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From Erika Slezak (Viki)

"I enjoy working with Roger because he is very creative. You never quite know what he is going to do next. I'm a bit the same way so we do find very interesting scenes between the two of us." -- Erika Slezak (Viki), AOL Chat Transcript, 7/14/98

(on Roger's return to OLTL in 2000) "It is lovely to have Roger here again. He looks fantastic and he has a great haircut! He's so quirky and is such a good actor. I just love working with him. His unpredictability is wonderful." -- Erika Slezak (Viki), SID 8/8/00

(on Roger's 2002 return) "My brother [Todd] is definitely coming back. And that's good, because I love working with Roger. He's delightful and creative; he's just amazing." -- Erika Slezak (Viki), TV Guide Online 8/23/02

(on the Todd and Viki relationship) "It's a very good relationship. I am not taking anything away from Trevor, but it was created by Roger Howarth (Ex-Todd), that relationship and everything that Viki and Todd are for each other. He set the tone for that. Trevor has obviously continued it. It was a slightly warmer relationship in the old days; it is now played completely differently." -- Erika Slezak (Viki), Advocate.com 11/12/09

(on rumors of Roger's return) "It goes on and on and on. It would be brilliant if it were to happen. I don't know. ... Listen, if Roger came back, it would be a hell of a good story for both of them. ... It would give Trevor something completely fresh and new to play. If Roger Howarth were to come back it would be brilliant for the story for both of them, something to play. And it would give Viki something to play -- who is the real brother?" -- Erika Slezak (Viki), Official Fanclub Newsletter, November 2010

(on the possibility of Roger returning in 2011) "I'd love it. I think it would be brilliant. Roger brings a whole different dimension to the character. It would be fascinating to see [Howarth and St. John] together and have Viki in the middle." -- Erika Slezak (Viki), SID 3/7/11

(on the "Trading Places" episode in which Todd and Viki traded identities) "Roger [Howarth] used to turn from side to side and look straight into the camera and keep going. So I played Todd looking straight into the camera. It was crazy." -- Erika Slezak (Viki), SID 3/21/11

(addressing claims that she suggested wanting a "two Todds" storyline) "No, I didn't suggest it -- they suggested it. I think that was their idea. ... I think it is a great idea. You know, to have Roger, who obviously looks like the real Todd, come back, and then say, 'Who is this other guy who has been saying he is Todd all along but doesn't look like Todd,' I think is a great story. -- Erika Slezak (Viki), Official Fanclub Newsletter April 2011

(on Roger returning in 2011) "I am delighted! I wanted to call him, but I don't have his phone number. But I wanted to say, 'Thank God. He is coming back.' I loved working with Roger. He is a very talented, really clever, really nice guy. He is kind of shy and keeps to himself, but he is such an interesting actor, and we had a wonderful time working together before. So I am looking forward to that a lot." -- Erika Slezak (Viki), Michael Fairman Interview 4/26/11

"I'm over the moon happy that he's coming back! I've been yelling for years, 'Get him back here!' He's a wonderful actor and we had a wonderful working relationship as sister and brother. I'm crazy about him. I said to Frank [Valentini, executive producer], 'Do I get to work with him?' We need him here. Hopefully, it will be, 'Who's the real Todd?' because that would be awesome." -- Erika Slezak (Viki), SOD 4/26/11

(on Roger's 2011 return) "It was great -- absolutely brilliant. I love that guy. He's a wonderful actor and he's interesting. He's a really interesting human being too, and I had missed him, a lot. So I was very pleased when he came back. We had a bunch of scenes together so it was good." -- Erika Slezak (Viki), Official Fanclub Newsletter, 11/28/11

"Having Roger Howarth back is nothing short of brilliant. He is the most inventive actor. I love working with him and I have enormous respect for Roger." -- Erika Slezak (Viki), Michael Fairman on Soaps 1/10/12

"I love him and I love working with him." -- Erika Slezak (Viki), SOD 1/17/12

"It was such a joy to have Roger Howarth (Todd) back. We have a really nice relationship off screen, and I think it translates on screen." -- Erika Slezak (Viki), SID 1/23/12

From Kristen Alderson (Starr)

