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Trevor on Kristen Alderson (Starr)

(to a fan's comment about how natural he is with Kristen Alderson [Starr]) "Well, that's wonderful and just makes my day. That's the best compliment you can ever given an actor." (SID 9/26/06)

"Happy birthday on May 29 to the best TV daughter I ever had. Kristen Alderson (Starr) makes it easy to portray that on-screen bond; she's a terrific young woman and you couldn't find a harder working professional in the business. I know many of you count yourself among her fans, just like I do." (Official Website Blog 5/25/07)

"She's the sweetest thing in the world. A great gal. And she just turned sixteen. She's going to be a beautiful young woman. She hasn't changed; hasn't become pretentious or full of herself. She's taking on more responsibility as an actor and doing a fine job." ( 6/30/07)

"I love Kristen. She's such a dear person to me." (SID 10/3/11)

"I do miss my friends who I laughed a lot with on the set. I laughed with Michael Easton (John) a ton, and we were ridiculous on the set! We would laugh with Florencia, and Kassie, and Kristen Alderson (Starr) and everybody." (Michael Fairman Interview 10/27/11)

"I miss some of the laughter that I had with Michael [Easton, John], Florencia, Kassie [DePaiva, Blair] and Kristen [Alderson, Starr] and those guys, but I don't miss the job anymore." (SID 5/14/12)

"We're very close. When someone grows up with you, you feel paternal toward them, even though it's fiction." (SID 6/11/12)

Trevor on Dan Gauthier (Kevin)

(on his friendship with Dan) "Our wives are friends, so we hang out a lot. We went to an Ingmar Bergman movie the other day, and afterwards had some barbecue and beers." (TVGO 7/13/04)

(on whether or not his real-life friendship with Dan Gauthier, Kevin, makes Todd and Kevin's on-screen feud more interesting) "It probably does. We've chosen not to make it a typical, antagonistic relationship. That would be boring." (SOD 7/27/04)

(on the firing of Dan Gauthier from OLTL) "OLTL's decision to fire Dan Gauthier is difficult to understand. Dan is a terrific actor, one of the best in daytime, and a dear, dear friend to everybody on the show. I'm sure he'll find another place where his talent is appreciated. I'll miss him at work every day, and I think the show will be poorer for his absence. I can only imagine the fans' reaction to the loss of such a great asset to the show." (SID 9/26/06)

(after being asked what's the best practical joke played recently on the OLTL set) "Well, I'm hoping it was Dan [Gauthier, soon-to-be-ex-Kevin] getting fired." (SOD 11/14/06)

(on the firing of Dan Gauthier [Kevin]) "It's a mistake -- they made a mistake. It's the only thing I can think of where you'd take someone who's extremely good at what they do, good-looking, professional and a joy to be around, and fire them.... But you know what? He's going to go and do some prime-time show or some other soap will pick him up and he'll be appreciated." (SOD 11/14/06)

(about Dan Gauthier [Kevin]) "He has had more experience than any other actor on the show, and that's what's just so absurd. What are they going to do, recast it? They can't recast it. What are they going to do, find somebody better? This was the best Kevin they ever had and everybody will tell you that, from guys on the crew, stage managers, other actors, fans -- the best Kevin they ever had. and what are they gonna do, bring him back as another actor? You can't do it. It's done." (SOD 11/14/06)

(on Dan's reaction to being fired from OLTL) "Dan is fine. He enjoyed being on the show and is looking forward to working. He's handling it like the professional that he is, with grace and humor and a sense of incredulity, like we all are." (SOD 11/14/06)

"Dan Gauthier (Kevin) was just in the studio to shoot One Life to Live's 10,000thK episode. It was terrific to have him around, and we're all secretly hoping that the show can find a way to bring Kevin back for good." (Official Website Blog 7/7/07)

(on Dan's 2007 Emmy nomination) "Many of you probably know how upset I was when Dan Gauthier (Kevin) was fired. He's one of the world's really good guys, not to mention a truly fine actor. So I'm just thrilled about his Emmy nomination. No one deserves it more." (Official Website Blog 3/14/07)

"I wrote a short film, The Art of Getting Over It, in which I starred and wrote. Dan Gauthier [ex-Kevin] directed the movie, which premiered last weekend in New York City. I'm proud of the film and even prouder that I made it with my family and a dear friend. The experience was one of the thrills of my life." (TV Guide Canada 1/7/09)

