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From Maurice Benard (Sonny)

"I loved Roger from the beginning. We clicked really well." -- Maurice Benard (Sonny), SOD.com 3/7/12

(on Roger and the other OLTL-to-GH transplants) "For me, I connected with each of them. Let me tell you, that is not always the case. Many times you can't. You connect or you don't connect. It doesn't mean you can't act with someone, but with Roger, Michael and Kristen, I connected with each differently. And I enjoyed each of them tremendously." -- Maurice Benard (Sonny), Michael Fairman on Soaps 5/1/12

"I just worked with Roger again and you will see. The scenes are interesting. ... I know why I love Roger, because Todd is coming at me with a pen! And it's better than a gun, because as Sonny, I can't do anything. He's got me by the...you know what! So I love that and it's great." -- Maurice Benard (Sonny), Michael Fairman on Soaps 5/1/12

(on working with Roger and Michael Easton [John]) "[I]t's no disrespect to the actors at GH, because they are the best. But with these two guys in particular and why it works is no one is coming in with the feeling of, 'I am tougher than you. My muscles are bigger than yours.' They are coming in with humor and different ways of doing the work, and I love that." -- Maurice Benard (Sonny), Michael Fairman on Soaps 5/1/12

(on the controversy of bringing Roger and other OLTL stars to GH) "This whole thing of bringing actors in to GH, I have been talking about for a long time. I hear people's comments that, 'It's confusing.' But I don't care, it works! It brings new energy and blood. Even on different networks, if you work it right, it's like, 'Hey, I will let you have Sonny on Y&R, if we can have Victor on GH.' It's like a trade, and it would be fantastic and it would bring in the audience. ... Right now, it's proving that bringing the One Life to Live people is making the show better. So you've got proof now." -- Maurice Benard (Sonny), Michael Fairman on Soaps 5/1/12

(listing reasons he's glad to work at GH) "And I get to dive in and work with Roger Howarth (Todd) and Michael Easton (McBain) and this whole great cast." -- Maurice Benard (Sonny), SID 10/15/12

From Michael Easton (John/Silas)

"Of course, my first day on the show, Kassie, Roger and Kristen were all there, so that was a very key re-entry for me into the world. It was a very soft landing." -- Michael Easton (John), SOD 3/20/12

(on actors improvising in scenes) "[Y]ou can't handcuff people like Trevor [St. John, Victor] or Roger Howarth or Tony Geary [Luke]. You have to just turn them loose, because you will get something interesting out of it." -- Michael Easton (John), Michael Fairman on Soaps 6/7/12

"I think that some of the OLTL [viewers] are slowly coming over [to GH] and are excited to see Roger Howarth (Todd), Kassie DePaiva (Blair) and some of the other people." -- Michael Easton (John), SID 12/24/12

From Laura Wright (Carly)

(on working with Roger and Kassie DePaiva [Blair]) "I've been working with them and it's been so exciting to have them on set. They come with their history established and they come knowing how to do things." -- Laura Wright (Carly), The Daily Beast 2/22/12

(on working with Roger and Florencia Lozano [Tea]) "They're just so much fun to work with. Roger is just the funniest guy ever; we've been laughing through our scenes from the second I started working with him. And Florencia is just the sweetest person. It's just so nice to have those guys here. It's so great on a human level, too; these actors, all of a sudden their show is gone and they're out jobs, but I love that they are getting work and that the fans get to see characters they never thought they'd see again." -- Laura Wright (Carly), SOD 6/11/12

"And Roger is one of the funniest guys I've ever worked with. He has the crew in stitches. I can barely get through scenes without laughing. I'm like, 'Oh, my God, you're really going to get me in trouble!' And Frank says, 'As long as you know your lines, I don't care how hard you guys laugh.'" -- Laura Wright (Carly), SOD 8/6/12

"Roger and I have some fantastic stuff together. I can not stop laughing with him! We were starting a scene and they yelled, '-- and action!' And then they go, 'We have to start again!' I have to say to Roger, 'Stop making me laugh.' He is hilarious! And we do come up with a lot of fun things to do. All that pinky-swearing, I came up with that, and all the stuff where he was throwing the bottles, he came up with that. So we ask, 'Can we add these things?' And Frank is like, 'Go for it!' ... I have to give props to Roger. Sometimes we discover things in dress rehearsal that don't pop up when we tape, and we are still figuring each other out too. But I love working with him. -- Laura Wright (Carly), Michael Fairman On Soaps 8/10/12

"He makes me laugh the whole time." -- Laura Wright (Carly), SID 9/3/12

"I am so lucky because everyone I work with is hilarious: Steve [Burton, Jason], Maurice [Benard, Sonny], Brandon [Barash, Johnny] and Roger. His sense of humor is so ridiculous, I really have a hard time getting through our scenes. He had to keep saying 'Heather Webber' in a scene the other day and he kept saying 'Hebber Webber,' and I couldn't stop laughing. Every time he would say 'Heather Webber,' or would accidentally say 'Hebber Webber' again, we would start laughing. I'm like, 'Drop her last name! Just say Heather!' I usually can pull it together, get in the moment and stop laughing, but I kept saying, 'Please God, don't make me laugh!'" -- Laura Wright (Carly), SOD 9/3/12