(on her co-stars at OLTL) "They are normal people. They are really nice. And Roger Howarth really likes me, which is good." (TV Guide Online, August 2001)

(on whether or not she was close to Roger) "No, I was not very close to him. He was very nice to me -- at times. I think we did some really good scenes together and a lot of people think: Oh, Todd and Starr, he was my dad and we had that father/daughter relationship. But definitely not in real life. He's a quiet guy. He really didn't talk to me at all." (SOW Chatterbox 2003)

"Roger was a good actor and I enjoyed working with him." (SoapNet April 2004 Chat Transcript)

(looking at a picture of Starr and Todd in 1998) "I love that picture. Aw. It's so funny because I only remember bits and pieces of those times when I was taping. ... It was just so cool to me and fun, and Roger Howarth [then-Todd] was really nice to me." (SOD 4/1/08)

(on what she remembers about her first day at OLTL) "I was working with Roger [Howarth, then-Todd]. Starr was in kindergarten and Todd went to pick her up, and Starr was all upset because River stole her crayon. The funny thing that I remember about that is I kept saying, 'Crown,' like I guess that's how I said, 'Crayon.' So they were like, 'It's crayon, not crown,' and I was like, 'Um...crown?' And they were like, 'Nooo...craaay-on.'" -- Kristen Alderson (Starr), SOD 7/21/09

"Roger's so great. He's so into the storyline, and he's so into the characters and how we used to be. That's been exciting." -- Kristen Alderson (Starr), SOW 7/26/11

(on her first time seeing Roger at the OLTL studio during his 2011 return) "I was wearing this pink and orange dress, with my orange bra sticking out. It was a really revealing dress. And that was the first time I saw him in the hallway. I gave him a hug, and he was like, 'Um, when did this happen?' [laughs] I'll catch him looking at me, and he's so confused as to how I grew up so fast. He's like, 'This is so weird.'" -- Kristen Alderson (Starr), SOW 8/2/11

(on her final days taping) "Last week, I taped a lot of scenes that will be among the last scenes that will air on the show with Kassie (Blair) and Roger (Todd). That was tough. The end of last week was just so emotionally draining. I was crying at the end of last week." -- Kristen Alderson (Starr), Tinseltown Tales Interview 11/22/11

(on whether Starr is done for her) "No. I can't. She's a part of me. Blair and Todd have raised me just as much as Kassie and Roger. It's been like living a double life in a sense. This is crazy." -- Kristen Alderson (Starr), Tinseltown Tales Interview 11/22/11

(on the highlight of year, story-wise) "When Roger [Howarth, Todd] came back and getting to do Todd/Starr scenes. It's really been fun to dig into that and do our best for the fans who are so excited to see us back on-screen together because we have such an awesome chemistry." -- Kristen Alderson (Starr), Soaps In Depth Online 11/28/11

(on her favorite storyline on OLTL in 2011, other than her own) "The two Todds. I was sort of a part of that, but not really. Trevor [St. John, ex-Victor] and Roger [Howarth, Todd]...to see them both on screen together, I thought that was the craziest thing. They couldn't have brought Roger on in a better way." -- Kristen Alderson (Starr), SID 12/12/11

(on her first day at OLTL) "I worked with Roger [Howarth] for the first day and also had my first line, which was with the little boy who played River at the time. My line was, 'He stole my crayon.' When I was that little, I had a really thick Philly accent and so I said crayon like crown. They kept saying, 'No, no, no. It's cray-on.' I had a little trouble saying it." -- Kristen Alderson (Starr), SOD/SOW OLTL Tribute Magazine January 2012

"Todd and Starr always had the strongest connection. Starr is a daddy's little girl, through and through. I adored working with both Trevor St. John (ex-Victor) and Roger [Howarth, Todd] in different ways. I think it was great for the fans to see Roger and I back on screen together for the end of the show." -- Kristen Alderson (Starr), SID 1/9/12

(on filming her last OLTL scenes with Roger and Kassie DePaiva [Blair]) "Actually, the last scenes that I filmed with them were when I'm in the hospital and I'm yelling to Blair and Todd and saying, 'You have to help Cole, we have to save his life!' And that's why, if you can tell, Kassie is more emotional and I'm really emotional, and you can tell, because right before the scene, I was like, 'Guys, this is it!' And we were like, 'Oh, my gosh!'" -- Kristen Alderson (Starr), After the Show with Michael Fairman 1/13/12