(on why he asked Dan Gauthier to direct The Art of Getting Over It) "We share a similar sense of what we consider good acting and what makes a good movie, so I wanted him at my back. It was a great decision; he did a fabulous job." (SID 2/23/09)

(on putting himself up for a Daytime Emmy) "They certainly have no worth outside the show and they don't seem to have any value within it. My good friend Dan Gauthier [ex-Kevin] was nominated and then let go!" (SOD 6/30/09)

(on his favorite OLTL scene) "My favorite scene was the fight with Dan Gauthier (ex-Kevin) in Dorian's house. It was so well-done. This fight was the best I'd ever seen on a soap opera." (SID 10/3/11)

(on his reputation as "difficult" to work with) "My dear friend, Dan Gauthier (Kevin, OLTL) told me, 'Trevor, if you weren't playing Todd, you would have been out of here so long ago.' And I said, 'I know.' (Laughs)" (Michael Fairman Interview 10/27/11)

Trevor on Florencia Lozano (Tea)

"I'm really loving working with her. Florencia is ballsy. She's a great listener, she likes to play, she likes to improvise, she's always open to stuff. She acts very in the moment, which is what I like to do." (SOD 6/30/09)

(on his scenes with Florencia) "There's an undercurrent of lightheartedness about it. We're very loose, which I think is essential, and it's just fun." (SID 9/21/09)

(on working with Florencia and his one rule during acting, that his scene partners can't physically hurt him) "Beyond that, you can literally do what you want. She abides by [that one rule] and plays within it; we both do. So there's a sense that you can't make a mistake, that there are no wrong notes." (SID 9/21/09)

(on what he and Florencia would do if they ran away to the circus) "I'd be the beard, she'd be the lady." (SID 1/25/10)

"I do miss my friends who I laughed a lot with on the set. I laughed with Michael Easton (John) a ton, and we were ridiculous on the set! We would laugh with Florencia, and Kassie, and Kristen Alderson (Starr) and everybody." (Michael Fairman Interview 10/27/11)

"I love Florencia, man; she is a bit of a risk-taker herself. And working with me can be challenging because I will let myself go. I have always thought that the mark of a really professional actress is to be able to say, 'Yeah. You can go wherever you want as long as I don't get hurt and I know when my line is coming. Do whatever you wish.' And that is what I tell all the actors I work with. You can do whatever you want. You can yell, cry, scream, whatever you want, as long as I don't get physically hurt and I pretty much know when I am supposed to talk and then you can do anything you want. I think that creates a situation that is fun for the fans, because if you don't know what is going to happen, then the fans don't either, and they are going to be on board with you. Florencia is willing to go there and is willing to allow that because she is a pro." (Michael Fairman Interview 10/27/11)

"I miss some of the laughter that I had with Michael [Easton, John], Florencia, Kassie [DePaiva, Blair] and Kristen [Alderson, Starr] and those guys, but I don't miss the job anymore." (SID 5/14/12)

Trevor on Michael Easton (John)

(naming his first celebrity crush) "Michael Easton." (SOW 9/30/08)

"Michael Easton and I had a lot of fun working together." ( 6/30/07)

"Michael's a really good friend of mine. We spend a lot of time together with our wives. He's a brilliant and fantastic man. Michael understands story structure better than anyone I know. We often try to work what we know about the art of story in our scenes together. We try to find as much humour as we can when John and Todd are together." (TV Guide Canada 1/7/09)

(on working with Michael on the Todd/John road trip scenes of 2007) "The writers wanted two people 'stuck' in a car who dislike each other and were constantly at odds and adversarial with each other. In our minds, that didn't make sense because if they hated each other that much, Todd and John had every opportunity to leave that situation and drive separately. So, you see, we had to play it that way. Both characters seemingly wanted to be in the car with each other; so as actors, we had no choice but to play it with humour and hint that they actually might, in some dark and sick way, enjoy each other's company." (TV Guide Canada 1/7/09)

(joking about his resolution for 2010) "Meet Michael Easton (John)." (SID 12/28/09)

"[He] is one of my dearest friends. All the stuff that the fans are really digging, that's all us [ad libbing]." (SID 10/3/11)

"I do miss my friends who I laughed a lot with on the set. I laughed with Michael Easton (John) a ton, and we were ridiculous on the set! We would laugh with Florencia, and Kassie, and Kristen Alderson (Starr) and everybody." (Michael Fairman Interview 10/27/11)

"We are working on a few projects together. It's a little too soon [to talk about]. We're still working on the developmental stages as far as the script, but we have somet ideas of rfeature-length films." (SOD 1/17/12)

