding this tightrope between looking totally absurd and doing something really great." (SOD 12/14/04)

(on performing in An Ideal Husband while working at OLTL) "They are very accommodating. [OLTL Executive Producer] Frank Valentini is very accommodating about making sure I am out at a certain time so I can make sure I could get to the theater on time." ( 2005)

(on what he remembers about his audition) "They gave me a mark and told me not to move, so of course I moved all over the room." (SID 11/22/05)

(on landing the role on One Life to Live) "When I had gone for awhile without working, my agent suggested the possibility of a soap opera. And we both agreed to give it a shot and see what happens." (SID 8/1/06)

(on whether he planned to submit the Todd execution scenes for an Emmy) "I've never even submitted myself for the ballot within the show! I don't know if I will this year or not; people are telling me if I don't, I'm stupid." (SID 8/1/06)

"Four years have flown by, and the unfortunate result is that contract negotiation time has rolled around. Any time you get the lawyers involved, life gets complicated. But I'm hopeful we can get all the details ironed out soon, so we can get back to the business of telling great stories." (Official Website Blog 4/3/07)

(on returning to the show after contract negotiations) "I am very pleased to be back and am looking forward to helping tell great stories." (SID 9/25/07)

(upon seeing a signing a fan's copy of ABC Daytime's Hot Guys calendar) "I'm Mr. November. This is my month!" (SID 12/31/07)

(as quoted on his official website blog) "A friend of mine let me know that some people out there are under the impression that I'm leaving the show in April. I wish I knew where these things come from, but I thought I should tell you that this one isn't even a little bit true." (SID 3/24/08)

Trevor on Soap Operas in General

"Soap operas are nice gigs. I never considered it before, because when I first started in L.A. there was no crossover. If you were a soap actor, you were a soap actor. If you were a model, you were a model. Now everything has so much cross-pollination that you can work in different venues. My agent said, 'You should think about doing a soap.' So I put myself out there." (SOW 1/27/04)

(on whether he was familiar with soaps before joining OLTL) "No, I wasn't familiar with soaps at all. I remember when I was a kid, I may have glanced at one. In the summer, my mom would watch." (SOD 7/27/04)

(his first pet peeve about being on a soap) "Being afraid of my character looking stupid. But if you're on a soap, [your character] is going to do stupid things." (SOD 7/27/04)

(the most surprising thing about being on a soap) "I didn't know it was going to be so relentless. It's constant work. It's really a difficult job. I didn't realize it was going to be so taxing." (SOD 7/27/04)

(on working on soap operas) "There's nothing like it. The pace is incredible. You learn a lot of material, a whole show or more a day. ... I love the spontaneity of it. You have to take chances if you wnat to be any good." (SID 8/1/06)

(on how soaps have changed) "Well, it used to be more about interpersonal conflicts. What they've started to do recently is mix genres. They've tried to do external conflict plot lines like plane crashes, action stuff - big events. It's hard to do a plane crash on a soap opera schedule and budget. The execution storyline was an interpersonal conflict storyline. That's exactly where soaps should be. They're good at interpersonal things. Embrace the genre and make it smaller. Be smaller-minded and simpler. I can go to a movie to see a plane crash." ( 6/30/07)

(on how soaps can keep viewers) "You have to write for people who want to be entertained. The minute you give people what they expect and the way they expect it, they'll start changing the channel. The attitude should be, 'You think this is gonna happen, well watch THIS!'" ( 6/30/07)

Trevor on the Fans

(on his fan mail) "I got some poetry written for me. Someone sent me a Yankee hat...but I hate the Yankees [laughs]!" (SOD 7/27/04)

(on winning the OLTL fan club award for Outstanding Lead Actor) "Gosh, I'm so awful at public speaking, so I'm just going to say thank you so much. There's absolutely no reason to do this job without somebody watching; you're them and I appreciate it." (SOW 9/14/04)

(on hosting a fan event) "I'm always a flattered and a bit taken aback that anyone would show up just to see me." (SID 4/25/06)

"My fans are the best. They've stuck with me through the negotiations and haven't abandoned the show in my absence. They've really been an inspiration to me." ( 6/30/07)

(on his strangest fan encounter) "My parents recognized me the last time I went home." (SOW 9/30/08)


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