"With Roger, it's so funny -- you know the scene where afterward he goes and sits with Blair and cries? Okay, I didn't watch them tape that scene. After I walked out, I was crying off-set -- I hugged Kassie, I hugged Roger, and then they still had that scene to film. And I was like, 'I love you guys, have a good scene,' whatever, and I went downstairs, because I had to change and then I had more scenes that day. So I didn't see that scene. When I watched it, I was crying, because I've never seen Roger get that emotional. I mean, I have, you know, in different scenes. It was like, I knew that he really felt that way about me, because him and I got really close, you know, this time around, when he was working, and it just meant so much to me that he felt that way." -- Kristen Alderson (Starr), After the Show with Michael Fairman 1/13/12

(on Roger and Trevor St. John [Victor]) "They're both so amazing in completely different ways, but I couldn't have been more blessed to work with both of them." -- Kristen Alderson (Starr), After the Show with Michael Fairman 1/13/12

From Florencia Lozano (Tea)

(on her favorite Todd/Tea scene) "That's a good question. There's so many. For some reason, the silly ones are the ones that stand out in my mind. Like the scene where Todd and Tea named the parrot Moose. It was just so fun being in a scene with the parrot and Roger." -- Florencia Lozano (Tea), AOL Chat Transcript 7/23/98

(on what it's like to kiss Roger) "That is a secret I'll never tell!" -- Florencia Lozano (Tea), AOL Chat Transcript 7/23/98

(on whether it's hard to keep a straight face during Todd/Tea scenes) "Absolutely. It's very hard for me to keep a straight face sometimes. When I start to laugh, I think, 'Well, maybe it would be okay for Tea to laugh here.'" -- Florencia Lozano (Tea), AOL Chat Transcript 7/23/98

(on whether or not Roger is hard to work with) "No. He has taught me a lot. He is honest, which can sometimes be uncomfortable but in the long run, I trust him and that is the most important part." -- Florencia Lozano (Tea), AOL Chat Transcript 7/23/98

(on the funniest blooper on-set) "The parrot did a lot of funny stuff. He would sometimes 'attack' Roger. There were two parrots -- one male and one female. The female one could get jealous easily." -- Florencia Lozano (Tea), AOL Chat Transcript 7/23/98

"Roger Howarth is amazing. I couldn't have asked for more than to work with someone who really understands that you can make a great romantic hero by holding back emotions and not giving in to sentimentality." -- Florencia Lozano (Tea), SID 4/24/07

(on the differences between Roger and Trevor St. John [Todd]) "There's something more boyish about Trevor. There's something a little younger, maybe a little more goofy. I mean, Roger was playful, but in a different way." -- Florencia Lozano (Tea), SOD 12/9/08

(on returning to the show in 2008) "I am enjoying myself more than I did before...not that I did not have a great time with Roger Howarth. I did. But working with Trevor St. John is equally wonderful." -- Florencia Lozano (Tea), Michael Fairman on Soaps, 12/18/09

(on whether she's stayed in touch with Roger Howarth) "I haven't. I saw him at Phil Carey's (Asa) memorial service awhile ago, but I have not seen him since then. I hope he is all right, now that As the World Turns was cancelled." -- Florencia Lozano (Tea), Michael Fairman on Soaps, 12/18/09

(on Roger returning to OLTL in 2011) "I think it's fantastic. Trevor [St. John, "Todd"/Victor] does well when he's challenged. It's one of those things where if he doesn't have someone fun to play with, he gets bored and we don't want to see him bored. We like to see him excited. And Roger, he plays it so fantastically, so I'm like, 'Yay!' I love it." -- Florencia Lozano (Tea), SOD 5/3/11

(on the two Todds story) "It's so absurd. But it's so fun to get to play with Roger Howarth (Todd No. 1) and Trevor St. John (Todd No. 2)." -- Florencia Lozano (Tea), SID E-mail Update 8/5/11