"I miss some of the laughter that I had with Michael [Easton, John], Florencia, Kassie [DePaiva, Blair] and Kristen [Alderson, Starr] and those guys, but I don't miss the job anymore." (SID 5/14/12)

Trevor on Erika Slezak (Viki)

"She's the consummate professional, and is just a rock. There's nobody better in this genre than her. She's just a perfect actor for this." (SID 8/1/06)

"No discussion of the great women on 'One Life to Live' would be complete without Erika Slezak (Viki). Having the opportunity to play the brother of a daytime legend -- it doesn't get any better than that." (Official Website Blog March 2007)

Trevor on Bree Williamson (Jessica)

"Aren't Bree Williamson (Jessica) and Forbes March (Nash) doing a great job with their story line?" (Official Website Blog 4/12/07)

"I like working with Bree Williamson quite a bit. She's quite a talented gal." ( 6/30/07)

Trevor on Renee Elise Goldsberry (Evangeline)

(on playing the drums) "I'm not playing with a band right now, but I still practice quite a bit. I've been playing with Renee Goldsberry [Evangeline]. I've been playing a hand drum that I picked up and we've been writing music together. She sings beautifully." (SOD 1/11/05)

(on allegations that his contract negotiations were tied to those of Renee Goldsberry [Evangeline]) "I would never interfere in Renee's business." (SID 5/1/07)

"I thought it was a terrific relationship (Todd and Evangeline). I think it really is too bad that they didn't ask Renee to come back. ... I don't know the ins-and-outs. I wasn't privy to her contract negotiations, but I know that if you want someone back, you get them back. You work with them, you negotiate. There were no negotiations. It's just too bad. It's really too bad." ( 6/30/07)

"Since she's already let you all know, I suppose it's okay for me to comment on Renee Goldsberry's (Evangeline) departure. I'm terribly disappointed that her contract wasn't renewed and I miss her sunny presence on the set." (Official Website Blog 6/15/07)

"Renee Goldsberry (Evangeline) is just a joy, a genuinely good person." (Official Website Blog March 2007)

Trevor on Susan Haskell (Marty)

(on how the rapemance might have changed had he been the one to play Todd gang-raping Marty) "Perhaps it would have augmented my performance opposite Susan a bit, since we would have shared that history and experience." (TV Guide Canada 1/7/09)

(on working with Susan Haskell) "I'm enjoying it! First, Susan's a great mother. She has her head screwed on right. She's not the stereotypical actress who is a flighty flake. Family is her No. 1 priority. Secondly, she's extremely talented. I can throw things at her, and she throws them right back to me. From an acting standpoint, performing with Susan is very playful. I'm enjoying our scenes. She's not afraid to make a fool out of herself, and in that respect, we subscribe to the same school of thought." (TV Guide Canada 1/7/09)

(on Marty's reaction to finding out that Todd had raped her) "I wasn't the least shocked by Susan's outstanding performances, but I was surprised that Marty didn't experience any inner conflict after she found out the truth. It was rather black and white. I missed some of the shows so perhaps they wrote some inner conflict for Marty when Todd was absent." (TV Guide Canada 1/7/09)

"She's fearless. She really propels vigor into whatever she's doing; she really goes for it. I enjoyed working with her and I'm still enjoying it. Last I heard, the fans liked us working together, so I think they're going to keep finding reasons to throw us into scenes together." (SOD 6/30/09)

Trevor on Kamar de los Reyes (Antonio)

"The Gabriel Project helps provide heart surgery to children who live in areas where such life-saving operations aren’t available. Kamar de los Reyes (Antonio) devotes an incredible amount of time and energy to The Gabriel Project, and I admire him for that." (Official Website Blog 3/8/07)

"Kamar [de los Reyes, Antonio] and I have fun together." ( 6/30/07)

Trevor on Other Co-stars

(on Tari Signor, who plays Margaret) "She's a really sweet person. She's working with a massive amount of dialogue. She's just a trouper. She's a real professional and a great gal." (SOD 2/15/05)

(on working with Paul Satterfield [Spencer]) "Well, I'm always trying to make him laugh. It's happened quite frequently when we're trying our best to keep a straight face. ... I think it's more fun to try to find the comedy in the scene than to make it antagonistic all the time. So I'll do something silly, and he'll try to contain it." (SOD 2/7/06)

"I think Forbes March [Nash] is a talented guy." ( 6/30/07)

(on Matt Walton's appearance) "Let's give this guy a round of applause." (SID 10/3/11)


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