"I can't say enough how much I heart working with Roger Howarth. He is just funny, charming, giving...I mean, I just can't list enough of the qualities and what a joy it is to work with Roger." -- Laura Wright (Carly), SID 10/29/12

(on a recent Todd/Carly scene) "[S]he calls Todd, freaking out. She says, 'I would call Jason, but I don't have him.' Roger [Howarth, Todd] was so funny because he added the line, 'I have a black shirt on!'" -- Laura Wright (Carly), SOD 11/12/12

From Robin Mattson (Heather)

"Roger is pure magic. ... Roger and Tony [Geary, Luke] are both like a treasure chest of gold to behold." -- Robin Mattson (Heather), Twitter 7/12/12

(on the Todd/Heather police station scenes) "Roger just made me crack up during that last scene[;] he blew me away with his antics." -- Robin Mattson (Heather), Twitter 7/12/12

(on working with Roger and Tony Geary [Luke] who are known to alter their characters' scripts) "I've gotten over it. They know their characters better than anybody. They are really funny and really smart, and what they usually come up with is good. I even like watching scenes with them that I'm not in. Can you imagine that?" -- Robin Mattson (Heather), SID 10/15/12

"I've always thought highly of his work and thought he was very interesting to watch and it's been incredible working with him. He's got his own very strong sense of who his character is. He's very creative with it and very interesting to play off of. He never does a scene the same way twice, and I mean that in a very creative and compelling way. Your eyes and ears have to be open to see what's going to happen so you can react to it. It's very invigorating and exciting to work with someone like that." -- Robin Mattson (Heather), SOD 10/29/12

From Other General Hospital Actors

(on the OLTL-to-GH transplants) "At this point, it's all about giving as many fans as possible what they want, and getting them tuning in. Michael [Easton, McBain], Kassie [DePaiva, Blair], Roger [Howarth, Todd] and Kristen [Alderson, Starr] are actors daytime viewers want to see, and on a soap, it's always necessary to introduce new blood from time to time." -- Lisa Locicero (Olivia), SOD 2/7/12

(on working with Roger and Florencia Lozano [Tea]) "Isn't it super? ... These two guys have exactly what I like. They like to play. They have that Tony [Geary, Luke] thing going on, especially Roger. He's got that quirky, offbeat irreverence that I like. So I'm hoping that I'll get to do more with him. But I am probably a generation ahead of them; I'm the Mrs. Robinson to these guys [laughs]." -- Nancy Lee Grahn (Alexis), SOD 6/18/12

(on his return to GH in 2012) "I never met Michael Easton [John] and Roger Howarth; I wasn't very familiar with them. They are fun actors to work with and really fun, funny people. That was a surprise." -- Sebastian Roche (Jerry), SOD 8/27/12

(on working with Roger and Kassie DePaiva [Blair]) "It's been 10 or 11 years since I last worked with those guys and it was so great to be with them again." -- Robin Christopher (Skye), SOD 12/3/12

"Roger is hysterical. It's been so fun to do the few scenes together that we've been able to do. Some of that wacky stuff that comes out of Todd's mouth, he'll just make up! He is such a great actor and so married to that character and some of the stuff that he comes up with is just hysterical. It's almost like a cartoon character, but it works! I told him, 'Dude, you're like a cartoon character incarnate in real life!' He is so committed to it and so dedicated to it that he makes it real." -- Scott Reeves (Steve), SOD 12/17/12

From Others Behind the Scenes

"I am thrilled -- thrilled, I tell ya! -- that GH has signed Roger Howarth to a contract to continue as Todd. As a decades-long fan of his quirky and complex work, I cheered his return to OLTL...then shook my fist at the network gods when his reprisal was truncated by the show's cancellation. ... The GH fans unfamiliar with his work are in for a treat. Let the games begin! -- Mara Levinsky (SOD columnist), SOD 4/3/12

"There's no one quite like Roger Howarth's Todd on daytime, and it's fun to see him playing in a new arena." -- SOD editorial team, SOD 7/23/12

"No one can argue, whether you like them or not, Michael [Easton], Kristen [Alderson] and Roger are phenomenal actors." -- Frank Valentini (executive producer of GH), Deep Soap Blog 8/3/12

"Nearly 20 years after he first swaggered into Llanview, not a day goes by that Howarth doesn't offer some little gem -- a line reading, a facial expression, a surprising show of vulnerability -- that appears simultaneously to be shrewdly planned and utterly spontaneous. We may not entirely understand his formula, but we know it's a winning one. ... In a single scene, Howarth can be charming, exasperating, cunning and silly, no easy feat. Todd is the canvas on which he proves himself, time and time again, to be a master of his art." -- SOD editorial team, SOD 10/1/12

(when naming GH the best soap of 2012) "[A]s for Roger Howarth's quippy, cunning Todd, well, it's quickly become difficult to imagine the town without the spark he provides." -- SOD editorial team, SOD 12/10/12


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