"Roger's energy is very specific. It's very different from anybody else's. He's deeply playful and generous -- also sort of watchful and present." -- Florencia Lozano (Tea), SID E-mail Update 8/5/11

"Roger played Todd as a really damaged individual and a truly frightening one, not that Trevor [St. John, "Todd"/Victor] isn't frightening. But his version of Todd was able to have intimacy with Tea, and that was very different for her. So, she had very different relationships with both men." -- Florencia Lozano (Tea), SID E-mail Update 8/5/11

(on her reaction to Roger's return) "I figured it would be possibly a case of who was the real Todd and that it would be really fun to play. Walking into a room and seeing two people who you thought were one person." -- Florencia Lozano (Tea), SID 8/22/11

(on Roger and Trevor St. John ["Todd"/Victor]) "I love working with them. They are both such wonderful actors. Kassie [DePaiva, Blair] and I were talking about what a great part, what a taxing part it is. There were those scenes with David Vickers and the journal. They were very funny and weird and they were great together as twins." -- Florencia Lozano (Tea), SOW 9/6/11

(on Roger's return) "It's wild after so many years. Roger is very different than Trevor [St. John] and in some ways, we fell right back into the chemistry. It's like playing with your favorite tennis partner. But I'll miss Trevor; I'm not going to lie. I worked with him for a long time and he made me laugh. So does Roger. They are both awesome." -- Florencia Lozano (Tea), SOW 9/6/11

(on her most memorable OLTL experience) "We went to Hawaii for God sake, and that was unbelievable. It was a beautiful beach and we were making love in the water, and that is how Dani got conceived. It was the only time Roger Howarth's Todd and Tea had sex!" -- Florencia Lozano (Tea), Michael Fairman on Soaps 1/6/12

(on joining the General Hospital cast) "It's been a great, exciting adventure, but there are times that I've been struck by how strange and new and unfamiliar everything is, so it is wonderful to see Roger [Howarth] and Kristen [Alderson] and Michael [Easton], Frank and some of the producers who have come out. It feels like there's a little nucleus of Llanview out here and it makes a big difference." -- Florencia Lozano (Tea), SOD 5/7/12

(on working with Roger on GH) "It's really cool to be in scenes with Roger. I've known him for a long time and we've been through a lot together, and it's fun to have that constant in a place where everything else is new." -- Florencia Lozano (Tea), SOD 5/14/12

From Hillary B. Smith (Nora)

(on working with Roger) "It is a joy, always." -- Hillary B. Smith (Nora), AOL Chat Transcript, 7/22/98

(on whether it was hard to film the attempted rape scene with Todd) "No. It's never difficult to do emotional scenes when working with another professional." -- Hillary B. Smith (Nora), AOL Chat Transcript, 7/22/98

(naming the actors she would like to work with more) "There are so many. Erika Slezak (Viki) , Robin Strasser (Dorian), Roger Howarth (Todd). The list goes on." -- Hillary B. Smith (Nora), AOL Chat Transcript, 7/22/98

(on some of her favorite OLTL moments) "Oh, God! There were so many of them, but I love the rape trial because of the people I got to work with: Susan Haskell [Marty], Bob Woods [Bo], Roger Howarth and Nathan Purdee [ex-Hank]. I loved that the characters were so multidimensional, with the home life and the courtroom, and what that all meant. I loved all of that time." -- Hillary B. Smith (Nora), SOD 7/22/08

"I love working with Roger Howarth. I was here when he was Frat Boy No. 1 and he made it into something! I wanna be there when the two Todds meet! I don't know what the scenes are are when they are, but I wanna be there!" -- Hillary B. Smith (Nora), SOD 4/26/11

From Susan Haskell (Marty)

(on whether Roger playing Todd would have had a different impact on Todd and Marty falling in love) "Oh, of course! Having Roger as Todd would have changed the whole dynamic." -- Susan Haskell (Marty), TV Guide Canada 4/8/09

(on whether she misses Roger) "Yes. Roger was great to work with and we had great chemistry." -- Susan Haskell (Marty), TV Guide Canada 4/8/09

From Tuc Watkins (David)

(on whether or not he kept up with OLTL co-stars after leaving in 1996) "I've stayed pretty close with Nathan Fillion [ex-Joey] and Roger Howarth [ex-Todd]. Other than that, I'd bump into someone on a plane." -- Tuc Watkins (David), SOD 3/28/06

(about David) "I remember when he pretended to be Victor Lord Jr., and then [OLTL] decided that would be Roger Howarth, because Roger won an Emmy. And I've never forgiven Roger for that (laughs)." -- Tuc Watkins (David), SOW 8/11/09

(on how Roger built him a bicycle to use to get around New York) "It's one of the nicest things anyone's ever done for me." -- Tuc Watkins (David), SOD 7/13/10

(on the evolution of his character, David Vickers) "David started off as a cool, mysterious, lurking character who they thought was going to be Victor Lord, Jr. Then Roger Howarth won an Emmy and [it was], 'Cancel that. You are not Victor Lord Jr. anymore. Roger is.' I thought I better think about how I'm going to stick around on this canvas." -- Tuc Watkins (David), SOD/SOW OLTL Tribute Magazine January 2012

From Michael Easton (John)

(addressing the rumor that he was offered the role of recast Todd Manning) "I had known Roger in passing, but wasn't so familiar with the role of Todd." -- Michael Easton (John), TVGuide Canada 8/13/08

"I enjoy Roger. He's a great actor and very good at being loose and ad-libbing and stuff, so he's a lot of fun to work with." -- Michael Easton (John), SID 12/12/11

(on joining General Hospital with his former OLTL castmates) "Of course, my first day on the show, Kassie, Roger and Kristen were all there, so that was a very key re-entry for me into the world. It was a very soft landing." -- Michael Easton (John), SOD 3/20/12

"I thought it was a lot of fun having Trevor St. John [Victor] and Roger Howarth (Todd) on the show at the same time. I think they should have continued that on." -- Michael Easton (John), Michael Fairman on Soaps 6/7/12

(on his OLTL friendships) "I still talk to Melissa Archer [Natalie]. I still see and talk to Trevor St. John [Victor]. I see Roger Howarth. Probably the hardest thing when I walked out of One Life’s studio on the final tape day, in the back of my mind, I was going, 'I think there is a chance I am never going to see most of these people ever again.'" -- Michael Easton (John), Michael Fairman on Soaps 6/7/12

(on actors improvising in scenes) "[Y]ou can’t handcuff people like Trevor [St. John, Victor] or Roger Howarth or Tony Geary [Luke]. You have to just turn them loose, because you will get something interesting out of it." -- Michael Easton (John), Michael Fairman on Soaps 6/7/12

(on how he thought his GH co-stars would react to his joining the cast) "You never know. I mean, I always loved when new actors would come onto the show. I can only do so many things with Trevor [St. John, OLTL's ex-Victor], you know? So it was a lot of fun when Roger [Howarth, Todd] came on, because it was different." -- Michael Easton (John), SOD 7/2/12

"I think that some of the OLTL [viewers] are slowly coming over [to GH] and are excited to see Roger Howarth (Todd), Kassie DePaiva (Blair) and some of the other people." -- Michael Easton (John), SID 12/24/12

From Other Actors

(on which actor his friends would love to meet) "Roger Howarth. Fans always say, 'He is SO good-looking!' He's a real sweetheart, too. Everyone wants to meet Roger, even now. And that's been consistent since day one." -- Nathan Fillion (ex-Joey), SOD 7/2/96

(on who she'd like to work with) "I never worked with Roger Howarth [Todd]." -- Laura Koffman (Cassie), SOD 8/27/96

"With the Revmeister coming between Todd and Tea, well, I just can't tell you how much I enjoy working with Roger and Florencia. I know actors say this all the time about their co-stars, but I have such joy going into these scenes -- and none of us know what will happen. We just trust each other. And we're playing the hell out of it.'' -- Wortham Krimmer (Andrew), Austin American-Statesman 3/22/98

"I don't get to work with Roger much, but I would enjoy it if I did. I don't miss his parrot. Sorry, animal lovers." -- Robin Strasser (Dorian), AOL Chat Transcript 7/16/98

(on his opinion of Todd) "I love the character of Todd and think Roger Howarth is extremely talented. He's great to work with." -- Tim Gibbs (Kevin), AOL Chat Transcript, 10/14/98

"Working with Erika [Slezak, Viki] is truly a privilege, as is working with Roger." -- Tim Gibbs (Kevin), AOL Chat Transcript, 10/14/98

(on which other character on the show he would like to play and why) "I'd want to be Todd Manning, of course! His character and the way they write for him is so intriguing and interesting and his storyline always has wonderful twists to them. Not to forget all the stuff that Roger [Howarth, then-Todd] adds to it." -- Don Jeffcoat (ex-Joey), About.com Chat Transcript, 12/5/00

"I think Roger is phenomenally talented. I've only worked with him a few times, but it's really fun." -- Charissa Chamorro (ex-Sophia), TV Guide Online 1/16/01

(on whether or not Roger Howarth is shy) "Yes he is. He's sweet too, has a cutie dog." -- Darlene Vogel (ex-Melanie), About.com Chat Transcript 5/16/01

(on nick-names that the cast has given her) "Roger [Howarth] was calling me 'The Gabster.'" -- Fiona Hutchison (ex-Gabrielle), SOD 10/16/01

(on who should have been nominated for a 2002 Emmy) "I think Todd [Roger Howarth] had a good shot at it." -- Phil Carey (Asa), SOD 6/25/02

(on who she was most intimidated by when she started the show) "Roger Howarth, because he was very quiet. I've always thought that people who are very quiet only talk to peple who are really smart! It took me a while to figure out that he's just quiet with everybody. I could never approach him in conversation, I was just nervous." -- Melissa Archer (Natalie), SID 9/2/03

(on why he refused to return to OLTL in 2011) "They did call. I'm not what you would call a team favorite with ABC. They wanted me to come in for two days, but it wasn't to take Marty home, because that whole story was f----- up anyway, it didn't make sense. They wanted me to bring the real Todd [home] and I'm like, 'I don't get it, I don't understand. You want me to come back so that you [can] ask your audience to say that this new actor that you thought for the last eight years, Trevor [St. John], is your Todd, everyone knows him as Todd, and now you go, 'No, idiot, that wasn't really Todd,' [and] Roger [Howarth] comes into it? That doesn't make sense to me. That works on the radio, you can't do that on TV, I don't buy that. If you need someone to guide him in, I'm not your man.'" -- Thorsten Kaye (Patrick), SOW 9/6/11

(on Trevor St. John ["Todd"/Victor]) "He was following in someone else's footsteps, but he made it very much his own. But when you saw him on screen with Roger Howarth (Todd), they were very different, which was great." -- Ted King (Tomas), SID 10/31/11

(on Irene Manning) "She's the worst person you ever met, and it's so difficult because Roger [Howarth] is the sweetest, loveliest person in the world and he's the person I work with the most. To turn and say these things to him is just horrifying." -- Barbara Rhoades (Irene), SOW 11/15/11

(on OLTL's best storyline of 2011) "The whole Todd thing. I thought they did that really well. Roger Howarth (Todd) is a great actor. It was great to bring him back and have Victor vs. Todd. That was really fun." -- Eddie Alderson (Matthew), SID.com 11/28/11

(on OLTL's best storyline of 2011) "The Todd and Victor story. Seeing the two of those guys together? That was a great acting treat." -- Ilene Kristen (Roxy), SID.com 11/28/11

(on the standout performance on OLTL in 2011) "Kristen Alderson (Starr) has had some really great scenes with Roger [Howarth, Todd]." -- Nic Robuck (James), SID.com 11/28/11

(on Roxy's "Fraternity Row" fantasy) "I thought Roger Howarth (Todd) was funny." -- Ilene Kristen (Roxy), Michael Fairman Interview, 12/22/11

(on which co-stars she wishes she could have worked with more) "I wish I had more scenes with Trevor [St. John] and Roger [Howarth]. I always thought because Natalie was so edgy and Todd being so crazy, it would be cool for them to build this bond. Or just to have them at each other's throats more!" -- Melissa Archer (Natalie), SOD/SOW OLTL Tribute Magazine January 2012

(on what he remembers about his first day on OLTL) "I worked with Kassie DePaiva [Blair] and Roger Howarth [Todd] and they made me feel so at home. I was familiar with Roger's work. I thought he was a talented actor and I was excited about working with him. After that, we shot mostly on location in Hawaii. I worked with Florencia Lozano [Tea] and Roger. When you're away from the studio, you have a chance to bond with the other characters. Roger and I would go to dinner. It's always easy to bond over mai tais on a beach!" -- Shawn Christian (ex-Ross), SOD/SOW OLTL Tribute Magazine January 2012

(on working with both Roger and Trevor St. John) "Everyone knows Roger Howarth's Todd as 'Scarface' now! (Laughs). Roger is great too, by the way, but for the storyline it made it much easier to like Trevor's Todd (or Victor Jr.) and not like Roger's Todd!" -- Andrew Trischitta (Jack), Michael Fairman on Soaps 1/10/12

"He is my hero. I want to practice acting real hard and be as good as him when I’m bigger." -- Patrick Gibbons, Jr. (Sam), SOW 1/31/12

From Michael Malone (Todd's Creator; Former OLTL Headwriter, 1991-1996 & 2003-2004)

(on the possibility of recasting Todd) "There was, of course, a lot of regret when [original portrayer] Roger [Howarth] made that decision [to exit OLTL and join As the World Turns], and we'll always miss him, but the character is very vital to OLTL." -- Michael Malone (OLTL headwriter), SID 8/19/03

(on the 1993 gang rape storyline) "It was a soap-opera collaborative. Of course, along with Linda [Gottlieb, executive producer], Josh [Griffith, co-headwriter], Susan Haskell [Marty], and Roger Howarth [then-Todd] were instrumental to the story's success. When Todd was created he was called Frat Boy No. 1 -- and that was his only purpose at the time. Todd was just there to help us tell this story about college date rape. Howarth's remarkable ability to play the monster, and the tragedy inside that monster, allowed us to connect him to the canvas in a larger way. We were all pleasantly surprised with how Roger took that character and made him real." -- Michael Malone (former headwriter of OLTL), TVGuide Canada, 10/1/08

"During my second stint at One Life, I had to decide whether or not I should recast Todd. I fear Roger left the series because he feared this Todd-Marty romance was heading his way." -- Michael Malone (former headwriter of OLTL), TVGuide Canada, 10/1/08

(on what made Todd one of the most fascinating characters in daytime) "He was Frat Boy No. 1 in the first script. The reasons for his impact on viewers had to do with that strange relationship between the actor playing the part and the character who had been fictionally created. It was Roger Howarth's great talent in those early days. There might not have been the Todd we're talking about today had there been a different actor." -- Michael Malone (former headwriter of OLTL), SOD/SOW OLTL Tribute Magazine January 2012

(on what made Roger and Todd so popular) "That deep pain that the actor is able to literally send out across himself to the audience, the vulnerability of the character is as strong as the lashing out." -- Michael Malone (former headwriter of OLTL), IndyWeek.com 1/13/12

From Ron Carlivati (OLTL Headwriter, 2007-2012)

(on Roger's 2011 return) "I'm thrilled. I love Roger and have wanted him back on the show forever -- since he's been available -- so I'm excited that it's finally happening. I have a story that I've been wanting to tell for a really long time. It involves Roger and Trevor." -- Ron Carlivati (OLTL headwriter), SOW 4/26/11

"It's a powerhouse cast [Trevor] St. John, [Roger] Howarth, Ted King (Tomas), Kassie DePaiva (Blair) and Florencia Lozano (Tea) -- and I'm excited about crossing these people together and how they're all going to play into it." -- Ron Carlivati (OLTL headwriter), SOW 5/3/11

(on Roger's return causing an uproar) "I think that would be an understatement." -- Ron Carlivati (OLTL headwriter), SID 5/16/11

(on the Todd/Sam scenes) "We played back to the history when Todd [then-Howarth] was hiding out in the shed with Tina's kids, and we knew that Roger would be great with kids." -- Ron Carlivati (OLTL headwriter), SOW 7/19/11

(on whether the "two Todds" story morphed along the way) "I have got to admit it was tricky. I gambled a little bit when we started laying some stuff in with Tomas and the CIA files, and this was before Roger has signed on. I had a backup plan if there was no reveal of Roger, but it ended up working out beautifully with Roger agreeing to come back to One Life to Live." -- Ron Carlivati (OLTL headwriter), Michael Fairman Interview, 7/28/11

(on his reaction to the cancellation of ATWT) "Yeah, that was such a terrible thing to lose that show, but then there was a little part of me that went, 'Oh my gosh! We could possibly have Roger Howarth back.' And you see how long that actually took to happen." -- Ron Carlivati (OLTL headwriter), Michael Fairman Interview, 7/28/11

"[I]n no way was I chomping at the bit to get Roger back so that I could replace Trevor with him. I always thought it could be great and we could have both guys." -- Ron Carlivati (OLTL headwriter), Michael Fairman Interview, 7/28/11

(on his reaction to seeing Roger on screen) "I was thrilled! And actually, so many years have gone by you forget how good he is in scenes where he is just talking to himself!" -- Ron Carlivati (OLTL headwriter), Michael Fairman Interview, 7/28/11

(on the cancellation announcement affecting the "two Todds" story) "I think it came on the heels of Roger Howarth signing on with us. So it was like, 'Yay' we can have Todd and tell this story, and even though I knew we had a limited time with Trevor St. John, I still felt that Roger would continue." -- Ron Carlivati (OLTL headwriter), Michael Fairman Interview, 7/28/11

From Others Behind the Scenes

(on Roger's return to OLTL in 1996 after a one year absence) "Sometimes, you need a break. Roger wanted to come back, and we wanted Roger to come back." -- Maxine Levinson (then-VP of ABC Daytime), SOD 8/13/96

(on Todd/Moose scenes) "And Roger really works well with the bird. Sometimes his forbidding presence scares the kids, though. I have to give him credit for working with birds and children in the same scene. One day we had a really funny moment. Roger forgot his line so he put the bird up to his ear, and I quietly gave him his line." -- Ron Gallop (voice of Moose the parrot), Austin American-Statesman 9/14/97

(on Todd/Moose scenes) "I have never seen any actor handle birds the way Roger does. There is something in him that they respond to. All this with an animal that has the potential of disfiguring him for life." -- Ed Richman (owner of the birds who played Moose the parrot), Austin American-Statesman 9/14/97

(on rumors that Roger might return to OLTL in 2000) "Roger doesn't dislike the show, but he doesn't want to be tied to a two-to-three year contract. ... He still wants to take a shot at primetime." -- representative for Roger Howarth, SID 2000 (re-quoted in SID 4/19/10)

"The word of the day started in January of 2001 when I was talking with Roger Howarth. I said jokingly, 'The word of the day is methodology.' He said, 'What is the word of the day?' I said, 'You have to put that word somewhere in your script and get it on tape.' And the first line he used that day was, 'Blair, I know your methodology,' so he got it in. Erika heard about it and we started playing it as a game the next day. I pull a word out of the dictionary 15 minutes before dress rehearsal. They have to do it in dress rehearsal, so the producers can either hack it or leave it in, and the first person who gets it in gets a point. Erika had 28 words in 2001, so she won the medal. The medal says VERBOSE." -- Rick Manfredi (stage manager at OLTL), SOD 6/18/02

"We made Roger a great offer to return to OLTL, but in his heart, Roger didn't want to continue playing the role that he has filled so well. While we understand his need to be creative and grow artistically, we feel bad for the fans that are so invested in Todd and the romance between Todd and Blair." -- Brian Frons (president of ABC Daytime), SID 5/17/03

(on how he would describe Roger) "Shy, playful and prodigiously talented." -- Chris Goutman (executive producer of ATWT), Television Week 3/27/06

(on OLTL luring Roger back in 2011) "If Trevor [St. John, "Todd"] doesn't get a pilot, chances are, he'll stay. But that doesn't mean they don't want Roger, too." -- anonymous set sider, SOD 3/8/11

"We are thrilled to have Roger return to 'One Life To Live.' As 'OLTL' viewers know, Trevor St. John has been playing the role of Todd Manning since 2003. We have a great story planned that will involve both actors." -- Frank Valentini (OLTL executive producer), Official Press Release 4/5/11


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